What happened to the Cat in the Hat?

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Trent is threatened by Nick and Melanie, Stefano and John argue over who gets the DiMera Empire and the new police commissioner is announced!

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Outside the pub, Trent tells Melanie that they need to clear the air and get things back to the way they used to be. Melanie says she once showed a little leg, but she'd never have done more. He pimped her out. Trent thinks she'd have gone through with it if Max hadn't have interfered. Melanie denies it and calls Trent disgusting. "I would never have had sex with Claude." Trent says Claude just wanted a drink with her but Melanie says he was expecting more than that. "How the hell was I supposed to know he was expecting that," Trent asks, and Melanie retorts that Trent knew exactly what Claude wanted. She asks why he never asked her to come home at holidays. Trent didn't show an interest because she didn't show an interest in her grades and instead acted like a sleaze. Melanie tries to hit him but he pushes her away. She stalks off and Nick shows up, yelling at Trent asking what he did to Melanie. Trent calls it none of his business. He says that the second the board finds out about what he did to Melanie, he'll be out of a job. Trent says he can turn the tables on him and make sure he's seen as a fraudulent liar. Melanie listens in from nearby as Trent threatens Nick's dreams for his prototype. "Mess with her again, you're a dead man," threatens Nick. Trent tells him not to make threats he can't keep. Melanie thinks Nick's right. Maybe everything would be fine if her father just died.


Inside the pub, Lexi and Hope have tea and discuss how happy Lexi is to have quit her job as Chief of Staff. She can now attend therapy sessions with Theo. Talk turns to Abe and Hope thinks what he did was noble, standing up to the Mayor. Hope thinks Abe can get more money working head of security somewhere. She wishes Abe could have stayed and helped her put Stefano away. Lexi says Abe is still planning on doing that but not with the police behind him.

Nearby, Anna joins Marlena for breakfast. She asks Pete for a coffee, intravenously! They catch up and Marlena admits she hasn't seen John lately. Marlena admits John has had some strange behavior lately - even more than usual. Anna has noticed this, especially in the past few weeks. Marlena thinks he's heading off the deep end and finds John erratic. He's been having terrible headaches. Anna thinks it's no wonder, considering, but Marlena worries about his anger. She tells Anna how he hit Trent and says she's still planning on divorcing him. She figures the new John is permanent and won't be able to love her the way she needs. She deserves better than a roll in the hay! Anna says it makes sense but asks if Marlena's out of her mind! Marlena shares children and memories with John. She shouldn't give up. Marlena reminds her that John's a different person, but Anna wants her to give John another chance. "Whatever happened to 'stand by your man'," she asks, "Or is that just a country song?" Marlena is lonely for John but he's not the same man. She can't risk investing in John. Anna is hurt for John. Marlena is flustered and starts to get up to leave but Anna apologizes. She's anxious for them to get back on track. They were the perfect couple once and it breaks her heart that they're not together. Marlena doesn't respect John, she admits. His regard for her changes, daily and he can't socialize normally. Anna starts to see things Marlena's way. Marlena is thankful for Anna's understanding and she says she has to start taking care of herself. She has a patient, so the pair hug and Marlena takes off. Anna makes a call to John after, and tells him it's time they had a long talk.


Bo and Roman go to Abe and tell him about some theft that has happened downtown. Roman and Bo want Abe to try to get his job back but Abe's not interested, but has the perfect person to replace him. Roman! "No way partner," says Roman. Mayor Mariano won't accept it. Abe counters that the Mayor won't veto a city council decision. If Roman gets the majority - he's in. Bo agrees, but Roman likes things the way they are. The paperwork alone would drive him crazy. Abe laughs. That's no reason to back away from a challenge. Roman is a realist. It's not in him to deal with City Hall and bureaucracy, day in and day out! Abe says that's fine, and grins and looks at Bo. "No way, not going to happen," he says. He has the best record of arrests and convictions, says Abe, but Bo says he also likes to bend the rules and is known for it. Roman has to leave for the office and Bo stays behind. Abe tries pleading with him once again, but Bo thinks Abe's beating a dead horse and can't order him around, since he's no longer commissioner. Bo's flattered but it's not going to happen. They need another candidate.


Stefano reads to the twins at the mansion. John interrupts. "What happened to the Cat in the Hat?" Stefano thinks children need to be challenged. John calls Mary, the maid, to remove the children from the great room, to a less threatening environment. Stefano is ready for a fight. John tells Stefano that everything he had is now his. Stefano finds John's arrogance amusing. John starts to get a headache and Stefano mocks him, but tells him to sit. "Why don't I get you a few ibuprofen," Stefano says as John struggles to sit. Stefano seems mystified by John's condition, and brings him water and pills. John refuses to trust anything from Stefano, and they continue the discussion of who owns what, in the DiMera Empire. John plans on having Stefano declared incompetent. He says Santo is the one who started DiMera Shipping and half of what Santo owned is his, legally. Stefano finds that amusing and says he was the one who stepped things up with the company, not Santo. They exchange threats to send the other to prison. Stefano tells him he likes John's new personality better than the old. It's more interesting. John tells Stefano to give up. "The empire is mine. No point in fighting it." Stefano calls this a major war, not a fight. He'll protect his empire and family. Stefano says John has the Alamain money and asks if greed motivates him to have more. John denies it. He is fighting for what is rightfully his. Stefano says John's a blip on the radar. "I created you and I can destroy you." John starts to have another headache and Stefano urges him to take the ibuprofen. John ignores him and asks for the deed to the house. Stefano laughs. That's not going to happen! His grandchildren will live in this house, even though his own children have disappointed him. The house will then belong to the grandkids. John laughs. The grandchildren will grow to hate him as his children do. Neither man is going anywhere, they state. Neither will back down.


Rolf arrives and tells Stefano he doesn't think it's prudent at this time to tell him that John Black will not be affective for long. He's entering a critical phase of his engineering. "Precarious, shall we say." It's only a matter of time before John will die, as his infrastructure overloads, says Rolf. Stefano realizes that's why John's having headaches.


Roman calls Bo. The Mayor has announced Abe's successor and Bo has to get down to the station to listen to the announcement. He takes off and on the way out, Lexi arrives. She already heard and says Hope's on her way down. Lexi asks Abe how he feels about someone taking over his job. "Depends on who it is," says Abe. They turn on the television to watch the press conference.


Mayor Mariano would have liked Roman to take the job but since he hasn't, he asks how Roman feels about the new candidate. Roman is satisfied with it.

Hope and Bo meet outside Roman's office and Josie Jordan announces the Mayor. They have a press conference to announce the new commissioner. Hope Williams Brady. Hope looks astounded. Lexi clicks off the television. "Hope didn't even mention this." She realizes Abe knew about this. Abe admits he suggested Hope but had no time to warn her.


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Bo and Hope discuss her becoming police commish. She's balking at it though Bo is all for it.

"He's your own flesh and blood," says Marlena, to Stefano. "His fate was sealed years ago, Marlena," retorts Stefano.

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