Pulling the Strings.

Friday, September 19th, 2008

Various people threaten Trent, Daniel finds out what's wrong with Kate, Lexi resigns and Philip and Lucas have a special treat for their mother.

Pulling the Strings. image

Trent calls Nicole and tells her to meet him at the pub, or he'll rat her out to Victor. He asks her to bring her checkbook. He makes another call, this time, puts $500 on a game. Max and Stephanie arrive back in Salem at the pub. They're thrilled to be home. Max thanks Stephanie for her help in finding Melanie. When Max notices Trent inside the pub, he bursts inside and says hello to his dad, then promptly punches him out! Stephanie calls Steve for help while Max yells at Trent for pimping out his daughter. When Pete arrives, Trent tells Pete that Max attacked him. "I didn't see anything," says Pete, innocently! Nick and Melanie arrive, and Trent is astounded to see his daughter, who is infuriated with him. He wants her to go home with him, but she refuses, and yells, "Why didn't you tell me I had a brother?" Trent says he had nothing to do with them and when Trent grabs Melanie, Max smashes a beer bottle and seizes Trent in one hand, while he uses the other to thrust the jagged edge of the beer bottle up to Trent's neck. Melanie encourages Max to kill Trent, while Stephanie yells, "No!" Steve, Kayla and Caroline rush out of the kitchen and yell at Max to let Trent go. Caroline yells that Pop would not approve of this. Eventually, Max lets Trent go, and Bo and Hope arrive. Bo takes Max aside and demands that he tell him what's going on, and asks Max to apologize, while Stephanie yells at Melanie for encouraging Max to kill Trent! Nearby, Nick lets Trent know how he won't be helping him in the future, and Trent threatens Nick not to spread any of this around about him, or he'll see that something happens to his prototype. He then goes to Melanie and asks if they can rise above this. He expects an apology, and in return, will apologize to her for pimping her out! Melanie refuses. "I would kill you with my bare hands if I could," she screams!


Abe sits outside his home, contemplating. He goes inside and puts on a front that he's fine, to Theo and Kelsey, Theo's (therapist?). Abe pays Kelsey and tells her he'll get back to her about working with Theo next week. She gives him a letter of evaluation from Mark, Theo's therapist, and Abe is proud, when he reads the evaluation!


The nurse and Philip arrive by Kate's side, at the hospital, while she continues coughing up blood and crying. Philip calls Lucas and tells him to get to the hospital as soon as possible. When Lucas arrives, he's quite obviously worried about Kate. They visit with her, but she's upset and tells Lucas to leave. Philip asks her to let them take care of her and goes off to make surprise plans for her. Kate and Lucas discuss Chloe and Kate thinks Lucas is falling too fast for Chloe. Kate promises to keep an open mind about it, when Lucas comments that Kate has never approved of any woman in his life! She goes off for x-rays.


Daniel finishes his speech and he and Lexi leave the board meeting. The board deliberates while, outside the boardroom, Daniel cracks jokes about Eleanor being a constipated board member. Lexi knows she has made some mistakes, but Daniel asks her to stay positive. Lexi loves her job, but is having second thoughts, because of the pressure. "I need to be there for my little boy," she says. "Then you know what you have to do," says Daniel. They return to the boardroom and Eleanor is about to tell her that the board voted in her favor, when Lexi resigns as Chief of Staff. The board members are shocked, but she tells them it's best for her and for the hospital. Her focus needs to be on her family and on Theo. She'll continue her practice, with a more flexible schedule. She thanks the board members, but when Eleanor asks her once to reconsider, Lexi refuses to. She has made her decision, and leaves. Once the meeting is adjourned, Victor lectures Daniel about his fling with Kate. "How could you do this?" Daniel doesn't think it's Victor's business, but Victor disagrees. Daniel calls their time together a mistake. "It was only a couple of times." He's not giving up on Chelsea. They argue, but when Victor finds out that Kate is in the hospital, he rushes to her side.


Nicole is on her way inside the pub when she hears someone call her name. "Misty Circle?" She turns. It's Bo and Hope. Hope says, "Or should I call you Mrs. Trent Robbins?" Nicole is ready to deny being married to Trent but Hope urges her to come clean. Nicole explains she met Trent as a student, and how he charmed her. She explains that her legal name was Misty Circle. "Thanks to my father." He made her change it, so her mother couldn't find her. She shares that Trent was physically abusive. One night after he gambled, Trent returned home and abused her, verbally, then physically. She has never admitted this, to anyone. It's what prompted her to leave. "I just assumed he filed for divorce." Hope reminds her there are legal ramifications. "You mean Victor," she says, sadly. Bo has to tell him.


Abe and Theo continue to play with blocks and Abe mentions Lexi. Theo says "Mommy". Lexi arrives and Abe shows her how well Theo is doing. Lexi is thrilled that Theo is matching blocks and colors. When she reads Theo's evaluation, she's pleased with his progress. She explains that she needed this today, and shares her resignation news with Abe. He's startled and wished he knew her decision ahead of time. He admits he resigned, as well, because the Mayor was looking for a scapegoat. "And you volunteered," she asks. "We had words. I got upset…" he replies, but is already fielding offers from consulting firms. He can't work in a corrupted system. "Stefano has been pulling the strings for far too long, and it's about time somebody stopped him!" Lexi wants Abe's attention on Theo, not Stefano, but that's why Abe is doing this. Theo interrupts them by saying, "Choo Choo!" Their anger turns to pride, and they snuggle close to their son.


Philip and Lucas sit in the waiting room while Kate is x-rayed. They discuss a surprise for Kate and when Chloe calls, Lucas shuts off his cell. Philip laughs and gives Lucas his blessing to date Chloe. Lucas is thankful, and they discuss how Sami's taking this badly. Lucas wants to be seen as reliable, and mentions he needs a job, so Philip invites him to come back to work at Titan! Lucas accepts, and they set up a laptop, before Kate arrives to her bed. Once Kate arrives, Philip says it's time for a family meeting. Billy's voice and Austin's voice are heard after Philip sets up a three-way chat. Kate is touched. After the chat is over, she tells them their intervention worked. Victor arrives and offers support.

In another area of the hospital, Daniel looks at Kate's x-rays and asks the nurse to get the x-rays to a doctor in Pulmonoligy.


Next on Days of our Lives:

Lexi yells at Stefano about his behavior.

Victor overhears Nicole, talking about her marriage!

Trent threatens Nicole.

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