The Dr. Phil Thing's Not Working!

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

Sami makes a discovery, Daniel calls Philip for help, Melanie breaks down!

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On the yacht, as the paramedics patch Nick up, the policewoman asks what happened. He refuses to talk about it. Melanie won't say anything either, and Max starts to lose it. "C'mon guys!" Chelsea starts yelling at Melanie in an accusatory manner, and Melanie fires back. Nick defends Melanie and an upset Chelsea says, "You're sitting here bleeding and she's the victim?!" Nick leaves to go to the hospital, and Chelsea points out to Max that Nick got shot because of his sister. When Max hedges, Chelsea says obviously, something is going on between Nick and Melanie! Max asks her why she'd care - she dumped him! She says she still cares - he's her friend. Max asks her to lay off Melanie, and she says she'll try. Max says Steph told him that she and Dr. Dan were over. Chelsea nods. "Why can't things be simple?" Chelsea calls to check on Nick and Stephanie comes in saying that the cops were interviewing Melanie alone. They decide to go visit Nick at the hospital, while Max goes in the other room to see Melanie. Max tells his sister he is so sorry that their father would have pimped her out to get rid of a gambling debt. She says she just needs to get back to her life. He says he should do the same. They agree to keep in touch and share an embrace. She asks if he thinks Nick will forgive her. He says Nick will - he's a good guy. When Max goes to check on something, Melanie gets a text from Trent and bursts into sobs!


At the pub, Philip approaches Morgan and asks if they can start over. She is still angry. She tells him that her father is behind bars for who knows how long, and he helped put him there! He tells her that her father and John Black are the only ones to blame. He gets a call from Daniel at the hospital - he tells him it's about his mother, and he needs him to come down there. Philip tells Morgan he has to go, and asks her to go with him. She hesitates, but agrees.


At the Horton cabin, Chloe and Lucas have Allie put to sleep and start enjoying their 'alone time'. They head outside for a shower together. Allie starts crying and Lucas seems frustrated. They go to get her and Lucas wonders why she is crying so much. Chloe notes that she may be sick. Lucas says she probably misses Sami, but Chloe points out that life without Sami will be much calmer, and Allie will realize that before long! Lucas tries to soothe Allie for awhile, but soon it appears that she may keep them up all night. Chloe asks to take a turn while he gets some wood. She takes Allie and sings to her. The crying stops. Chloe leaves the little girl for a moment to go rinse her hair.


Nicole shows up at the mansion and tells EJ she needs him as her lawyer and nothing else. Sami comes in and asks EJ why he is wasting his time talking to Nicole when he should be fighting for their daughter! He notes that Allie is suddenly 'his' daughter when it suits her. She usually rubs his face in the fact that she's not his daughter. Sami rages that Allie is up at the cabin with that 'third rate opera singer' and that he needs to do something about it! Nicole tells her to take her custody troubles and hit the road! The girls continue to bicker, and EJ finally tells them both to get out - they're giving him a headache! When they protest, he yells, "I was not put on this planet to fix your problems Samantha! Nor yours, Nicole! I've got my own problems to worry about. Show yourselves out!" They both gape in disbelief! Sami doesn't waste much time, though, in mocking him. "What is so tough that you're going through?" He starts ranting about John, Tony and his father, and his life being turned upside-down! He tells them again, to leave him out. Nicole protests that she needs him as her lawyer, and Sami says she'll go rescue her daughter without his help. EJ warns her not to go off and do something crazy - the judge made a ruling! He tells Sami he understands that this is difficult for her, but it's not the end of the world! As Sami flies out of the room, Nicole suggests that EJ keep his day job. "The whole Dr. Phil thing isn't working!" EJ leaves the room, but soon returns to discover that Sami took Allie's bear. He realizes that she has gone to interfere with Lucas's visit! He tells Nicole he has to take care of this, and leaves! Nicole waits until he's gone, before picking up the phone and saying, "Yes. I'd like to report a possible kidnapping!"


Morgan and Philip arrive at the hospital, still arguing about her father. He tells her that her father was weak and that's why he's in the position he's in! Just then, Kate appears, sighs, and makes a rude remark about Philip being with 'her' again. Philip warns his mother to stop, but Morgan tells her not to worry - there is nothing between her and Philip and there won't be ever again! Kate asks what he's doing there, and he tells her that Daniel called - he's worried about her. Talk turns back to his romantic life and he laments that when it comes to him and Lucas, no one is ever good enough for them - ever! Daniel interrupts their argument and says he thought Philip might be able to convince her to get the x-ray. She says she doesn't need either one of them to tell her what to do, then dissolves into a coughing fit again! When Philip tries to talk to her about her health, she promises not to interfere in his love life again. As he tries to steer the conversation toward her health again, she diverts his attention by hinting at a relationship between her and Daniel! Philip is flabbergasted. Kate makes this her excuse for leaving. Philip turns to Daniel and questions what he was thinking! Daniel says he never meant to hurt anyone. Philip is left in disbelief. Morgan comes over. "I couldn't help overhearing. Sorry." Philip takes her sympathy as a cue to tell her how good they could be together. She gives in, and they kiss.


Sami arrives at the cabin while Lucas is out getting wood and Chloe is rinsing her hair in the shower. Sami's jaw drops as she sees Allie. "Did they leave you here all alone?" She picks Allie up and starts talking to her. EJ arrives and tells her she needs to get out of there before she compromises her custody! She tells him to notice that they've left Allie all alone. He wonders if she is planning to kidnap her daughter. She protests that she certainly is not - she just wanted to see her! Lucas comes in just then and says that Allie is fine and if Sami doesn't get out of there, she's never going to see her again! Lucas starts hollering at her to put Allie down. Just then, Chloe runs in, wondering what is going on. When Sami accuses them of leaving her daughter all alone, Chloe says she just went to rinse her hair. Lucas tells Chloe that could have waited. But at that moment the police arrive looking for Sami, saying they got a call that she was violating a court order! EJ sighs, and Lucas says, "Way to go Sami. I'm one step closer to getting full custody of Allie!"


Chelsea and Stephanie get into a conversation while they wait for Max in his room. Chelsea admits that she broke up with Daniel because he slept with her grandmother! Stephanie is appalled. She asks if Chelsea came there because she wants Nick back. Max arrives. He tells them that they are going back home, and when they get there, he's going to kill his father!


Next on Days of Our Lives:

Max tells Chelsea and Stephanie that Trent tried to pimp out Melanie. "Now maybe you understand why he deserves to die!"

John tells Marlena that he doesn't think it's a good idea for her to see Trent Robbins!

Chelsea walks in on Melanie kissing Nick!

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