Trauma Bites!

Monday, September 8th, 2008

Sami struggles to accept the judge's decision, Marlena wants to move on, Morgan tells Philip how she feels.

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Outside the pub, Marlena is surprised to run into John again. He explains that he loves the coffee there. He asks if a divorce is really what she wants. He accuses her of giving up. She tells him she wishes to start a brand new life without him. He suggests that she is rushing this - especially considering what happened between them the other day. She disagrees - saying she's spent enough time on a man who is obviously dead and gone. He says he is still her husband. She replies, "In name only." He tells her that when he thought she was dead, he realized how important she is to him. Marlena appreciates the sentiment, but tells him she will be having dinner with Trent. John probes her feelings for the man, and tells her, "I don't like this. We're still married, and I don't want you seeing him!" Marlena gasps, "Are you jealous?" She tells him he is a hypocrite. He was dating Ava! He says that was different, but won't elaborate. Marlena says, "Goodbye John."


Tony meets with Kate inside the pub and tells her that he has moved back into the DiMera Mansion to take a stand. She asks what Anna thinks. Anna and Lexi appear. "Anna is against it!" Kate excuses herself, as does Anna, and Lexi and Tony begin to chat. She warns him not to go against their father. "This isn't good." Tony mentions that Stefano is doing renovations - probably rebuilding the laboratory. Lexi is upset, but Tony notes that EJ got an injunction for now. Tony presses her to understand why it is imperative for him to stay in the Mansion. Lexi doesn't like it. "You need to walk away now!" Tony says he has to stay to fight for a new legacy. Lexi wishes him luck. "You do realize that Father could annihilate you?!" Anna is speaking with Morgan who tells her of her troubles regarding Paul. She then says she needs a job. Anna notes that she might have something for her with one of their clients! Anna then notices Kate nearby, coughing loudly! She wants to take her to the hospital. Kate tells her if it doesn't go away in a few days she'll go to a doctor.


Bo meets Hope at the park for a picnic. They smooch and Bo notes how much he loves this 'afternoon delight'! As she gets out the food, he asks if she is trying to butter him up for some reason. She tells him that she went to the hospital earlier to see Daniel - about Chelsea. He is mildly surprised to find out that he is the reason that she left town. Hope says they obviously had some kind of argument. Bo notes that he saw this coming. "I've gotta' talk to him." Hope warns him to let them sort it out themselves. He reluctantly agrees to stay out of it. Talk turns to the Hollingsworth case. He apologizes for dragging her into it. He worries about how the IA will rule. She says they shouldn't worry about that yet. They agree to do the park thing more often, then embrace and kiss.


Sami sits with the children in the Mansion. EJ walks in as she is telling her daughter that she won't let her go anywhere. EJ tells her she has no choice. Sami disagrees. She says she has a terrible feeling about this! EJ admits that he isn't sure where she is coming from. Sami says that she doesn't want Allie waking up from one of her night tremors in a strange room - with Chloe looking over her! She contends that this is about what is best for her daughter. EJ tries to reassure her that Allie will handle it fine, but Sami remains upset. EJ notes that the girl will take her cue from Sami. He accuses her of making things worse. She angrily asks what she could have done to make things better. EJ replies, "You could've stayed married to me!" Sami says that wouldn't have helped one little bit! EJ says they'll never know. Sami points out that Lucas is an ex-con, and EJ reminds her of her difficulties with Will - the judge would have had to consider all of that. Sami maintains that she won't give Allie up! They talk about what happened when he got a court order so that Sami couldn't take Johnny out of the house. Sami says it's sick. "You think I'm a control freak? Take a look in the mirror - you're the worst!" EJ tells her that she needs to be a model citizen and stop plotting and scheming or she's going to make the situation worse - especially if she wants to appeal. He says she knows how she is and he won't have her pulling any of these stunts around Johnny. Suddenly John and Marlena walk in and John asks what they're fighting about now. They each state their cases. Marlena says joint custody seems fair. Sami blows up and storms out. John follows her. He offers his support. "I can see how difficult this is for you." Sami says this will damage her daughter - why can no one see that?! John agrees. "Trauma bites." Sami begins to cry and John puts his arms around her. Sami says she worries about both her children. John promises he would never let EJ keep Johnny from her. She thanks him.


Lucas is sitting in the pub when Phillip comes in and joins him. Lucas says he was awarded joint custody. Phillip and Lucas agree that Sami won't take the news well. Lucas says she has no choice but to accept it, but Phillip notes that never stopped her before! Phillip stares across the pub at Morgan, and Lucas urges him to go talk to her. He does, and she immediately points out that he threatened to kill her father. He claims it was in the heat of a business moment and what they have goes beyond that! She says she understands that it was business, but he's her father, and the fact that he threatened to kill him is something she can never forgive! With that, she says goodbye and leaves. Tony approaches Philip next. "We need to talk about the future." He explains that he and EJ have taken over the family business and would like to align themselves with him in order to bring John down. When he's gone, they will deal with Stefano. He asks Philip if he's ready to deal! Lucas gets a call from Mickey. "Today? That's great news!"


At the DiMera Mansion, the phone rings and EJ takes the call. "Today?" He tells Marlena that Lucas is on the way. The doorbell rings and Lucas arrives at the Mansion. Sami answers the door. As Lucas explains that he has come for Allie, EJ confirms that the judge called. "Lucas's time with Allie starts today." Sami takes her daughter from EJ's arms, "Mommy loves you so much." John makes Lucas promise to take care of the little girl. He says, "Of course." Sami hands her over and turns away in pain. Lucas leaves. EJ says it will be okay. Sami flies into a rage. "I'm going to do something to fix this, and you are not going to stop me!"


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