Winner Takes All!

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Marlena arrives home and has made a decision, Morgan and Max profess their love and Kayla gets Ava to open up.

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Sami runs down the stairs at the DiMera mansion to find a shirtless John. Since she is clearly uncomfortable, he puts a shirt on and she asks if EJ is still at the gym. He has no idea. She runs off just as EJ arrives and quietly asks if Samantha is home. John wonders why EJ is whispering, "Is Samantha home," to John. John asks why they're whispering and finds out EJ doesn't want Samantha to know he's home. He wanders off.


When Marlena arrives, John asks how her vacation was. She got lucky with Colorado weather, she says. John jumps at her he wants to know where they stand. Marlena laughs that he got right to the point and says her only option is to accept him as he is. He wants to celebrate but she tells him she'll never give up on the old John. She touches his face and he holds her hand but she flinches. He asks why she's afraid of him and says from what he understands, "The old me was just a dial tone!" Marlena says that's not true and tells him she needs a bath. John wants to join her and flirts that he can help wash her. He finds lingerie in her bag and laughs. He thinks she's going to model it for him. They fight over it when Sami and EJ come to see what's going on! Marlena, EJ and Sami head upstairs with Marlena's loot while John pauses to tell Rolf to work on his accent. Rolf goes to Stefano's painting and says he isn't sure he likes the monster he created! Rolf opens the secret compartment behind Stefano's painting and takes out the disc. He flashes back to Stefano and John, and Marlena interrupts when she walks down the stairs, wondering what Rolf is up to! Rolf says the painting was crooked. "Like the subject," she says and Rolf laughs it up and tells Marlena she has a wicked sense of humor and leaves.
Sami comes into the room and thanks her mom for the gifts. She wonders about the negligee. Marlena says she liked it and it was on sale, but Sami thinks she bought it for John. Marlena can take care of herself, and promises she'll be fine and careful, at Sami's request. "I hate to tell you this but men are pigs. All of them." Sami's talking of EJ, she says and she tells her mom Nicole's back and met and asked EJ to represent her. Sami says she begged EJ not to take the case because of how Nicole treats people. EJ comes down the stairs and overhears Sami say she won't let Nicole sink her teeth into EJ. Marlena tells Sami it sounds like she has feelings for EJ. Sami doesn't admit to this and is tired of people saying she's jealous. Marlena says she must care about EJ. Sami says she does. He's Johnny's father and she doesn't want her kids around Nicole. Sami says that she thought Marlena hated EJ. Marlena says a part of her will always hate EJ for what he did to hurt her but she believes people can change and says EJ scarified his relationship with his father to tell the truth. If that had not happened, John wouldn't be there. Sami understands but she can't agree with it. EJ walks in the room and tells Sami to listen to her mother! Sami accuses him of eavesdropping and John comes into the room and yells at everyone to stay quiet. He tries to work as Sami argues with EJ, who says Sami shouldn’t have hit Nicole. Marlena and Sami head to the stairs when a baby cries and John leaves the room while EJ takes a call from Mr. Burke, the immigration officer. Sami returns to find out what was said.


At the pub, Max busts tables when Morgan interrupts to put up flyers for a recycling program they're having at the Theta House. She sadly tells him she is upset that her father is still in it deep with his issues. Max feels bad and hugs her, just as Stephanie walks in the door! Stephanie jealously tells Morgan she was covering this area with flyers and when Stephanie leaves them alone, Max reminds Steph that Morgan and he are just friends. A man sits at a table nearby, watching. He takes a call and is told to keep watching the Johnson girl. They may need her for leverage. Morgan flirts with Max and Stephanie jealously gets up and leaves, saying she's got to get her cell phone from the car. The mystery man, with a gun tucked into his jeans, follows her.


Stephanie returns and Morgan is flirting with someone else as Max busts tables. Steph tells him she didn't have any messages and asks who Morgan's talking to. He has no idea and accuses her of being jealous. Stephanie's first reaction is to lie but she admits she is. Max reminds her that Morgan's just that way. It's the whole Southern charm thing, he says! Stephanie realizes he's right when Morgan touches the guy she's with, flirting. Max says he likes how two hot chicks are fighting over him, mud wrestling..."Winner takes all," he says, jokingly. Stephanie smacks him playfully and goes off to apologize to Morgan. Morgan introduces Steph to Joe, and once he leaves, Morgan apologizes, thinking she has done something wrong. Stephanie says she read too much into things and apologizes. Morgan tells her to trust that nothing is going on between she and Max and asks, "You love him, right?" She thinks she should tell Max!

Stephanie goes to Max and tells him she needs to talk about them. She gets cold feet and Max runs off momentarily. Morgan asks if she has told him but she says she needs to do it alone. Max turns the lights out and fakes a power outage to get the patrons to leave, so he can talk to Stephanie alone. Morgan takes this as a cue to leave while the mystery man lurks outside. Max turns the lights back on and Stephanie tells him she realizes she needs to stay close to those she cares for. She tells him, "I love you Max." She wishes they were somewhere more romantic so Max grabs some wine glasses and tells her that he loves her. They kiss and he turns on music so they can dance.


At the Vitali mansion, Angelo and Mikie arrive to Ava's room to take Kayla to her new room. She fights them and asks to talk to Ava. Angelo tries to threaten her but it falls on deaf ears. She knows Ava wants her in one piece. Ava enters the room and the two argue about whether Kayla or Ava needs to be realistic about Steve. When Ava pops a pill, Kayla wants to know what they are. She tries to look at them but Ava isn't sure she wants to let her. Kayla says she cares about her and if she's going to be a mother to her baby, she wants to make sure she'll be okay. She'd like to help her if Ava will let her. Ava says she has seen half the doctors in the state and isn't sure she can be helped but Kayla has seen people in similar situations, she thinks she can help. Ava confides that she has tried to kill herself and has been on suicide watch since Patch left her. Kayla says the symptoms of what she had shouldn't have lasted for more than a month. She wants to know more about the pills Ava takes, so Ava grudgingly tells her she takes them 1-6 times a day to relax her. Kayla thinks someone doesn't have her best interest at heart, considering the pills appear to make Ava anxious. Ava's demeanor changes and she forces Kayla out of the room and tells Angelo that it's time for her to be with Patch, who is sleeping.


Next on Days of our Lives:

Chelsea tells Dr. Daniel not to worry about her. She's in good hands.

Phillip says, "There was a time not long ago when I respected you." John says he will respect him in a whole new way!

Patch wakes up in bed with Ava, who says, "Well it's about time sleepyhead. Welcome to the good old days."

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