A Little Outpatient Surgery...

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Kate tells Lucas and Philip what's going on, Nicole and EJ's date is interrupted and Caroline tells her story.

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Philip is at the pub when he finds out Kate's back at the hospital and dashes off to see her.


At the hospital, Daniel tells Kate that the suspicious mass on her x-ray gave them no choice but to do this biopsy. He tells her the success depends on where the tumor is and the doctor's ability to remove it all. Dr. Falk is the best doctor there is in his specialty, he says and asks if he can call family for her. She prefers to wait until she has answers and he says he cleared his schedule. He'll assist in OR. "No, you're not." He cares about her, he says but Kate thinks that's the problem. Daniel is keeping feelings aside.


In another area of the hospital, Sami is astounded to learn she is pregnant, and doesn't think it's possible. Lucas flashes back to finding Sami in bed with EJ, but Sami tells the doctor it's impossible. Lucas knows when it happened, but Sami goes into a panic. "No way!" She has not had any symptoms. The doctor calls her lucky and she admits she hasn't had a period in a few months but that's the usual. The doctor advises to take pre-natal vitamins and congratulates her and Lucas! Sami starts to cry, "Oh my God, I'm pregnant with EJ's baby. What am I going to do?" She paces and Lucas asks her to call EJ and tell him he'll be a daddy again, unless there is someone else.


Nicole arrives at the mansion and EJ finds her stunning. He shares the visit to the zoo with Johnny with her and apologizes. He's running late. He asks her to wait for him to shower, but asks what it was she wanted to share with him the other day. She tells him the night is young, and she talks to her baby about being one happy family. John interrupts. "I assume you're here to see junior." He takes in the romantic table and she explains she and EJ are on their first official date. He even bought her a present! John offers her a drink but she takes a rain check. He's surprised, so she claims to have stomach issues and has to lay off the booze for a while. John doesn't buy it, but when she tries to change the subject, he pressures her. She asks where Rolf is and he tells her he's holed up with Stefano. She says with his quirks, she feels he's trustworthy, and comes clean. "I'm pregnant!" John's shocked. "EJ's kid?" She smirks. "No, Stefano's! Of course, EJ's." She tells him about how she was shot in the abdomen once and was told she couldn't have children. She finds it a miracle, and strangely, she is alright with this, even though she never really liked children. "I'm thrilled. I really am!" John says, "I've never seen you this happy without a drink!" John thinks it's sensational and congratulates her. She admits she's nervous about EJ's reaction. She doesn't want to raise the baby alone. EJ arrives and apologizes for being so late, but John says she has entertained him. He leaves and Nicole calls EJ sexy. EJ calls her alluring as ever and he's starved for adult attention.


Roman , Kayla, Mickey and Bo take Caroline to Roman's office and ask her if there is any detail she may have missed that will lift suspicion off of her and allow them to find the real killer. They ask her to recall events leading up to this, so she tells them of her relationship with Trent leading up to the night's slaying. She tells them of her warning. She'd do anything to protect Max and if he hurt her son, he'd have to answer to her. She shares their run-ins and how she told Trent to stay out of the pub. Finally, she shares how she threw him out, and remembers telling him again to leave them alone, after Max returned from Paris. They all think she was protecting Max and understand that. She tells them that she argued with him, the night that he died, when she refused his entrance into the pub.

Max arrives and Kayla fills him in on what's happening with their Ma. He's worried and angry at Trent for causing trouble even after death. He talks to Caroline, later, and she tells Max she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Max wonders if Trent sought her out after he was attacked for a reason. Roman ponders about this. "Maybe he was trying to tell you who stabbed him!" Bo and Roman think they need to explore this and since Hope says mass was let out around that time, they may have witnesses. Caroline cries as she recalls Trent's face when he approached her. She says it was eerie. She recounts cleaning the pub that night and we see a flashback that we never saw the first time. Trent surprises Caroline at the pub and wants to see Max and Melanie but she asks him to leave them alone and says he left Max so he had a better life. He's been following the Brady family for a long time and they're not perfect. Caroline agrees but they never destroyed anyone along the way, she yells. She admits to Bo, Mickey and Roman, that her temper got the better of her. They think she was protecting her family, but she disagrees. "That's not all." Mickey leaves and she explains that she tried to call the police but Trent grabbed the phone and threw it across the room. Caroline picked up a knife (Same one that Nicole saw earlier that someone was using to cut lemons?) and threatened him with it. She admits to having murder in her heart. She cries that she threatened him, but didn't kill him. Bo believes her. Roman asks off the record what happened next. "We had a few words and he left." She doesn't know who he saw next. Mickey returns and says there are witnesses. Someone saw Caroline at the pub, holding a knife on Trent! Roman comments they'd better find the real killer, and fast.

Kayla and Max discuss Melanie, outside Roman's office, and Max says Melanie thinks Max killed Trent. Max is upset that things didn't go according to his master plan of meeting his sister and having a rock solid bond, straight away. Kayla thinks these things take time.


Back at the hospital, Sami yells it's his and was only the one time. She wanted to get a life, a job and get the kids out of the mansion. She worries now that nobody will hire her, now that she's pregnant, and then worries about Stefano finding out. Lucas thinks she needs to concentrate on the situation, but Sami thinks there are options. She could go away. Lucas tells her he knows that look in her eye. He doesn't want her to start scheming and refuses to wait around and allow her to keep this secret as she did when she was pregnant with Will. He calls EJ and tells him to go to the hospital right away.


Back at the DiMera mansion, EJ tells Nicole he has to go to University Hospital for Sami. "What about our date," Nicole asks, but EJ apologizes. They'll have to resume it later. He leaves her with a kiss on the cheek.


Back at the hospital, Daniel says, this is professional and he's the best doctor for her. Kate points out that he had issues in his past with a woman with cancer and she worries it's what she has, and that he's anxious to tell her that's what she has. He has hopes she's fine, and will be the one to tell her so, if it turns out she is healthy. Kate agrees to allow it, considering she can't do much about it and Daniel says, "That's my girl." Kate retorts, "I'm really not, you know." Philip arrives and asks what's going on. Daniel leaves while Kate says, "I'm having a little outpatient surgery." She doesn't want to worry him. Lucas arrives and asks what's up. She asks why he's there and he tells her he brought Sami in, but she's fine. Kate tells them she's having a biopsy on her lungs and she may have lung cancer.


EJ goes to Sami at the hospital, "Hello trouble!" He asks why she's there and she sadly tells him he shouldn't have come. It wasn't her idea. He asks why she fainted.


Next on Days of our Lives:

Philip asks Kate if Daniel's doing the biopsy. She tells him he's helping, but Philip is angered by that. "Forget about it. No way in hell."

John asks Nicole if she's willing to raise the child on her own. She is.

Sami yells to EJ, "I don't even want to see you right now!" EJ says, "I was only having dinner." Sami ignores this and yells, "I don’t want to see you! Get out!"

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