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Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Sami faints, the Salem PD start their suspect list and we find out Kayla is interim Chief of Staff at University Hospital.

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Max hugs Melanie and Stephanie gives them time alone. Melanie thinks that they can be honest with each other and Max agrees, so she tells him his secret is safe with her. Max is confused. "I know you did it. I know you killed our father!" Max denies it but he thinks she killed their father! Melanie denies this and Max yells that she's letting Ma go down for this. "Are you as self-serving as you pretend to be," he wants to know and asks if she'd do something honest for a change. Melanie's eyes well up with tears and she tells Max he doesn’t have to worry; she won't bother with him anymore. Max sighs in frustration as she races out the door.


At the station, Bo reiterates that Trent was found at 9:15 PM, with a stab wound to the back. Steve wonders what Trent was doing at the cemetery and thinks Caroline could have done it if it were self-defense. Bo points out that she'd have come clean by now. They discuss putting a rush on the fibers they found. Abe arrives, after hearing about Caroline, and wants to help. Mayor Mariano arrives and chastises the Salem PD for not catching the murderer and having a family member jailed as the perp. Bo assures Mariano that they're handling it. Roman interjects that they're going by the book, but Mariano thinks someone more objective should be handling this case. Bo calls Mariano a lowlife and Mariano reminds Bo he's always bending the rules. Roman stops Bo from going at Mariano and assures the Mayor that they're handling things properly. Mariano says Internal Affairs is chomping at the bit to get their hands on this one. He'll have his eye on them. Later, he offers Abe a freelance job to keep an eye on the Brady boys. Abe laughs at him. "You've got to be kidding me." Mariano retorts," I never kid during an election year. I'd be more than willing to give Abe a healthy advance." Abe tells the Mayor that he can't be bought, and leaves.


At the pub, Hope tells Chelsea about Caroline's arrest. Chelsea is upset and asks why nobody told her. She comments that Trent is making their lives a living hell just as he did when he was alive, then speculates that Melanie killed Trent. Talk turns to Theo and Chelsea shares how she feels as though she's making a difference with him. Before Hope leaves, she asks how things are going with working at the hospital with Daniel. Chelsea admits it's hard but they don't work near each other. She tells Hope she would have rather had done things differently with Nick. Hope reminds her that he's made his own mistakes and then asks if she still has feelings for him. "No, and he has his eye on someone else."


At the hospital, Theo goes off with Marc for his session and Lexi bumps into Kayla and comforts her regarding Caroline's arrest. Kayla admits she's walking around in a daze but welcomes the distraction of work. They discuss Theo's progress and Kayla thinks they're doing amazingly well. Kayla admits she's been hired as new interim Chief of Staff. Lexi's thrilled for Kayla. She'll do a great job and offers to help if needed. They go off for coffee, and later, Lexi tells Kayla to beware of Eleanor Thomas, who is on the board. Abe arrives and Kayla's beeper goes off, so she takes off. After she's gone, Abe tells Lexi things didn't go well at the police station. He shares Mariano's proposal, and Lexi is shocked. He's not getting her vote! They laugh and Scott Gamson, a board member, arrives. Lexi makes introductions and Scott finds out Abe's no longer commissioner and wants to talk with Abe about something, so Lexi leaves them alone, and Scott asks a favor.


Lexi goes to Marc's office and finds their session finished. She tells Theo she's proud of him. They're interrupted by Chelsea, who hugs Theo and has brought back a snow globe from Paris for Theo. He happily accepts it and the ladies discuss Lexi's change in job status. Chelsea thinks she should do what makes her happy and then says she has to run to see Caroline.

Lucas shows up at the DiMera mansion, wanting to take Allie out. Sami warns him that Allie's cranky and sleeping but he doesn't mind. He goes to her room to get her and EJ comes down the stairs and spies Sami's resume on the laptop and tells her he's happily surprised that she's using her initiative to get a job and helps her build her skills. She tells him she had almost perfect SAT scores. They find a few more and she tells him she can forge anyone's signature with her eyes closed. They decide that's a gift, and Sami jokes she could be a bank robber. She becomes discouraged and doesn't think she has much to offer, but EJ tries to build her up. She's creative, trustworthy, conscientious, smart, and has very sexy eyes... "Excuse me," she asks. Lucas interrupts a moment and tells them that he and Allie are leaving and Lucas tells Sami that Caroline was arrested for murdering Trent Robbins. Sami is upset and says Caroline couldn't hurt a fly. EJ leaves and returns with Johnny and Sami tells the guys that they can leave. EJ notices something's wrong but Sami reminds him Johnny's looking forward to going to the zoo. He leaves with Johnny and Lucas asks for reassurance from Sami that she's alright, before he leaves. Sami sits on the sofa and calls Roman, straight away, but she can't be put through. She gets up suddenly, and faints.


Inside Roman's office, Roman, Bo and Steve discuss how they're disgusted by the rat, Mariano. Bo writes suspect names on a board. He starts with Caroline, then Max. Steve balks at Max, who wouldn't let Ma take the fall. Bo writes Nick Fallon on the board. One of Trent's buddies shot Nick in Paris. Perhaps he killed in retaliation? Roman's not so sure, but listens as Steve brings up Nicole Walker. He tells Roman that she was married to Trent. Roman's surprised. "This just keeps getting better and better all the time!" Bo thinks Trent could have blackmailed Nicole to get money from her for gambling. They wonder who else could be a suspect. Hope walks in. "What about Melanie Layton?" The men agree that Melanie was treated like garbage at Trent's hands and this wouldn't be a surprise if she killed him. Stephanie arrives and the officers put the board away and let her in. Stephanie's worried about Caroline. Steve tells her not to worry as Caroline's not the only suspect. He promises Caroline will come out okay. Bo asks Stephanie off the record if Melanie's capable of killing her father. Melanie opens the door. "Why don't you just ask me yourself?" Stephanie leaves the room while Melanie asks if she's a suspect and tells them she didn't kill Trent. Bo tells her she can't leave town. She's a suspect!

Stephanie finds Max outside Roman's office. He shares the fight he had with Melanie and she tells him that Melanie's in Roman's office.


At the hospital, Scott says that he can't stand Mayor Mariano and asks Abe to run for Mayor! "Would you rather have two more years of that joker," asks Scott, when Abe balks at the idea. Abe raises his eyebrows. "Exactly," says Scott, and then he has to leave. When Lexi arrives, he tells her what happened.


Lucas arrives back to the DiMera mansion and finds Sami passed out on the floor. He rushes to her side and tries to wake her.


Next on Days of our Lives:

Victor tells Kayla that he wouldn't hurt Caroline on purpose and won't start now.

Caroline tells Bo not to tamper with evidence. He agrees that he won't.

Melanie asks Philip, "Is your name Kiriakis?" He replies, "Yes," and Melanie says he's the man she's looking for!

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