What Happened... Happened.

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

Lexi examines Sami and EJ, Nicole blasts EJ for making out with Sami and Lucas mocks Sami.

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Lexi updates Abe. Most patients have been moved to County Hospital, and Roman tells them that the ventilation system is working on the seventh floor they wonder what's going on up there.

EJ and Sami continue to kiss, in the stairwell. Nicole watches on the surveillance camera once again. Nicole walks away, upset. Roman notices, and asks what's up. She says nothing. The Salem PD try to reconnect the phone lines.


In the stairwell, kissing ensues. EJ stops things from progressing. He can't do this! "I'm sorry." Sami starts to laugh, and tells him he has nothing to be sorry about. Sami calls what they did circumstantial. EJ asks if she thought it was a mistake. She tells him that it wasn't because of being trapped there or because of the gas. "What happened happened. I know what I said. I meant it. I couldn't imagine my life without you, EJ," she smiles. EJ tells her he can't imagine his life without her, and the two hold each other.


Lucas and Chloe come to, in Lucas's hospital room. Chloe still has symptoms of dizziness and starts to hyperventilate, so Lucas finds a paper bag for her to breathe into. It seems to help. She calms down, and they leave the room.


Kayla sobs hysterically, that her son is gone. Steve comforts her. "We're going to get him back."


Lexi asks Abe if he thinks her father is behind this. Abe wonders if he was faking it. This is too coincidental. Lexi agrees. They'll catch him and he'll be sorry he ever awoke from the coma.

Kate finds Roman. She needs news about Lucas. Roman admits Stefano is up there and he could be awake and active. Kate worries that Stefano will go after Lucas. Roman reassures her that they're doing all they can. Kate, Lexi, Nicole, Roman and Abe find EJ and Sami on the surveillance camera. Kate knew something was going on between them and says Lucas is better without her. Nicole listens in from nearby.

Lexi asks Kate for an update but she has none. Kate thinks if Stefano is behind this, he'll go after Lucas. Lexi wishes she had better news for Kate, but she agrees. Stefano will go after anyone he thinks wronged him.


Chloe and Lucas leave his room and bump into Stefano! Lucas thinks Stefano's there to punish him because he shot EJ, but Stefano denies it. He asks why Chloe and Lucas are together, and then tells Lucas that he's not here to hurt him, but he has something that will. He holds up his cell phone and they witness live feed from the stairwell, where Sami and EJ are holding one another. Chloe's not surprised. "Neither am I," says Lucas. It's old news to Lucas! Things are over between them. "What are you here for, old man," asks Lucas. Stefano doesn't like the insult, but says for now, he won't punish Lucas for shooting EJ. Lucas thinks he'll let him sweat it out and asks what the point to all this is. Stefano shakes the cell phone at him and is happy Lucas is moving on with Chloe, because Samantha needs to be with EJ.


Abe and Roman find Sami and EJ in the stairwell. Sami says she thinks Stefano is either awake, or she was hallucinating. EJ and Sami go downstairs to Lexi, while Nicole watches from nearby.


In the lab, Kayla is inconsolable, but Steve demands that she not give up. She sobs and wonders if the gas got him. Steve isn't so sure. They hear the baby crying and start pounding the door.


Lucas and Chloe check the phone in his hospital room. No dial tone. Lucas starts to mock Sami's waffling over he and EJ. She doesn't know what she wants, he tells Chloe, and history always repeats itself with her. "We're through." Chloe is sorry for him. He's not. He and Sami will never truly be happy with each other. "I'm free!" They discuss a future together, and start kissing, but when they hear a baby cry, they rush out in search of Joe...


Downstairs, Lexi wants to examine EJ and Sami. Abe and Roman prepare to break in and arrest Stefano, if he's found up there. Sami tells Lexi and Kate what happened up there, this whole time and that Marlena is responsible for paralyzing Stefano, and he is who returned the favor to Marlena. Lexi is shocked. EJ holds Sami, as Nicole watches quietly from the doorway. Sami tells Kate she's sure Lucas will be okay, but Kate doesn't think she cares.

Sami and EJ go into an examination room and Lexi stops Nicole. Though she doesn't know her well, she feels for her and if there is any way Nicole can get her brother away from Sami, she has her blessing! Nicole doesn't have the strength to fight anymore, she says. EJ returns to tell Lexi that Sami's ready. He hugs Nicole. "I didn't know you were here!" He tells her that his father is awake. She comments about what she saw on the surveillance camera. The visual is burned deep in his brain.

Lexi finishes examining Sami. She will have the results back soon. Sami worries about the others, but Lexi assures her they'll be fine. She goes to check on Sami's blood results. She bumps into a nurse, who tells her the police are about to break down the door to the seventh floor. Kate continues to worry.

Later, Nicole rants at EJ that everything he said about them getting together no longer applies, after what she saw. EJ tries to get a word in edgewise, but she won't let him. He meant all that he said to her, he says. They're interrupted by Lexi and Sami. Lexi tells EJ that Sami's fine. Her blood tests came back normal. They share a private glance between them, and Sami urges EJ to get examined. He leaves, with Lexi and Sami following, as Nicole mopes.


Lucas and Chloe find Steve and Kayla, and Steve tells them to press the code (2013) to get them out. Once the door opens, they rush to find Joe. Lucas and Chloe hear banging at a stairwell, so go off to investigate, while Steve and Kayla find baby Joe alive and well, in a laundry hamper, nearby. Steve thinks Stefano was using him to get to them. Kayla sees a mark on his wrist. They've never seen it before. Steve asks, "Is it a freckle?" They leave the room.


Abe and Roman break into the seventh floor and take their team inside Stefano's room. He's nowhere to be found. They worry about the others. Stefano appears on the television. "Hello gentlemen, it's about time you got here!" Stefano tells them he heard there was debilitating gas and he was lucky enough to get out. He hopes the gas proves to be non-toxic and have no long-lasting effects. He wants Marlena arrested for assault and attempted murder, for injecting him with the toxins for paralyzing him. If they don't do it, he'll take care of her himself.


Lucas and Chloe find their way downstairs and are comforted by Kate, who is happy they're okay. Lucas tells Kate he knows what happened between Sami and EJ, and doesn't care! "Things will never be the same between us."


Next on Days of our Lives:

John and Lexi stand at Marlena's side. John asks Lexi, "Dr. Carver, what's going on? You said she was snapping out of it."

Kayla sobs, "I really need to go be with Joe." Roman says, "Not now. One more minute, Kayla." Kayla pleads, "Oh please." Roman interrupts, "One more."

Tony says, "I think we have a problem that we've brushed aside, and it is time that we confront it head on." EJ asks, "You mean John Black?"

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