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Thursday, September 11th, 2008

Melanie makes a decision, Marlena and John have words, Trent calls Nicole's bluff.

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Stephanie and Chelsea are in disbelief that Max has just said he is going to kill his dad! Max paces the room and says he means it. He tells them what Trent did to Melanie and says, "Now maybe you understand why he deserves to die!" They urge him to calm down. They point out that Melanie put herself in that position! Max tries to argue that, but Melanie herself turns up in the doorway, saying, "She has a point!" Max notes that Trent is sick. Melanie says she feels bad about everything that happened and she came to say goodbye. Max doesn't want her to go, but she asks him not to make it harder than it has to be. Melanie leaves, as does Chelsea, and Stephanie hugs a distraught Max. He worries that he needs to protect his sister. Stephanie points out that he wouldn't want to spend the rest of his life in prison because of Trent. She tells him she loves him, and they begin to get passionate!


Morgan and Philip kiss outside the pub. They go inside and take a seat. They agree to give their relationship another shot, but she asks him not to push, and not to lie to her. He promises, then asks her to go out of town with him. She says it's moving too fast. She also fills him in on her internship - with his mother. Kate appears, "Excuse me?!" Philip thinks it's great. Morgan explains that she interviewed with Chris. Kate is obviously not thrilled so Philip pulls her aside and tells her to give Morgan a chance. Kate agrees and Philip says Morgan will start next week - they're going out of town. Morgan says she doesn't think it's a good idea. Suddenly, Victor arrives and says he doesn't want Philip going anywhere! Victor takes Philip outside and chastises him for wanting to take a break. Philip assures him he takes his job seriously. Victor urges him to immerse himself in Titan like he once did with golf! Philip questions whether one can have it all. He tells his father that he wishes he were still with his mom. He fills him in on the coughing - and about Daniel! Inside, Morgan chatters to Kate who glares at her. Kate begins to cough. Victor comes back to the table. "Kate. I need to talk to you. Now!"


Marlena turns up to get something she left at the DiMera Mansion. John invites her in and gives her a hair tie! She wonders why he really called her over. He blurts, "I don't think it's a good idea that you see Trent Robbins." She asks what this is all about, and John has no concrete reason to offer. She tells John that she has been pursuing him for months, and now that she has stopped - he doesn't like it! "You don't want me to date!" John says maybe he just doesn't want her to get hurt. She starts to walk out and he panics. "You're giving up on us?" She says the disk was one of the only chances they had left - and he wasn't really interested. He says maybe he would do things differently if he had the chance. She accuses him of just saying that in order to try to hang on to her! They start to bicker about Ava, and Marlena asks if he slept with her. He doesn't reply, just smiles tightly. Marlena says, "There's my answer!" He points out that she had urged him to see other people. Marlena bluntly tells him that she doesn't think they are any good together anymore, then leaves!


In the hospital, Nick looks up to see Melanie come into his room. She apologizes to him, noting that he took a bullet for her. He grins, "Maybe I'll finally get some street cred!" She laughs. Together they check out his wound. She tells him he is sexy. It comes out that he dated Chelsea. Melanie is taken aback. She then tells him that she's glad Chelsea left him, because now she can do this - she kisses him. Just then, Chelsea arrives in the doorway! Melanie tells Nick he is going to make some girl very happy one day. She makes to leave and he says if she's ever in the States, she should look him up. Chelsea comes in to visit. He tells her he'll be out soon. They discuss Daniel and he says he's sorry. She says it's what she deserves for the way she treated him. She expresses her disappointment about Daniel, and asks Nick to tell her, as her friend, if there's something wrong with her. He says she's perfect. She wonders, then, why none of her relationships work. He laughs, and says she goes out with jerks. Nick points out that you never know when the 'right' person is going to come into your life. He admits he has fallen for Melanie. Chelsea warns him to be careful.


Nicole meets up with Trent and he tells her he knows she made out like a bandit in her marriage to Victor. She asks how deep he is in. Trent admits that he owes $20,000! She is appalled. He tells her he'll pay her back with interest. She says the point is that he never quits gambling! Trent threatens to rat her out to Victor Kiriakis, but she points out that if he does, she'll have no money to give him. He throws up her past in her face and tells her that she's left him no choice. He approaches Victor and introduces himself, but Nicole stops him and drags him away. Outside they bicker about whether or not he was bluffing. She asks for a divorce in return for the money he needs. Just then, he takes a call from John Black. John tells him to stay where he is. "We have some issues to discuss."


Morgan and Philip are once again alone at their table. Talk turns to their pasts and she admits that Max Brady broke her heart. She asks Philip about Chloe, and he tells her she is dating his brother. "Chloe just wasn't the woman for me!" Nearby, Victor rails at Kate for sleeping with Daniel and hurting Chelsea. They discuss Chelsea's whereabouts. Kate tells him that she's in France.


Melanie arrives back at Max's room just in time to hear him fighting with Stephanie about what he intends to do to Trent. She says she agrees with Stephanie - it wouldn't do for him to go after his father! Melanie says she has decided that she should go back to Salem with him and keep him from doing something stupid. Max tries to hide how pleased he is at this news!


Next on Days of Our Lives:

When Trent mentions Marlena's children, he is told that her life is not a topic of conversation, and neither are her children!

Nicole tells John that Trent is more dangerous than Stefano because no one realizes what he's capable of!

Stefano shares a toast with Kate. "To new beginnings. To us!"

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