The Man is Scum!

Monday, March 24th, 2008

Ava cons her cousin, Belle and Shawn say a final goodbye and Steve confides in Hope.

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Hope arrives at Bo's room and finds Kayla examining Bo. Hope thinks she should be resting but Kayla comments everyone else is busy. They're relieved Bo's out of the woods and Hope is thrilled to have had time to spend with Ciara. She says she's quite the handful. They discuss Shawn and Belle leaving town and Hope fondly remembers sailing around the world with Bo and Shawn and knows it'll bond them forever! Bo's machines start beeping and Kayla rushes to his side as another doctor arrives and Kayla says Bo has a fever and his heart rate is elevated. A doctor arrives and they disagree on a medical dosage and the doctor provides Kayla with a new anti-rejection drug. Kayla refuses him and they argue until Kayla orders the doctor to get out. He doesn't leave, so Kayla shows him that Bo cannot have the drug he's prescribing. She tells Hope the doctor will face disciplinary action.


Ava looks at herself in the mirror and says she's so much prettier than Kayla (as she looks at a photo of Hope). Her cousin Angelo arrives and she jumps into his arms, thrilled to see him. He comments it's so weird to see her like this since she was practically running the place. He asks when she's going to be better but she says she's fine. She wants out of the house. Angelo tells her Patch isn't good for her and if it wasn't for him, they'd be "scoring big time" he tells her the man is scum and she has to forget about him. Ava disagrees and Angelo tells her it's partially why she's kept locked up. She wants Patch back and asks if he will make one of his famous grilled cheese sandwiches for her and after some begging, he reluctantly allows her to take a 15 minute walk while he cooks. Angelo returns after 15 minutes and finds Ava has not returned. Eddie enters the room and tells Angelo Ava's gone. She stole Angelo's keys and took his car. Angelo's sure she's after Patch.


Marlena is shocked to find out that Shawn and Belle bought a boat and they're leaving Salem. She assumes wrongly that they're taking a short trip but Belle tells her they'll be a long time away. They've told most everyone. Sami arrives and she too is surprised that they're leaving town. Marlena does not want them to leave and Sami jokes that she's forbidding it. She'll be so lonely with them gone. Marlena is angry when she finds that John has bought them a boat. Sami takes Shawn and Claire into the kitchen and Marlena blasts Belle for accepting the boat but Belle thinks this is his way of showing he cares. "This is not your father," Marlena says and thinks she should seriously consider taking the gift. She doesn't want her to read much into it. Belle doesn't find it fun to be psychoanalyzed by her mom but she knows she's right. Still, she thinks John is trying, even though he doesn't know it. She loves him and will take what she can get! Marlena calls her daughter wise. Marlena gives Belle her blessing and admits she's not happy with her taking the boat from her father but she'll be okay. She'll never give up on John, she says. Belle promises they'll keep in touch. Belle calls it strange that Claire bonded with John when nobody else could. Marlena hopes this has softened his heart enough for him to fall in love. Marlena promises to pray for her daily and Belle says she'll keep her in her heart and asks if she could come visit them at some port. Marlena likes that idea and says possibly John will come with her. Belle starts to cry as she says goodbye. Sami arrives at their side and Belle jokes that she can focus her energy on Sami. Sami cries as they realize that girls night will never be the same. A group hug ensues.


At the bar, Sami finds out Shawn's not thrilled with John giving them a boat but he'll go along with it because it makes Belle happy. Claire's finished with her juice and they joke they'll need a bigger boat just for Claire's juice boxes! Sami tells Shawn that their grandparents would be happy for them. They discuss Grandpa Shawn and how much they miss him and Sami says when they're out there sailing, he'll be able to look up at the stars and know he's out there looking down on them. Shawn hugs Sami in thanks. Shawn tells everyone it's time to go and Belle tells them it's a fresh start. She wishes they could come but Sami comments they haven't a boat big enough for all the Bradys! Shawn says Salem's their home and they can't stay away forever.


Steve arrives at the hospital and asks his detective how long Kayla's been there. The man says for a while. Steve wants to ensure Kayla can't figure out what's going on. Hope comes out of Bo's room and tells Steve about the reaction Bo had. She says he's fine now but she's worried so he holds her close as Ava watches from nearby. Hope asks what's wrong when she notices he looks worried. Steve lies that he's simply worried about Bo but Hope pressures him and he says someone's gunning for Kayla because of him! Steve tells her about Ava and his involvement running scams and how he met Ava during this time. He goes on about the threatening note Ava left him and his meeting with her and that she's crazy. He lets a shocked Hope know that Ava's responsible for the plane crash. Hope asks if he's told the police but he hasn't. He's got Abe on the case and is trying to get information on Ava. Hope realizes she met Ava the day that Steve and Hope brought Bo to the hospital! She relays how a woman saw them hug and asked if she loved Steve. She urges him to go to the police but he needs more ammunition against Ava. He worries about his family and tells Hope they don't want to mess with this family - Ava's family. Hope agrees they need to keep Kayla and Stephanie safe and Steve motions to the detective who is tailing her. He doesn't want Kayla to know because there's already too much stress in Kayla's life. Hope doesn’t blame him for any of this stuff in his past, she says.


Inside Bo's room, Kayla relays what happened just now with the other doctor to a surprised Bo. He calls his sister a tough cookie and she promises he's not going anywhere.


Hope goes into Bo's room and finds out Bo's fine but she wants to know how Kayla is. Kayla's fine, she says and Hope thinks it'll be safer at home. Kayla thinks Steve put her up to this but Hope denies it. Kayla asks Hope to go see her dad or see Ciara and she'll take care of Bo. Hope agrees as long as Kayla promises to call if anything changes. She kisses a sleeping Bo goodbye and leaves while Steve arrives to check on Bo and Kayla. They profess their love for each other and kiss.


Hope tells a nurse to call if anything changes with Bo. The nurse will do so she says and Hope wanders off with Ava in pursuit!


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Chelsea grins and tells Kate she doesn't have a crush on Doc Jonas but Kate doesn't believe her. "Come on, Chelsea, you dissolved into a giggly little schoolgirl the minute he walked into the door."

Bo says, "Hope isn't going to be back for a while anyway."

Hope is on the phone thanking someone when Ava comes up behind her and chloroforms her!

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