Look Who I Bumped Into!

Monday, August 25th, 2008

Nick arrives in Marseilles, Stephanie tries to get she and Max out of jail and Marlena remembers all.

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Max and Stephanie rant about rotting in jail, while Melanie soaks in the sun. They're angry that they didn't get their one phone call. Stephanie decides to use her feminine wiles and shakes out her hair and calls the guard. Max will give her a hundred bucks if this works! A guard arrives, but she's female! After the guard leaves, Max smirks. "Was it a she? I got kind of confused with the tiny mustache and baggy pants!" Stephanie's glum, but when a handsome guard, Sebastian arrives. "Just call me Sab," he says and asks if they need help. Max is curious. "Where'd large Marge go?" Sab says she left, and his face lights up when he recognizes Stephanie from her race car driving days. They flirt, while Max rolls his eyes. Sab gets Stephanie's cell phone for her and she makes a call to her parents. She gets the machine, but doesn't tell them she's in jail. "They're going to kill me," she says and refuses to call Roman or Bo to pull strings. Max could call Daphne, his old friend. Stephanie doesn't want to, and gets a message from Nick. They're excited to find out he's in Marseilles.


Melanie and her friend Michelle get a coffee at the bistro, and discuss Melanie's lack of money. Nick arrives and notices Melanie and eavesdrops on them. The girls can't believe that George was sent to boarding school in London. Melanie will need a new guy to mooch off of! She doesn't even have enough money for a fake Fendi bag! Nick makes his move and fakes a call to someone. "I won't take anything less than six figures for my prototype." Melanie overhears and thinks she found her new man! She thinks he's cute in an Adam Brody sort of way. They assume he likes the intellectual type. Melanie puts on her glasses and says hello to Nick. She asks for his paper and he offers to share it, if she joins him. She takes a seat and they get to know each other. He finds out she likes the fashion pages and is a student. He doesn't exactly tell her why he's there or for how long. He gets a call from Stephanie and finds out they are in jail and he needs to get them out! Stephanie tells him that Max's sister is a con artist and he needs to come to Rue Armand right away. "Will do." After he hangs up, Melanie wants to know if that was his girlfriend. He tells her it wasn't. They are no longer together. Melanie wants to get a bite to eat but Nick needs to run an errand first. He says his passport was stolen and he needs to go to the police station to pick it up, because the police found it. She agrees to go with him!


Trent and Nicole sit together at Java Café. Trent wants to know what's up with Nicole. She tells him to go to hell and he demands respect. She would have gotten a divorce from him if she had known he wouldn't. Trent taunts her and says she couldn't take care of herself back then and isn't doing much better now. Nicole gets up to leave but Trent threatens to tell Victor the truth, if she doesn't do him one more favor! "I'll do it!" He tells her that Max has come into contact with a young woman named Melanie. Nicole wants to know who she is. "Wife, mistress, another student?" Trent doesn't want to say, but finally admits she's his daughter. "You've got kids popping up all over the place," she laughs. Trent wants this kept confidential. He wants to know if Melanie ran into Max. He wants to keep them apart. Nicole thinks Max is a good guy and assumes he'll tell Melanie what an SOB Trent really is!


Marlena wakes up and asks who John is. He tells her he's John Black. Marlena apologizes. Things are fuzzy, but she remembers everything. She recounts the events leading up to her attack, and becomes emotional when she remembers Stefano taunting her. John tells her she'll be alright. It's over. She flashes back to Stefano's taunts and Lexi arrives. Marlena can go home, but after a few tests. John wishes to remain there. Marlena passes her tests and asks to go home.

John takes Lexi aside and asks if Marlena can leave the hospital. Marlena's fine and asks why John keeps pretending to care about how she is. Lexi pulls John out of the room and asks him not to agitate her. They still don't know the residual effects from the toxins and need to take things slow. John goes back to Marlena and promises to protect her from Stefano. He apologizes for upsetting her but he wants her to go home with him. She can't do it.


Lucas wants to take Allie with him and leave. He wants her permanently, but Sami and EJ tell him he can't take her without Sami's permission. Allie will have a peaceful life, says Lucas, if she lives with him. Lucas will wind up in jail if he takes Allie. Sami wants to know why Lucas is treating her like this. Lucas tells her this is about his daughter. There is no 'us', he tells Sami. EJ decides to go check on the twins and Sami asks him to check the security. Lucas wants to know what Sami's worried about. He assumes it's Stefano, since he's gone from the hospital. Sami wants to work something out but Lucas is calling Mickey. He leaves the room and Sami and EJ argue about whether or not Sami should go check on the babies. It's been a difficult day. EJ apologizes for snapping at her.

Lucas lets Mickey and Maggie in the DiMera mansion. Lucas wants full custody and Maggie doesn't want Allie to grow up without her mother. Mickey thinks sole custody is a bit much to ask from someone in his position. He'll talk to Sami. Mickey goes into the great room while Maggie asks if things are really over between he and Sami. He tells her they are, and says he likes Chloe, who has a lot of the qualities that he was attracted to in Sami, minus the rage! He's taking it slow. Maggie thinks he's falling for her. They go into the great room.

Sami tells Mickey she's not sure why Lucas is fighting for sole custody. EJ doesn't think it'll happen but Mickey thinks Lucas may have a case. Sami would prefer joint custody, but Mickey says since Stefano's missing, he could be a threat to the children. EJ knows if his father wanted to abscond with the kids, he'd have done it a while ago! Sami doesn't want to fight over Allie the way they fought over Will. Lucas tells her she will not win in court.


Max and Stephanie wait for Nick to show up. Stephanie wishes they could go home, but Max needs to stick around for a while to get to know Melanie. He has questions for her. Stephanie doesn't like Melanie and calls her selfish.


Michelle (a friend of Melanie's) meets Nick at the bistro and then he and Melanie go to the police station. When they arrive, Nick says, "Look who I bumped into!" Melanie thinks this is an ambush.


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