A Tall Glass of Wrong!

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

John shocks Marlena, Phillip meets with Paul, a hurt E.J. turns to Nicole!

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Down at the docks, Paul meets with Phillip and complains about being abducted by John and his goons. Phillip says he heard, and Paul wonders why he didn't help. He becomes belligerent, insisting that if he doesn't help him, he's a dead man! Phillip berates Paul for setting the fire and ruining the plan, and Paul says he was sick of John telling him what to do everyday - he wanted to bring him down! Phillip says that the stunt could have cost him everything - he tells Paul that he is on his own! Paul frantically insists that he can fix this - he even gets down and begs. Phillip advises him to leave town! When Phillip is gone, Paul's daughter shows up to meet him. He tells Morgan that he has to leave town and wanted to say goodbye. They embrace and he leaves. Phillip then returns and Morgan cries to him that her father is leaving town! Phillip tells her not to cry for a man like that, but Morgan defends him. She asks Phillip to protect her father, but Phillip says he can't make any promises. She kisses him. "You're the only person I trust right now!"


Hope and Marlena meet at the Pub and Hope explains what has happened with John lately. Marlena tells Hope that things got so bad that she has left the Mansion. Hope says she thinks John may be feeling things, but Marlena shakes her head. "John doesn't want me in his life." Hope says she may be the only one who can help him before it's too late. Marlena resists getting involved, but Hope presses her, asking whether Marlena believes John is responsible for the shipment of cocaine. Marlena says he is certainly capable of making some bad decisions! Hope warns that very bad things are going to happen if they don't stop the war between John and the Kiriakis'!


At the DiMera Mansion, Ava tells John that she helped him because he's her friend and he needed protecting. As they share a toast, E.J. slams into the house hollering, "Lucas?!" John asks for some privacy, but E.J., in a slightly manic way, tells them he is having a rather bad day. Apparently, Lucas is in and he is out! As he explains how much Sami infuriates him, Lucas comes up from behind him and says, "I know how you feel!" E.J. rounds on him and informs him that he has no idea how he feels! John says that E.J. will be the one to stay - if he wants to. Just then, Nicole comes in and asks to speak to Ava alone. They leave and John warns E.J. and Lucas to keep their argument low-key. Lucas tries to be friendly, but E.J. is having none of it. E.J. asks him if he is not still in love with Sami and dreaming about taking her and his daughter away to live happily ever after. Lucas says that first of all he is trapped there, and secondly, he can't get over Sami sleeping with E.J.! Lucas then admits that Sami confessed to being confused about her feelings for E.J.! As the banter continues, Lucas taunts E.J. about his things being packed in suitcases upstairs, and E.J. tells him that he isn't going anywhere! As he leaves the room, Lucas grins!


As Stephanie asks Max where he has been, Max becomes increasingly agitated. Suddenly she asks if he is an enemy of Dean Robbins! He tells her that she doesn't need to become involved in the mess that is his life, but she insists that if he loves her enough he'll tell her the truth. He goes off on Stephanie telling her that she can't save him - no one can! He quickly apologizes, and Stephanie says she can't pretend that she doesn't care! She asks him again what is going on and he admits that she is right about him and Dean Robbins - they are enemies, and he's the one who broke into his room! Stephanie is surprised. "You're not a criminal!" Max resists saying anything more. She reminds him how long it took her to talk about the rape - it was him who convinced her to trust! Max says this is different and takes off.


Max shows up at Trent Robbins' room and has a tense conversation with him. As they are talking, Max places the photo he stole on a table. He then picks it up, pretending to notice it for the first time, and asks, "Who's this? Who's the girl?" Dean Robbins freaks out and grabs the photo out of his hand violently! Suddenly, Stephanie, who has followed Max, starts pounding at the door. "Max! I know you're in there! Let me in!" Max ignores Stephanie and demands to know who the girl in the photo is! Dean Robbins insists that he open the door and let Stephanie in. When Robbins threatens to call the police, Max stops him by saying, "He won't call the police because of what he knows. Isn't that right, Trent?!" Dean Robbins slowly puts the phone down. Max says that they need to get it all out on the table, and Dean Robbins asks him, "How did you know?" Max says he's done his homework, and tells Dean Robbins, "I've known for awhile now! Just say it! I want you to say it!"


Nicole and Ava come into the Brady Pub and spot Hope and Marlena at a table. Ava goes over and says hello. Marlena asks what they can do for her. Ava says she realizes that she is not Hope's favorite person, but is trying to turn her life around. When Ava refers to John as her friend, Marlena stands up and gets in her face. Hope accuses Ava of deliberately trying to bait Marlena and Ava beats a hasty retreat over to the waiting Nicole. She asks Nicole what is wrong with her. Nicole says her past has once again come back to haunt her! She says when she was young, and stupid, and lost, she made a mistake with someone - and now he's back in Salem! Ava asks Nicole if this man hurt her. Nicole begins to cry and Ava muses, "This guy's got a hold on you, huh?" Nicole admits that he does. Ava says she has resources if Nicole needs them. Nicole thanks her and leaves. Over at the other table, Marlena tells Hope she wishes there was some way to reach John. Hope encourages her to reach out one more time and pressure John to back off the Kiriakis family. Just then, John comes in, and Hope tells her, "Here's your chance!" Marlena approaches John and asks him to join her for dinner. He says he has finally got tired of being compared to a guy who doesn't exist anymore - he can't accept her invitation. Marlena says she understands his frustration, but John says he's not frustrated anymore - he's moved on! With that, he collects Ava and they leave together! Marlena is stunned!


Back at the Kiriakis Mansion, Nicole is surprised to see E.J. walk in. She asks what he is doing there, and he says he came to see her. He explains that he needs someone to talk to - Samantha asked him to leave the house! Nicole admits that she isn't sorry to hear it, "That whole situation is a tall glass of wrong!" E.J. tells Nicole that he won't be leaving though, he'll continue the drama! She realizes that E.J. is hurt and in need of a distraction. Nicole says she could use someone to take her mind off things as well. They get closer and begin to kiss!


Next on Days of Our Lives:

John tells Marlena that his behavior at the Pub was wrong!

Chloe spies Phillip and Morgan kissing at the docks!

Max orders Dean Robbins to start talking, but Robbins says he doesn't have to justify himself to Max. Max replies, "The hell you don't!"

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