Joint Custody!

Friday, September 5th, 2008

The judge rules in the custody dispute, Maggie and Nicole offer advice to Chloe.

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At the hospital, Daniel offers to let Lexi unload her problems on him. He says she listened to him and he'd like to return the favor. Sighing, she tells him about the challenges with Theo and how she and Abe aren't on the same page. He gives her a hug and Abe comes around the corner and sees them. Awkwardness ensues as Abe warns Daniel to stay away from his wife! He asks him to keep things professional from hereon out. Lexi asks Daniel to excuse them. She questions Abe's behavior, and he implies that she may be having an affair since the past several months she's been pulling away from him. Lexi is stunned. "You immediately assume we're having an affair?" Abe says he seen them be close before. She protests that they are merely friends, but Abe's not sure he believes that!


EJ meets Sami at the pub. He has just come from the courthouse and has some news - her custody hearing has been moved to today. She doesn't need to be there - the judge will make a decision based on the depositions she and Lucas gave. Sami worries what will happen if the judge rules against her. EJ wonders if she is worried about losing Lucas as well. She blows off the question, and EJ presses her to talk about what happened between the two of them. Sami shifts uncomfortably. Mickey comes into the pub and says the judge hasn't made a decision yet. EJ leaves, telling Sami he'll be back soon and will call if he hears anything.


Lucas, Chloe and Kate arrive in the pub and as they sit down, Kate has a coughing fit. She then tells Lucas that he is free of Sami, and shouldn't get into another doomed relationship! Chloe rolls her eyes. Chloe tells Lucas she's not sitting there listening to his mother trash her. He asks her to go get the keys for the boathouse. Kate says she blames Chloe for what happened to Brady, but Lucas says she's not responsible for that. Kate then raises the issue of his custody battle - the judge will look into every aspect of his life. "Chloe's not mother material." Lucas points out that neither was she! He tells her to let him make his own decisions. Mickey arrives at the table just then to alert Lucas that the judge will be making a decision by the end of the day. He points out that Sami is sitting across the pub! Sami comes over and they are soon arguing about him taking Chloe to the Horton cabin. She says that if he gets visitation, she doesn't want Allie anywhere near Chloe! Lucas says she may be her step-mother one day, so she'd better get used to it! Nearby, Mickey briefs Kate on a business venture and she erupts in coughing again.


Chloe runs into Maggie at the park. Maggie gives her the keys for the boat and boathouse. Chloe asks if Lucas told her that she is going with him. Maggie says he did, but noted that he was having a heated discussion with Kate. Chloe says she just wishes that Kate would leave them alone. Maggie notes she is very protective! Chloe tells her that Lucas's long history with Sami is aggravating. Maggie says she can relate - she fell in love with Don Craig when she was married to Mickey, but he was presumed dead. She says that Don was a rebound guy, and Chloe wonders whether Maggie thinks Lucas may be her rebound. Maggie says only Chloe knows that for sure. Chloe sighs and says she only knows that she cares about Lucas. Maggie asks if she has moved on emotionally from Brady, and if Lucas has moved on from Sami. Chloe feels that she has, but isn't sure about Lucas. Maggie encourages her to take the time at the Horton cabin to sort everything out. Chloe thanks her, and Maggie leaves.


Nicole arrives at the park. She tells Chloe that she saw her talking to Maggie Horton. Chloe says she was giving her relationship advice. Nicole rolls her eyes and drags Chloe to the pub for a drink! They arrive just in time to hear Lucas declare to Sami that Chloe may become Allie's stepmother! Nicole says, "Looks like he's signed you up for mommy-duty!" They sit down at the bar and Nicole tells her not to worry - it's not so bad! Chloe worries that she isn't ready to be a mother to Allie, and that things are moving too fast! Nicole urges her to talk to him, Chloe doesn't want Lucas to have to choose between her and Allie. Just then, Lucas approaches and asks to speak to Chloe alone. Nicole takes off. Chloe gives him the keys, and he tells her if he wins the custody decision, all three of them can go to the cabin together. Chloe says she won't be going with him. She says he needs to be with Allie alone.


Hope approaches Daniel at the hospital and demands to know what he did to Chelsea to make her leave town and go to France! Daniel is stunned. Hope tells him she must have been very upset to leave the country! "What did you do to her?" Daniel stonewalls. "It's personal." Hope says she just wants to help. He says he and Chelsea will work through it on their own. He curtly excuses himself.


In therapy, Abe and Lexi are asked to address the issue of Lexi's infidelity once and for all! Abe says he thought that he had overcome his feelings, but she has been distant for months - and she's developed a closeness with Dr. Jonas! Lexi cries. She doesn't want to talk about her affairs when she's lost her little boy! The counselor asks what she means. She tells them about her daydream that Theo was normal, and how she felt when it ended. "Why does he have to have Autism? Why did this have to happen to him? Why?" The counselor leaves them alone to talk. Abe puts his arm around her and thanks her for being honest. She says she feels like a horrible mother. He disagrees - they both just want what is best for Theo. She says she feels hopeless. Abe notes that there are no answers for them - they just have to do what's best for Theo and themselves.


EJ arrives back at the pub. Nicole closes in on him and wonders if they are going to talk about what he said to her the other day. He holds her hand across the table and admits he can't get her out of his system - but it's complicated. She accuses him of making excuses, but he says that Sami is the mother of his child - she's an important part of his life. Nicole says she is running out of patience - he'd better decide what he wants soon! She leaves the table, and Sami soon comes over. She wonders what is taking the judge so long! Suddenly, Mickey comes to the table, and calls Lucas over from the bar area. "The judge has decided to award joint custody!" Sami proclaims that there is no way she is going to agree to that!


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