A Boy Can Dream!

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Kate remains stubborn, Steve investigates someone, Morgan is hired!

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Steve is at the pub with the baby. He is talking to Kayla on the phone. She thanks him for starting the new P.I. firm and letting her cut back on her hours at the hospital. He says he'd do anything for family - and by the way, where is Stephanie? They discuss how Trent is worried that Max is looking for his sister. Steve says he doesn't like it that she hasn't turned up. He's going to call her. He leaves Stephanie a message that she needs to call and let them know what is going on with her. He then calls Hope and asks her to pull any information she has on Trent Robbins! Hope soon shows up and says there isn't a lot to tell about Trent Robbins. Steve asks about his personal life and marriage. She says he's married but there's no details. Steve says finding out who his wife is might help explain why he's so bent on keeping Max from finding his sister! As Hope asks what made him decide to investigate his own client, Nicole listens in from the bar. Hope and Steve question how Trent could have given up his child. Steve notes, "Something's just off."


Kate arrives at the hospital and seeks out Kayla. Kate explains that she's been coughing and wants an antibiotic. Kayla insists on a chest x-ray, telling a put-out Kate that she can't just blindly treat her symptoms - she needs to find out what's causing them!


Lucas and Allie arrive at the Horton cabin and he tells her that he is going to be a huge part of her life now! He says they'll make some magical memories. Suddenly, a seasick Chloe walks in. "I can't believe I let you talk me into this!" He hands her the baby, while he goes to look for medicine. Soon, Allie goes to sleep and Lucas and Chloe look through an old photo album. They laugh about the old hairstyles and an old photo of Lucas. He says it's from when he found out he was a Horton. He looks at Chloe and they begin to kiss. After making love, Lucas heads out to get firewood for after the sun goes down. As soon as he leaves, Allie starts crying! When Lucas comes back, Chloe laments that she doesn't have a maternal bone in her body! "This isn't going to work." Lucas tries to reassure her. "Give it some time, and you'll get used to each other." Chloe isn't very optimistic.


In Max's room in France, he and Stephanie conclude that Melanie has disappeared. Stephanie wonders if he scared her off. He says he just cared about her - that's all! His phone rings. It's Nick. "I've found her." They get disconnected. Suddenly there is a knock at the door - it's Chelsea. Stephanie is delighted to see her. Max heads out to try and trace Nick's call. Stephanie fills Chelsea in on Melanie. "She lies, cheats, steals...and she's a gold digger!" She says that Max doesn't see any of it, though, and now she's disappeared and he's looking for her! Stephanie says she is just worried about Max. Chelsea notes that he's lucky to have her. Suddenly, Max bursts back into the room. "Great news! I found Melanie. Let's go!"


On a yacht, Melanie speaks to someone and tells them to let her know if she sees the Americans. She takes a call from Trent next. He says he has bad news. She wonders if he's in trouble again. He says he's strapped for cash. She rails at him about his gambling. He says he needs a favor - he then asks her to entertain his friend Claude at a party, and in return, the guy will forgive his debt. She becomes upset that he is 'pimping her out' and that he's a horrible father. "You didn't even tell me I have a brother!" She says that he should tell his friend to get lost, "Your daughter's not for sale!" She hangs up and Nick appears. She tells him he should leave, but soon a man appears and knocks him out! Melanie panics as Nick lays unconscious on the floor. "We need to get him help!" The man orders Melanie at gunpoint to go and get into her outfit! As Nick comes to, a couple of goons haul him away. Melanie shouts, "I'm never going to forgive you for this, Dad!" Melanie's 'date' appears and pours champagne. She acts sullenly. He tells her Trent has sent him pictures of her over the years. She says he's sick and disgusting. He says after tonight, her father's debts will be paid in full. He comes onto her, but she says she won't do this. Nick is brought in. "You will do as I say, or your friend is a dead man!" She reluctantly begins to dance with 'Claude'.


Daniel is working and realizes he forgot to book a racquetball court. He opens his phone to call, and sees a photo of Chelsea. He sighs. He walks to the trauma center just as Kate is rushing by to make a phone call. Daniel asks Kayla why Kate is there. Kayla offers him her file. After looking at it, he speaks to Kate, trying to convince her to let him do some tests. She argues. He asks if she's still afraid of hospitals. She denies it, and he tells her to at least get checked out for the sake of her family. She leaves, saying maybe she'll let them do a test someday!


Outside the pub, Morgan runs into Chris, a photographer/reporter, who tells her he has researched her online because she is the new intern that Anna recommended. He starts telling her her own life story. Morgan smiles as she listens. Chris asks her about being a debutante - saying he would have made a great one. "A boy can dream!" He tells Morgan that her boss will be Kate Roberts. Morgan says she's sorry, but she can't do it! Chris asks what's wrong, and Morgan explains that Kate hates her. Chris says she's the best, and Kate demands the best - it will all work out. Just then, Kate calls Chris. He tries to tell her about Morgan, but Kate cuts him off, telling him he can hire who he likes for the internship. Chris hangs up and tells Morgan the news.


Trent arrives at the pub and Nicole approaches him to tell him that Steve is investigating him. She complains that Hope gave Steve a file which indicates that they're still married! She doesn't want it to get out. He says he'll take care of it - in return for a loan. She tells him he's on his own. He mutters, "Don't be so sure, Mrs. Robbins!" She stalks away, and Bo, Hope and Steve watch him from their table. Steve notes, "He's been nosing around ever since Stephanie left for France."


Max, Stephanie, Chelsea and the police burst onto the yacht where Melanie is dancing with Claude and shots are fired! Nick is grazed by a bullet. Max demands that Melanie tell him what has been going on here!


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Nick defends Melanie, but Chelsea's not buying it!

Phillip takes another shot with Morgan!

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