Bring It On!

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

Stefano asserts his position with his sons, Paul confesses, Chelsea tells Theo she's leaving town!

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In France, Max is in his room when his sister arrives. Max asks her to sit down so they can get to know one another better. He asks to hear about her life. She says that she ended up in France after a long string of moves, and a succession of different boarding schools, all of which she got kicked out of. She explains that she finally convinced their father to let her settle in France for school. She smiles and says that she takes a class or two, but it's all about the parties. Max notes that she was the one Trent wanted, and she's rejected him! Mel then asks about him. Max explains how he wound up in foster care and that he didn't know Trent growing up. He tells her about Frankie and the Bradys. She says she had no idea her father had a son! Max says it's no big deal - Trent never cared about him. Suddenly, she takes a call from Trent. He is angry that she maxed out her credit card. She says they'll talk later and hangs up. Max tells her she should tell Trent the truth and then come with them. She says she needs her freedom and doesn't want him to get involved. Max replies that he is already involved. "I'm your brother." He tells her he's going to go out for awhile, but she should think about what he said.


Chelsea is working with Theo at the hospital. Theo is holding something and Chelsea asks three times before he hands it to her. She thanks him and gives him a hug. Daniel and Mark arrive in the doorway. Chelsea says goodbye as Theo goes with Mark. She and Daniel go outside the room and he notes how good she is with Theo. He then reiterates that he never meant to hurt her. He says she means the world to him. Chelsea sighs and says she just can't look at him the same way. Daniel says he knows she's trying to be objective. She confirms that she is, but that doesn't mean she can forgive him or move on. He tells her again that she is everything to him. He says he's not perfect, and he's truly sorry for hurting her. "Chelsea, please don't give up on us!" Lexi arrives and Daniel excuses himself. Chelsea offers to take Theo for ice cream and tells Lexi she heard that her father is back. Lexi confirms it. She leaves and Daniel returns. He asks Chelsea, "Can we try again?" She says, "I could never be with you, without thinking of you with her. Go. This time don't bother coming back." She goes back into the room and tells Theo she is going to take him for ice cream, but then she is going to be gone for awhile - someplace far away - but then she'll be back.


At the DiMera Mansion, Stefano ruminates about how wonderful it is to be home. He asks 'Elvis' if he is working for John. E.J. confirms it, and Stefano notes that John's world is about to come down. E.J. then asks, "So how did you do it, Father? One minute you're being led out of here in handcuffs, the next, you're running around like nothing happened!" Stefano says it's due to his friends. He then tells them that they are all disowned because they shipped him off to a home and didn't take care of him! Suddenly, Lucas and Chloe enter the house. Lucas explains that he lives there, and Stefano hollers, "What the hell is John running here? A hotel?!" Lucas says he's moving out and heads upstairs to pack. Just then, the doorbell rings. Stefano rolls his eyes and asks Tony to get it. It's Victor. He and Stefano greet each other and Stefano asks E.J. and Tony to give them some privacy. Victor asks Stefano if he is here to stay this time. "Never thought I'd say this, but it's a pleasure doing business with you, again." They chuckle over how it's just like old times! Victor thanks Stefano for telling him that John was hiding Paul and that he escaped. Stefano says he will ask a favor in return someday. Victor then asks why Stefano would go out on a limb for John. Stefano says the move was all about control.


Roman, Hope and Abe meet in Abe's office at the station and discuss how Stefano is behind various things, but they have no solid evidence. They note that Stefano held John against his will, but John could only file civil charges against him for it. Abe laments that it seems Stefano has connections everywhere!


Philip and Morgan are in Bo's office. Morgan wants to see Paul but Bo tells her it will take awhile. She tells Philip that she won't forgive him just because he didn't actually kill her father. Bo takes Philip aside and says just because Paul was found alive, doesn't mean they're off the hook - Internal Affairs will be asking him about the recording! Just then, John walks in. "I received a call about Paul Hollingsworth. Is there something I can do to help?" Bo asks John to just come clean about what he did to Paul. John scoffs, "Why don't you tell me why Stefano is in my house and not behind your bars after everything he's done!" Bo agrees that Stefano deserves to be behind bars. John asks what they can do about it. Abe and Roman come in and urge John to press civil charges against Stefano. Abe tells Bo it's time to talk to Internal Affairs. They leave, and John asks Roman why the D.A. isn't pressing charges against Stefano. Roman tells John that he should be more worried about himself - he is still a suspect in the Hollingsworth case! At that point, Paul is brought in and reunited with Morgan. Paul tells Philip it's his lucky day. Roman asks Paul if it's true he left town of his own volition and if it is also true that he is pleading guilty to planting drugs on John's ship and to starting the fire. Paul confirms it's all in his statement. Roman asks John to leave the room. He then tells Paul that Morgan said he told her his life was in danger when he left town. He 'theorizes' that John held him captive, but Paul says it's not true. Roman then asks where Paul got the large amount of cocaine. He urges Paul to consider telling the truth - that Philip paid for the drugs - that way he can cut him a deal! Paul tells Roman that Philip wasn't involved and he was not coerced by anyone to commit those deeds. Roman is disappointed and says he knows he's covering - he just doesn't know why. He urges Paul to think about his daughter. Paul cryptically assures him that he is! Paul is taken down to holding, but stops to say goodbye to Morgan. She begs him to tell the truth, but he merely tells her to be strong and take care of herself. Philip tries to comfort her but she brushes him off. She turns to Roman and asks him to help her father. Roman asks Philip if he has anything to say.


Lucas comes downstairs at the DiMera Mansion and tells E.J. that as soon as he wins custody he's taking his daughter out of this pit of human degradation. Stefano applauds. "More good news." Lucas and Chloe leave. Stefano says, "That's one down!" He then tells Tony and E.J. that they should do the same. Tony says he's not going anywhere and E.J. says that he and Sami and the twins are quite comfortable. Stefano replies, "We'll see." Tony says he and E.J. have every right to be there. Stefano notes that he is challenging him. Stefano then turns to the subject of John Black being in control of his holdings. Tony says he can be dealt with, and Stefano counters that the two of them don't know what they're doing either! E.J. says he's wrong, and Stefano laughs. He raises a toast. "Here's to my sons! Bring it on!"


Still at the station, John takes a call from Stefano who says, "I assume you are still free, like me." He tells John he is not to say anything about his time in the laboratory. John wants to know how Stefano convinced Paul not to rat him out. Stefano chuckles that he threatened his daughter! John says he could put him away for life, but Stefano warns him - one word and Paul will talk! John hangs up and tells Roman that he won't be suing Stefano. Roman wants to know why and John says he's just changed his mind. Nearby, Philip takes a call from Victor telling him that Paul has taken the fall for the cocaine. "You're in the clear!" Philip smiles. Roman and John continue to go back and forth until John says he simply can't remember what happened in the lab. On his way out, he tells Philip that he won't be calling a truce with him or with Stefano. Philip looks surprised. "That's right. He's back." John says Stefano somehow got around being prosecuted, but he isn't going to take back control - not as long as he's around!


At the DiMera Mansion, Tony asks Stefano how he lives with himself. Stefano sighs laboriously, "What now, Anthony?" Tony asks how he could do what he did at the hospital. Stefano says he was out of his coma and gone before any of that happened. E.J. says they're having a hard time believing that he isn't behind it. Stefano claims he's innocent - and he dares them to prove otherwise! Stefano tells them he is back, he is free, and from now on he is the one calling the shots around there. "Any questions?"


Max goes to talk to Nick. He says he's tried to get Mel to open up, but he feels she's hiding something. Upstairs in Max's room, Mel calls for a car to come and get her. "Things are getting a little too intense here."


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E.J. goes on about restoring honor to the DiMera name, to which Stefano replies, "Trust me. The DiMera legacy is in very good hands!"

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