Welcome home!

Tuesday, October 10th, 2006

Marlena comes home, Shawn drives Max's race car through Victor's mansion, and Lucas sabotages EJ and Sami's date!

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At Marlena's hotel room, she gathers her clothes and is ready to go back to Salem. She doesn't understand what's going on and who is after her but John thinks that someone is playing mind games with her. He tells her she is a strong and independent woman, and she tells him that she'll go back to Salem to do what she does best - take care of her family and her patients. She is upset to hear about Belle losing the baby. She feels that she never should have come there. She came to prove something to herself that Alex hadn't destroyed her confidence or practice, but she realizes she didn't belong here. She tells John she is home, as she strokes his face. She apologizes for the time she let slip away and asks for forgiveness. John smiles and tells her he loves her. She responds he is the only person she has ever truly loved and they love one another and kiss passionately.


At home, Will and Lucas are in their robes, sitting on the sofa, deciding what to watch when Sami interrupts with news about Marlena being found! She relays this to Lucas and Will. She's so relieved and happy to enjoy her date with E.J., who shows up at that moment to take her on their date! After the two leave, Lucas and Will step out of their robes to reveal they're wearing clothes!


At Chez Rouge Kate meets with a potential advertiser, when Philip interrupts the two to discuss how Kate kept Claire's paternity a secret! Kate tries to deny it. Kate apologizes to Eduardo as Philip asks him to leave.


At the hospital, Carrie visits with Belle, telling her the scoop about how Marlena is safe, and now she doesn't have to worry about anything else but herself. Belle is relieved, but feels she's concentrating on herself way too much lately! Carrie reminds her that she isn't selfish for loving Shawn, but she is being selfish for staying with Philip. Belle tells her sister that Shawn doesn't want a future with her or Claire. She explains how Shawn had filed for partial custody of Claire and then dropped the lawsuit. Carrie is stunned to hear that Mimi and Shawn are getting a divorce, and wonders what is standing in the way. Outside Belle's room, Shawn stands, rubbing the sign. Shawn starts to walk in, bearing flowers, only to overhear Belle say "Shawn and I are over. I do not want to see or talk to him again!"


As Shawn sadly walks away, Belle tries to tell herself that she and Philip could be happy together. Carrie shares her own story about Lucas and Austin and tells her to tell Shawn she loves him and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Carrie gives her sister advice about her relationships with both men, telling her to start thinking about Belle first, before everyone else. She asks Belle to let Philip go so he can find someone else who loves him as much as she loves Shawn. They talk more, and in walks Marlena and John with hugs and kisses for them both. Marlena tells her daughters she is staying right there! They ask her to stay with them so they can take care of her!

E.J. and Sami head to Chez Rouge. He tells her she is going to love everything about tonight.


At Chez Rouge, Philip asks that his mother save her indignation! Kate tries to place the blame on Belle and Shawn, but Philip tells her that it wasn't their fault. They didn't know they slept together. She again tries to deny it when Philip bangs the table, in anger!

Maggie hears Philip's display as she is letting Sami and E.J. into the restaurant. E.J. is puzzled as Maggie cannot find a reservation for them. She apologizes. They're completely booked. They leave, as Maggie calls Lucas to tell him, "The chicken has left the coop, the royal pain is going back to his castle!"


Outside Chez Rouge, Lucas and Will get into E.J.'s car, and plant limburger cheese into the heating system! They dash off saying, "Operation Cheese ball in effect!" Lucas can't answer when Will asks if he wants Sami back for himself or if he just wants E.J. away from Sami.

E.J. and Sami get into his car to leave the restaurant. She's chilled, so he turns the heat on only to smell something truly terrible! They get out of the car, almost getting sick. E.J. calls a taxi, so they don't have to be in the car any longer.

Kate tells Philip she didn't mean to hurt Phil, and he laughs, saying she is right on cue. He doesn't understand why she always does this to him. She explains that she didn't want him to loose Belle or Claire. He tells her that her plan didn't work and that there is nothing she can do to fix this, and asks that she never comes near him again! She stops him and tells him he is upset and doesn't mean this, but Philip asks her to stop looking out for him. He tells her she is not his mother any longer. She accidentally spills that she isn't the only one who knew and tries to cover it up but he demands to know, threatening to break every plate in the place until she tells him Victor also knew. He is shocked and leaves.


At the garage, Shawn is ready to bash Max's car when Philip stops him. Shawn explains that Victor stopped Titan's funding of his engine. Philip tells him that it's not the only thing Victor has done to both of them! He explains what Kate told him, and Shawn is angered beyond belief and gets into the car, but Philip tries to stop him.


At Victor's mansion, Kate and Victor discuss what happened with Philip at Chez Rouge. (She leaves out admitting that he knew about Claire's paternity!) He's visibly upset and takes a drink, but tells her he thinks that Phil needs time to cool down, realizing it's understandable that Philip is angry. He tells her he'll call Philip tomorrow to smooth things over. She gets ready to leave when he demands to know what she is hiding. She admits she also accidentally told Philip that he also knew about Claire's paternity. As they talk, we hear the screech of brakes and they look around as Shawn crashes into the house! Shawn gets out of the car, into a pile of rubble telling his grandfather he is going to make him pay!

At home, Will is laughing to himself, thinking about Sami and E.J. in the car with the smell from the cheese. Lucas thinks that they probably caught a taxi. He's looking in his wallet when he finds a number in his purse. He calls someone, telling them, "It's me. You're on baby!"


E.J. and Sami are at his apartment. He opens a bottle of wine and they agree to dine there and save the headaches! They move in for a kiss when the doorbell rings. They hope it's not Lucas and he opens the door to some blonde girl, who jumps into a surprised E.J.'s arms, telling him she has missed him so much! Sami's eyes are as big as saucers when she sees the woman in E.J.'s arms. The woman (Candi) tells Sami that she would have used protection if she knew he was exclusive with his new girlfriend, and asks that the three of them 'party together'! E.J is stunned and ushers her outside, then tells Sami he doesn't know Candi, but has a good idea of who is behind it! (We see Lucas sitting on the stairs outside his place.) E.J. shares his thoughts that Lucas and Will had something to do with ruining their date, but Sami can't think of why they'd do this. He kisses her suddenly, telling her that they wanted to stop them from having a good date. E.J. has a plan to do something to Lucas and they kiss again, as Lucas watches. He turns to Will saying 'You know that cheese was really expensive!", then watches as Sami and E.J. move into the bedroom.


Philip is at home with Claire. She's chatting away as he talks to her, telling her he'll always be there for her when she can't sleep, and when she takes her first steps, until she walks down the aisle. He asks her to remember one thing, that he is always going to love her, and nobody can take that away from them.

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