I Quit!

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Abe does the unthinkable, Lexi's board meeting commences, and EJ and Nicole discuss dating.

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As she sidles up to the bar at the pub, Nicole rants to Philip about not being able to bring a guest to a friend's wedding in Los Angeles, because she's not in a relationship. EJ arrives and Philip makes himself scarce. EJ notices Nicole's at the pub and asks if she slept there! She laughs and when EJ notices she's drinking orange juice, he asks if she's feeling all right. She admits she thinks she has a bug, and he comments that she should see a doctor. "I didn't know you cared," she says, and jokes that it might be nice to move into the pub. She finds it too private at the Salem Inn. EJ would love that, he admits. "Had enough of Casa DiMera," Nicole asks. He has, and tells her about he and Tony's problems with his father and the DiMera Empire. EJ wishes his life would get back to normal and asks why Nicole doesn't take her settlement and run off to Tahiti. It wouldn't be much fun without someone to share it with, she comments, and besides, she likes Salem! EJ thinks she's hinting something and says, "There is nothing I'd like more than to run away to some distant island with you." Nicole plays coy. "What makes you think I'm talking about you?" EJ adjusts his tie and looks worried. He admits he'd be devastated if she was seeing someone else. They wouldn't get to explore these feelings they have for each other. He tells her he'd like to take her on a proper date, and summarizes what they'd do, starting with drinks at Montage, and dinner at Towers restaurant - lobster. He says they'd enjoy a leisurely dinner and work it off after with a romantic walk along the water. Nicole's eyes tear up and EJ says she deserves to be treated like a lady. He tells her he'd walk her to her door and give her a chaste kiss and then tell her he'd call her the next day. And he would do it, too! Nicole tells him, "That sounds perfect," but she begins to cry and doesn't think it'll happen, because of Sami. EJ asks her to have faith in them, but she has been through this before. Sami's a part of his life. She's Johnny's mother and he asks if she'd have a problem sharing Johnny with him. Nicole softens. She only has an issue sharing him with Sami. She respects that family comes first with EJ and cracks another joke. "Can't we send her to that deserted island?" They laugh, and hold hands and EJ asks her to give a little. She'll do it as long as Sami does.


Philip finds Kate outside the Pub, coughing up a storm and asks why she's acting as though nothing is wrong. Kate tells him, "You're worrying about nothing." He asks if she'll talk to Kayla again and much to Kate's shock, he calls Chris, Kate's assistant, to clear Kate's schedule. He's bringing her to the hospital.


Daniel arrives to the hospital in a dither. He just found out he has to testify at Lexi's board meeting. Lexi is crushed but Daniel thinks this will go in her favor, since he'll give her a good review. Lexi is worried about Eleanor, one of the board members and admits she has fallen behind in her paperwork and protocols. Daniel argues that the day to day performance is what matters. Julie shows up and tells Lexi that both she and Doug are on her side.

Kate and Philip arrive at the hospital. Since all of the other doctors are busy, and Daniel has time before the meeting, he offers to examine Kate. She refuses, but Daniel appeals to Philip and asks him to set aside any animosity he has for him. There was something on Kate's last test that they need to look into. Philip pressures Kate to get more tests and while Daniel examines her, she admits to having shortness of breath, but when she's asked if she has coughed up blood, she denies this. Maxine takes Kate's vitals while Philip asks Daniel what's wrong. Daniel tells him they need more tests and he has to leave for a board meeting but will return shortly.


At Salem PD, Abe shares the news about Lexi's board meeting with Roman, and the men agree that Stefano was to blame for the lockdown, not Lexi. Roman takes a call from the Mayor, who says he's on his way over. When Mayor Mariano arrives, he shows the gentlemen an opinion piece in the paper about the Salem PD's tepid response during the lockdown. Abe and Roman feel they handled the situation properly and Roman reminds the Mayor that they knew Stefano DiMera was in the hospital. Mayor Mariano says there was no evidence that DiMera was involved, but Roman and Abe know better. If there is evidence, the Mayor will send it to the DA himself. Until then, he needs to determine who was most responsible. Abe's anger gets the better of him and he points out that they followed protocol. Mayor Mariano disagrees. He found their attempt half heartedly. Abe has been there for 25 years, and knows what he's doing, but the Mayor thinks the city deserves better. Abe thinks this is the work of Stefano and accuses Mayor Mariano of taking a bribe from Stefano. Roman grins, as though he agrees, but thinks they should take a step back. "How dare you," asks Mariano, astounded by the accusation. Abe knows how Stefano works and is sure Stefano paid off the DA, right up to Mayor Mariano. The Mayor warns Abe. He's treading a thin line. Abe doesn't care. He refuses to be cowardly and intimidated like City Hall. "I'll find a way to get Stefano on my own," he says. Roman asks him not to do this, but it's too late. "Sorry," he says, and takes off his badge and throws it on Roman's desk. "I quit."


Lexi arrives at her board meeting with Julie and greets Victor, Mickey and Doug. They take their seats and the board meeting commences with Eleanor recounting all of the good and bad that Lexi has done for the hospital. She focuses on the negative, saying that Lexi has had cost overruns, outstanding collectibles and says there was no fundraiser this summer, as there is each year. Lexi admits she had no time to work on the fundraiser, and Eleanor barks that she could have contacted the fundraiser committee. That's what they're there for! Eleanor asks straight out if Lexi's personal life got into her position. "Dr Carver was given a position for which she was completely unqualified for," says Eleanor. Daniel arrives and replies, "I couldn't disagree more." He shares that he likes the way things work around here. That says a lot about the person running the show. Eleanor wonders if Theo's recent diagnosis of Autism has affected Lexi's job. Julie doesn't like the line of personal questions and lets it be known while Daniel disagrees that this is the case. Lexi says that though she has been through a lot, her personal life will not affect her position. Daniel calls Lexi compassionate and thinks she's the best person to lead this institution. He calls the hospital fortunate to have her and thinks it'd be a mistake to lose her. Lexi and Daniel are asked to step outside while they deliberate. Once they leave, the board discusses what to do with Lexi.


Philip goes to Kate in ER and they reminisce about her taking care of him when he contracted chicken pox, as a child. Philip thinks it's his time to take care of her. Kate apologizes for being so hesitant for coming to the hospital. She feels lucky to have him and won't complain anymore. She has another coughing fit and this time she coughs up blood. Philip calls for the nurse.


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