Yuppie Self-Absorbed People.

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

Dean Robbins threatens Max and Max threatens him right back, John gets bad news, Marlena arrives home.

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At the pub, Nick tells Dean Robbins that Max did the work on his prototype, so he deserves the credit. The Dean is incredulous and Max yells at Nick, "Think about what you're doing here." Nick's too angry to think. He's giving the grant money back and is tired of being manipulated. Dean Robbins asks Max if this is true. Max admits it and is upset that Nick is willing to give up years of research. Max didn't do away with any original theories or hypothesizes, so Dean Robbins sees no issue. Nick's research is important. He wants Nick to review the changes and they'll talk. Dean Robbins doubts that Max made many changes to Nick's original work. He insults Max's intelligence and warns Max that if he harasses him again, he'll call the police! When Kayla shows up, she drags Steph off, and a young student takes Dean Robbins to another table to autograph her book. Max and Nick leave the pub to discuss things further.

Stephanie and Kayla take a seat in the pub and Steph relays the recent events to Kayla, regarding Max. They discuss Joe and how well he's coming along. Steve's with him at the hospital. They refuse to leave him alone.


Morgan returns to the Kiriakis mansion only to find Chloe and Phil kissing. Chloe stops her before she can leave and tells her she needs to be careful and stay away from Philip. Phil and Morgan accuse her of being jealous but Chloe's trying to do something nice. This is about the feud between John and Philip. Chloe thinks Morgan could get caught in the crossfire of the feud. Morgan appreciates the sentiment and Chloe asks her to tell her dad to stay away from John as well. Philip takes a call from Paul, who says he did what Phil asked. John won't know what hit him! He refuses to tell him what he did, leaving Philip mystified. Morgan thinks Phil's a good person and he'll do what's right, concerning John.


John and Ava finish their tour of the upper floors of the DiMera mansion and Ava comments that it's a lot like the house she grew up in. It suits him. He thinks he was a lot like her father but she tells him he's not. She is happy she grew up having everything a girl could want but her father's generosity came at a price. John asks if he can interest her in a tour of his bedroom. She sniggers and thinks the kitchen would be better.

In the great room, Sami asks Lucas where he was, earlier. He says he messed around on his computer and had dinner, but neglects to mention his time at the pier. Sami loves him and wants him to trust her, no matter what he did. He can't. She slept with EJ! Sami asks for a chance to earn his trust but he's not sure it's possible. She tells him if she found a secret he had, she'd keep quiet. "Until you got angry and threw it in my face," he yells. Sami says she'll keep that in mind the next time he leaves the house. John yells at them to stop bickering and asks for a little peace and quiet in his own mansion. He thinks they're an imposition and wants to have a quiet evening with his lady friend. Sami reminds him he's married to her mother. He calls it technical and Sami asks Ava if there aren't enough single men in Salem. John asks Lucas to get Sami out of the room, and after they've left, Ava comments on the busy household and asks where he met Rolf. John says it's a long story and Rolf shows Hope in, but instead of using his own natural German accent, he tries his hand at the English one he's been practicing! Hope tells John she has bad news. His warehouse has been burned to the ground. Ava apologizes and John growls, "Philip." Lucas watches from a crack in the door as John flashes back to discussing how Philip planted the coke in John's shipment. Hope says he'll have insurance but John and Ava both know that he'll never get it, because the warehouse contents were impounded. John wants to go to the warehouse but Hope begs him to stay out of it. Let the police deal with it. John will take care of Philip, he says. "One way or another." Lucas leaves the doorway and Hope leaves and John tells Ava he's not going to stand by and watch Phil ruin his business, when it's all he has. Ava thinks he should be proud of his accomplishments. She finds it sexy when a man knows how to take care of business and kisses him passionately to show him!

Outside the room, Lucas paces. Sami finds him and again asks him to trust her. He has no secrets that he'd like to divulge, he says. She knows it's hard for him to be trapped there, and this prompts him to flash back to taking the purchased device and fixing it so he could leave the house.


Max and Nick find themselves at the pier. They can see a fire, from where they stand. Nick asks for Max's honesty. Max hesitates but admits he understands more than people think he does. He picks at complex theories easily. Always has. He can't deal with his intelligence and doesn't want to hang out with yuppie self-absorbed people like Dean Robbins. He didn’t plan on opening up but Nick wishes he would at least take an IQ test. Max refuses and doesn't want to go to college.


Bo arrives at the Kiriakis mansion and tells Phil that there had been a fire at the pier. It screams of arson and because John's cargo was burned, John will likely blame Phil. Morgan tries to call her father, but there is no answer, so she leaves. Bo hopes he doesn't have anything to do with this fire and will run the investigation by the book. He'll arrest him if he has anything to do with this. Bo leaves and Chloe asks, "Did you do it?" Phil assumes she doesn't trust him. She reminds him the fire is suspicious. Talk turns to Morgan and Phil says he's not interested in her. He proves it with a kiss, but she doesn't believe him. Later, she leaves, and Philip calls Paul. "I never asked you to burn down the warehouse," he says, angrily.


Max and Nick return to the pub as Stephanie asks Kayla for advice on what to do about Max's sudden moodiness. Stephanie asks Max how things went. Not well, he says and flashes back to lashing out at Dean Robbins at the book signing. Steph wanders off and Kayla tries her hand at talking to Max, but gets nowhere.

Hope and Bo meet at the pub and discuss the case. Hope tells him that Ava was at John's place. They're interrupted by Kayla, who tells them good news about Joey. She doesn't look happy, so Bo asks what's up. She's concerned about Max and Stephanie. Nearby, Max threatens Dean Robbins. He'll let Nick finish his prototype, or he'll let everyone know who he is!


Chloe arrives at the pier and thinks about Lucas. She realizes the only way Lucas could have known she was crying is if he was on the pier, watching her.


Marlena arrives at the Kiriakis mansion as Ava asks John why he didn't play dirty. She tells Ava it's because she didn't want him to.


Next on Days of our Lives:

Nicole tells EJ there is one thing he could give her that she'd like. EJ asks, "What's that?" Nicole tells him, "Your respect."

Stephanie begs to Max, "I need you to tell me what is wrong with you."

Victor asks Phil, "Is that your new style, intimidation?" Phil says that it's business. Victor asks him, "What about arson?"

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