Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Morgan thinks she sees Paul, Marlena decides not to go home with John, and Chelsea finds out about Daniel and Kate.

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At the Brady pub, Hope tells Bo they've 48 hours to find out who is responsible for Paul's disappearance. They discuss Philip's innocence.


Philip arrives at the Brady pub and bumps into Morgan, outside. She berates him and asks how he killed her father. He denies killing him and tells her she doesn't know him at all. He reminds her that he was honest with her, but she feels he has ruined the fantasy for her. She fantasizes about an old fantasy that she previously fantasized about… dancing with and kissing Philip.


Philip arrives to Bo and Hope's table with an apology for being late. He wants to take responsibility for his actions, but Bo says nobody knows what was on the tape yet. Philip thinks it was wrong of Victor to guilt Bo into that situation, but Bo takes responsibility for his part. Suddenly, a woman arrives with papers for Philip. He reads them and finds out he has been subpoenaed by the grand jury.

Nearby, Hope sits with Morgan they discuss what happened at the church and Morgan is angry that Philip threatened to kill her father. Hope says he's a Kiriakis, and may have Victor's ambition and drive, but he's no killer.

Abe arrives at Brady pub and he tells Bo he needs that tape. Bo tells Abe that Philip was subpoenaed for what happened down at the docks. Bo knows Philip is a suspect in the investigation but he is innocent. He is sure John has something to do with this.


Someone looks inside the pub and Morgan jumps up and rushes outside. She calls out. "Daddy?" She searches the area, but the man is hiding - watching from nearby. Hope runs after her and finds out Morgan thought she saw Paul. Hope runs into the pub and tells Bo what happened and Abe, Bo, Hope and Philip follow Hope back outside to search for him. They don't find him.


Chelsea walks in on Daniel and Kate hugging, at the hospital, and asks them what's going on. Kate lies that they were discussing the lock down situation. Daniel changes the topic to work. Chelsea is about to leave and wants to get together with Daniel. Kate goes off to get Philip, while Daniel gives her a key to his apartment. She leaves and Daniel stumbles upon Kate. She thinks Chelsea suspects something! Daniel calls her paranoid. He and Chelsea weren't even together when he and Kate were.


At the hospital, John apologizes for upsetting Blondie, earlier. He will protect her from Stefano and wants her to move in with him, but she can't. She pulls out her tubes and he asks if it's the cigar smoke. "I'll smoke outside." It's not that. She tells him she had a lot of time to think and the fact is, he's not the man she married. He never will be, and the truth is, they hardly know each other. John says he cares for her and decided if she pulled through, things would change. John knows she wants to be with him since they met. Marlena is shocked at his words but realizes that he's right. They've only just met! Roman arrives and Marlena's happy to see him, much to John's chagrin. Marlena tells John she's finally seeing things for what they are. "Not for the way I want them to be." She tells Roman she has made some decisions about her future and about the person she wants to spend it with. She apologizes to John, who asks how she moves on from the greatest love of her life. She tells him she has done it before. He wasn't the only great love of her life. "Before you there was Roman." John is surprised, and Marlena tells him she loved Roman very much. Things changed and John came along. They talk about Stefano and protecting Marlena. Roman agrees that Marlena should not be alone. They start arguing about Marlena living in the DiMera mansion and John asks Roman to step outside to talk.

John asks if Roman's enjoying this. Roman isn't sure what he's getting at. He wants what is best for Marlena. John wants him to back off. Roman knows John has issues with the law, but John is fine. He just wants Roman to stay away from his wife!

John goes back into Marlena's room and explains that he didn't want to compete with a ghost so he thought he'd form his own identity. In the process he pushed her away, but wants her help in bringing back the old John. Marlena says Stefano has the disc, so that's not going to work. Roman is shocked. The disc was with the ISA! John is adamant that he'll do anything. He wants to be there for her like she tried to be there for him. He again asks her to come to the mansion until Stefano is apprehended. Marlena needs time to consider it. John leaves the room. Roman thinks she's being smart by holding off going home with John. He'll go home with her as a police guard. He smiles. "Just like when we first met. How about that, we've come full circle." A nurse needs blood work, so Roman steps outside. Later, both Roman and John return. Marlena is exhausted. She tells John she appreciates his offer but it's too little too late. She's not going back to the mansion. "I really am sorry, John." She drifts off and John tells her he's sorry too. Both men leave and John congratulates the commander. He may have a shot with her after all. John takes a call. He yells into the phone, "You what? No that can't be. He could not have escaped! Find him!"


Chelsea arrives at Daniel's apartment, puts on music and sexy lingerie and sips wine while she waits for Daniel to arrive home. Daniel finally arrives and is surprised to find Chelsea in his bed. He stutters. "I thought we were going to have dinner?" Chelsea planned something else that will be just as satisfying. They start kissing and Daniel excuses himself to shower. His phone rings and Chelsea worries he's being paged, but when she checks, she sees a text message from Grandma Kate! A stunned Chelsea gets into her clothes and when Daniel comes out of the shower, all glistening, she recites Kate's message, "Thank you for tonight, but I think we'd better not speak of what happened between us again." Daniel tries to explain but Chelsea's already out the door!


Later, Kate arrives at the hospital to meet Chelsea. "I know," Chelsea says. "I know about you and Daniel." Kate's face falls. She asks how Kate could do this to her, but Kate doesn't admit anything. Daniel rushes in and tells Kate that it's over. Chelsea saw the text.


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Steve tells Stephanie, " I don't want to worry you more, but there's something I need to tell you."

Kate says, "I really don't know where to begin." Chelsea thinks she should begin by telling her why she had sex with her boyfriend!!

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