Second Chances!

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Chloe becomes jealous, Max has a confrontation, and Paul says goodbye.

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At the Kiriakis Mansion, Nicole tells E.J. that Victor isn't home, and E.J. suggests that they take advantage of the old man's absence! Things start heating up between them, and Nicole suggests they go up to Victor's room - because he'd hate it! E.J., however, sees no reason to waste energy running up the stairs, so they start getting busy right there on the sofa! Suddenly, Nicole stops things and wonders if they maybe shouldn't be doing this at all! A shirtless E.J. is confused and asks if he did something to upset her. She sarcastically says she's fine and tells him to go home to Sami. "You're in love with her." She tells E.J. that he obviously thinks she is some kind of tramp. He protests, but she orders him out! After he leaves, Nicole broods until Victor walks in. She asks how Kate is doing and he tells her that her condition seems to be improving for now. He asks what's wrong with her and says he'll join her for a drink - they can toast their mutual liberation! He then angers her by guessing that she's upset because she made a cheap play for someone and they rejected her! "It was E.J. wasn't it?" As they exchange heated words and Victor leaves the room, Nicole says to herself that she doesn't really want Victor out of her life - not at all!


Marlena arrives at the DiMera Mansion to pick up the rest of her things, but John asks her to wait - he has something he needs to say to her. He tells her that he feels his behavior at the Pub was wrong. She notes that she shouldn't have asked him out - she made a fool of herself. He acknowledges that he only turned her down because she had hurt him, and he wanted to hurt her back. Marlena asks him about Ava, and he contends that she is only a friend. Marlena tells John that she never meant to hurt him. He then tells her that he is sorry - he realizes that she has suffered and lost someone who she loved. He then asks her to accept his apology, and she does, saying she is touched. He insists on making things up to her - he'd like her to stay for dinner. Marlena hesitates, and John reiterates that there is nothing going on with him and Ava. Marlena says Ava seems to want more - perhaps John should be careful, since they all know how Ava obsesses over men! Just then, John takes a call saying that Hollingsworth is preparing to leave town. He hangs up and whispers, "Oh Paul, you're not going anywhere." Marlena wanders in and notes that the phone call upset him. He says it's nothing urgent and they toast to 'new beginnings'. She says it meant a lot to her that he apologized and cared about her feelings. John tells her that she looks especially beautiful tonight. Tickled, Marlena toasts with John to 'second chances'! John is interrupted by another call and Marlena questions him about it, however, John isn't forthcoming!


On the docks, Morgan continues to kiss Phillip, who protests that they need to stop. "This isn't right." Just then, Chloe arrives and spots them! She approaches and wastes no time in starting to make a scene, in spite of Phillip's protests! Chloe is extremely caustic and rude to Morgan and Phillip, and Morgan says the kiss was a mistake and she's leaving. Phillip tells Chloe, "Enough!" Morgan tells Chloe that Phillip has a heart of gold and he was helping her father. She notes that obviously Chloe and Phillip have some things they need to talk about, and she leaves. Chloe tells Phillip she is sorry, it wasn't supposed to happen, but she's started to develop feelings for him. He says he cares about her too, and he didn't want to make her angry or jealous. Chloe retorts, "That's nice, but you don't have the same feelings for me that I have for you!" Amused, Phillip tells the defensive Chloe that she's the only one he wants. Just then he takes a call and says into the phone, "Just make sure he doesn't talk. The police already suspect our connection." He turns back to Chloe and suggests that they carry on the conversation at her place. She agrees, but warns that they'll only be talking!


At Dean Robbins' room, Max stuns Stephanie by saying. "I want to hear him say it! He's my father!" Trent asks them to leave so he can process things. Max refuses, saying that he is the one who needs help processing things! Robbins takes a deep breath and says there isn't much to tell him. He came to see him in Salem when he was young, and he found out he had been taken in by Frankie and the Brady family. As Max becomes angry that he spied on him, but still abandoned him, Robbins tries to fob him off by saying that Max had a good life. Max says he did have a good life - but so what?! He demands to know why Robbins abandoned his own son. The Dean responds, "I don't have to justify myself to you!" Max hisses, "The hell you don't!" Max threatens to tell everyone how the Dean conducted his life in the past. He demands to know about his mother, who died, destroyed by her love for Trent, leaving Max in a foster home! As Max tells him he feels hatred for him, Robbins blurts, "How much?" Taken aback, Max asks, "What?" Robbins clarifies, "How much will it take to keep you quiet?" Stephanie tells Dean Robbins he is making her sick! She says that any man would be proud to have Max as their son. Robbins scoffs, "A bartender with a fondness for Physics." Stephanie defends Max, who tells her not to bother, his real father was Shawn Brady - a man on substance! As Robbins continues to push his 'offer', saying there's a lot at stake for both of them, Max says he'll consider it - if Robbins tells him who the girl in the photograph is! "Let's get it all out in the open! Who's the girl?" Robbins warns Max that he has no idea who he's dealing with, but Max scoffs, "Actually, I do." Stephanie asks if Robbins is threatening Max, but Max warns her to back off. Robbins suggests they take some time to cool off and agrees to meet Max in the Brady Pub tomorrow. Max and Stephanie leave.


E.J. goes down to Brady's Pub and orders a drink. Tony approaches him and says the wedding was a smash hit! E.J. asks how Anna is, and Tony waxes on about how her only ambition in life is to make her husband happy! "What a lucky man I am!" Tony notes that E.J. is looking rather gloomy. He wishes him some happiness and they toast. Tony then tells E.J. that they should sit at a table and talk about how they're going to improve his love life! E.J. claims that he's through with women, but Tony says, "Rubbish!" He encourages him to fight for Sami. Tony admits that E.J. fathering a child with Sami and having a child with her is what Stefano wanted. He presses E.J. not to give up on fulfilling their father's wishes. They agree that there is no logic in love, but Tony warns E.J. that it's imperative that he understands the need to fight for her. E.J. indicates that he hears him.


As Paul prepares to leave town under cover of darkness, he meets up with Morgan again. He makes her promise that she'll stay away from Phillip Kiriakis. They express their love for one another and embrace. He then leaves as she cries. Morgan heads to the Pub where she runs into Tony, who invites her to intern with his company again if she'd like to. At that moment, Morgan's father, Paul, is knocked out and thrown in the water by someone with black gloves!


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Chelsea becomes irritated with Morgan when she brings up the age difference between Chelsea and Dr. Jonas!

Trent Robbins tells Nicole that he let her go once, and he's not going to make that mistake again! Nicole begs him, "Please don't do this!"

John tells Phillip that it's time for him to cut his losses, step down and admit defeat!

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