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Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Stephanie decides to stay in Paris with Max, Paul is arrested, as is Stefano!

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Max isn't ready to leave Paris, so Stephanie tries to get him to change his mind. Max is appreciative of her protection but he can't give up on his sister and leave. Stephanie doesn't want Max to forget who Melanie is. Later, Max and Stephanie apologize for their argument, but again, they start up. Max knows Melanie's screwed up but she deserves a chance. Stephanie thinks he's setting himself up for another disappointment. Max wants Melanie to return with him to Salem. Stephanie is frustrated but wants to stay with him. She's crazy about how loyal he is. "I love you, Stephanie," he says. They kiss.


Steve goes to Hope at Salem PD to ask if there is anything for him. He's looking for a lead on Hollingsworth. Talk switches to Bo. The investigation has them both losing sleep. Steve offers to help but he already is, she reassures him. Finding Paul would help everyone except for John, of course. Hope receives a call. "Paul has been spotted," she tells Steve, as she rushes off.

Over the phone, Stefano tells Tony that he's moving back into the mansion. Tony's surprised and says it's impossible to reclaim what's his. Bo arrives at the mansion and a weakened looking Marlena tells him Stefano is on the phone. After Stefano wonders why nobody is rejoicing at finding out he's returning to the mansion, Bo picks up and talks with him. Stefano will see them all soon, he promises and hangs up. Bo's there to talk about Hollingsworth. Marlena asks John not to let Stefano come to the mansion. John won't let him, after what they shared in her office! Bo tells John that he could face murder charges but John hasn't been accused of anything. He wants Bo to focus on keeping Stefano away from them and asks EJ to find out if the house and contents are legally his. Stefano's arrival interrupts them. "This house is mine and it's good to be back." Bo grins and arrests Stefano, and John tells Stefano to enjoy his new home, the state prison!


Paul finds Morgan and a tearful reunion ensues. She wants to know what happened and where he went. He refuses to let her in on what happened, in order to protect her, but he's finished running. His plan is to turn himself in. Morgan is confused. They hug, and Morgan's phone rings. Philip rings her and asks to talk to Paul. She does so, reluctantly and Philip tells Paul not to run. "You're going down, pal," he threatens. An officer shows up with Hope and an arrest is made.


At Salem PD, Philip confronts Paul. Philip thinks Paul made a mistake, switching alliances. Paul doesn't care what Philip thinks. He returned to turn himself in and do the right thing for his daughter. Philip thinks he was a terrible father for sending Morgan the tape, but Paul intends on taking responsibility for his actions.

Bo brings Stefano to Roman's office in Salem PD. Steve attacks Stefano but Bo pulls him back and Roman yells at him to calm down. They're adding kidnapping to all of the other charges, he promises. Bo pushes Steve from the room and Hope follows. She needs to question Paul and Philip.

Outside Roman's office, Philip asks Morgan for an apology. She's incredulous. Philip says he was short changed. Morgan thinks her father was right. She never should have gotten involved with him. She finds Hope and asks if she can see Paul, but she can't until she answers a few questions, later. Morgan takes a seat and Philip asks Morgan to believe that he makes business threats but would never kill anyone. Morgan doesn't know what to believe. She has fallen in love with him and thought they could have something wonderful. She was wrong.

Roman tells Bo, Hope, Steve and Stefano, the DA says there are no charges against Stefano. Everyone is shocked and angered by the turn of events. Bo asks for a few minutes alone with Stefano, and although Roman would love to, he can't allow it. He has to let Stefano go.


Back at the mansion, Marlena continues to feel weak. Anna takes her upstairs to rest and EJ tells John that he's not sure what rights Stefano has to his house. "I'm not running a bed and breakfast, so I want everyone out, except for Blondie." Tony refuses to leave the mansion and he and John argue. EJ interrupts and tells him it's impossible to predict what's going to happen. Tony says all bets are off, but if Stefano remains in prison, EJ says the mansion will be up for grabs.


Abe is surprised to see Lexi at the hospital. He took the morning off to spend time with Theo. She switched shifts she says and they discuss the tension due to Theo's autism. Abe is down on himself and feels Lexi thinks he has failed his son. She feels bad for judging him, but he knows he's not as enlightened as she is. "I know you're trying," she encourages. Abe second guesses his reactions to everything Theo does, because of the pressure Lexi puts on him. Lexi is apologetic. They plan on spending the morning with him and Theo and the therapist come out of the therapy room. The session went well, says the therapist. Theo was confident on the swing today. "He was like Tarzan!" Theo plays, while the therapist tells them that work on the swing works with his vestibular system and he's very encouraged. Lexi tells Theo she's proud of him. "Proud," repeats her son. The therapist tells Abe that Theo's a pleasure. Lexi and Abe leave the room and Abe wants to celebrate by going to the park to get ice cream. Theo starts counting, "One two... One two…" Abe tells his son he's happy when they're together as a family, and Theo reaches for their hands.

Abe, Lexi and Theo relax at the park. Lexi mentions that she feels like a failure sometimes as well, and tells a story about how she had to take a break from Theo, during one of his tantrums. Theo notices a plane in the sky. "Boat," he calls. Lexi is surprised that he heard the plane, and explains how boats and planes are different. "Can you say plane?" He turns his attention to the grass and Abe shows Theo how boats float in the water and planes fly in the sky. Lexi and Abe see this as progress, and decide they need to tweak their own perception to see into his world.

Abe arrives at Salem PD. The mayor and governor informed him that Stefano should be let go. Some very serious strings are being pulled. He uncuffs Stefano, who finds this entertaining. "So much to do, so little time," he says cryptically and leaves.


Marlena prepares to leave the mansion when Stefano arrives and tells her they've unfinished business to attend to. He pours a drink and thanks the family for rushing down to the station. "Ingrates," he barks. He calls Tony a disloyal fool, EJ a pompous idiot, and John, a dishonorable bastard," then shouts at them to leave his house. John takes a call from Roman, who wants John at the station, since Paul Hollingsworth turned himself in. John is angered by this and yells, "Damn this day!"

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"I think we should get to know each other better," says Max

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