Difference Between a Crock Pot and a Flower Pot.

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

Kate's commercial has a few twists, Marlena and John agree to help EJ, Earl, the informant is silenced and we learn more about Ava's 'condition'!

Difference Between a Crock Pot and a Flower Pot. image

On the set of the commercial, Kate memorizes her lines while the hair and makeup men attend to her. Jeff Voorhees shows up and introduces himself as her on screen husband.


Nearby, Tony meets with Mr. Bateman, who tells Tony they're going to make magic today with the dress rehearsal. Tony gives Kate a rose and a kiss for good luck. Anna spies the kiss and goes to Kate and tells her she hardly recognizes her without all her overdone eye makeup. Kate isn't happy that Anna's there, but Tony is using her for help on the set. Kate doesn't think Anna knows the difference between a crock pot and a flower pot! They continue to exchange barbs and Anna steps aside while Kate tells Tony she doesn't want Anna around. Nearby, Anna reads the script aloud and is overheard by Mr. Bateman, who asks if she'd like to make a few extra bucks and appear in Kate's commercial! Anna's intrigued and accepts. She's taken to hair and makeup while Kate and Tony gasp in astonishment!


Kate and Anna rehearse the commercial together and Kate says one of her lines, asking Anna if her husband appreciates all she does. Anna spies Tony and pauses for long moments, then cries bitterly, "No, no husband ever appreciates anything…" Kate is incredulous and tells her that's not the line and this isn't working! They argue until Kate tells Anna she's pulling her advertising account! After Kate leaves, Anna worries that Kate will pull Tony's account. Tony says it doesn't matter, as long as he has his Anna! He offers to take her to Chez Rouge, much to her delight, and they start kissing!


At the DiMera mansion, John tells Marlena he's expanding his business practice. She suggests he expand to Italy, as they married there. "Done!" he says, happily. EJ and Sami arrive at the same time Rolf arrives with a tray of tea. When John calls Marlena "Doc", Sami wrongly assumes the old John has returned, and Rolf drops his tray with a huge crash! Rolf apologizes for dropping the tray and though EJ says it's an heirloom, John could care less. He looks around and says he'd like to get rid of a lot of things "in this mausoleum," starting with the portrait of Stefano! He asks Rolf to do it but Rolf hesitates and flashes back to retrieving the disc from behind the portrait. He feels as though he'd be betraying Stefano by removing the portrait, but John reminds him that he's his boss now, not Stefano. John decides to do it himself. He finds the safe behind the portrait and demands Rolf open it. When Rolf lies that he doesn't know the combination, John finds Marlena's stethoscope and opens the safe! He finds real estate documents and the disc that contains his memories and while Rolf looks concerned, John says, "What do we have here?" He tells Marlena he'll examine the disc later, in private and then asks what the kids (EJ and Sami) want, now. He jokes that they're living there under his roof and have eaten all of his corn chips! Sami asks them to come with them to EJ's immigration hearing and lie for them. John excuses Rolf and says he's in. He hopes this means they can move out soon! Marlena doesn't like to lie but Sami says just to tell some of the good things that they do for each other. Sami says EJ washed her car a few days ago and EJ says Sami spoils him. Marlena agrees to help, though she has patients this afternoon. John's looking forward to it and tells Sami and EJ that it could score him points with Blondie! John sits smirking on the sofa and when everyone has left the room, he stares at Stefano's portrait, then leaves. Rolf returns and shakes his head. He knows he's in big trouble if John discovers what's on the disc!


In an alley behind the Cheatin' Heart, Earl pleads for his life after he is beaten by Martino Vitali's goons. Martino tells him he should have thought of his life when he spoke to the police. Martino tells Earl that everybody deserves a second chance, then shoots and kills Earl and tells his goons to clean up.


In Ava's room, Kayla, Lexi, Abe and Steve show up with the results of Ava's drugs. Detoxing, and more than a little out of sorts, Ava thinks this is an invasion of her privacy. Kayla's Ava's doctor now, she explains. Ava wants Dr. Nusbaum and her pills but Kayla refuses and tells her the pills are making her worse. Lexi says, "They cause anxiety, paranoia and mood swings. It's anti-seizure medication and in Ava's case, it's potentially dangerous." Ava doesn't believe this. Steve asks if she knows a reason why Dr. Nusbaum wouldn't want her to get better. Ava admits that something happened that she can't remember. She apologizes for letting Steve down and Lexi asks everyone to leave, so they can calm Ava down. Ava starts screaming.

Outside Ava's room, Kayla says in spite of everything, she wants Ava to recover. They'll talk to her later and perhaps her memory will improve. Steve thinks there is a lot that Ava wants to share. Abe is surprised that Kayla cares but Kayla's a doctor and she doesn't believe that Ava knew what she was taking. Steve agrees. Abe's not that forgiving! Kayla suggests that Abe check out Dr. Nusbaum. Steve and Abe leave and Lexi suggests to Kayla that she tell Steve "the news" about Ava, since he'll find out soon, anyway. Steve returns and Kayla tells Steve that Kayla tried to take her own life, after he left her at the altar. Steve is taken aback and Kayla admits she knew he'd blame himself so she kept it from him. Steve weeps and asks if he can see Ava - with Kayla.

Steve and Kayla go into Ava's room, where she is calmer, yet confused about where she is. Kayla tells her she's in a hospital. Ava is surprised that Kayla is helping her, considering everything that she did to Kayla and her family. Steve reminds her that the drugs were the cause.

Outside Ava's room, Kayla tells Abe and Lexi that Ava's resting. Lexi knows Ava's got a tough road ahead of her with the detox. Abe takes a call and tells Lexi that there was a body found behind the alley at the Cheatin' Heart. He leaves.


Kate arrives at the scene of the crime and Detective Sullivan takes her information. She says she didn't see anything. She just arrived for dinner. She takes a call from Martino Vitali. "Long time no hear," he says. He wants to get together with Kate. Kate's surprised to hear from him and tells him she gave up that lifestyle a long time ago. He tells her he's in town for family matters and wants to buy her a drink. She's hesitant until he tells her no strings. She agrees to meet him for a drink.


Steve goes back into Ava's room to find out how she is. Ava asks him to come close and when he does, she asks him to get her out of there. Steve refuses, even when she tells him he owes her. She starts yelling, "Get me out of here," and Kayla comes to his side and asks Ava to take it easy. Martino Vitali appears behind Steve and Kayla and introduces himself.


Kate arrives back at the scene of the crime after getting lunch for Chelsea. Abe tells her she shouldn't be here and has an officer escort her to her car. Lexi calls and tells him it's his turn to pick up Theo, and he's late. Abe explains that the death was a professional hit, so Lexi agrees to get the sitter to keep Theo longer.


Next on Days of our Lives:

Kate asks Chelsea, "You're hoping that you and Daniel could be more than just friends aren’t you?"

Lexi asks Daniel if he's leaving Salem because he wants to catch a wave, or because of Chelsea Brady.

Nicole interrupts EJ's immigration meeting. "I am so sorry. I hope I'm not too late." Sami wonders what the hell Nicole is doing there!

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