Sailor man, Smooth Sailing!

Friday, March 21st, 2008

Belle and Shawn say their goodbyes to Bo and Hope, John offers to buy a boat for Belle and John is met with angry guests.

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At the mansion, John finds Rolf with headphones on, trying to rid himself of his accent as per John's request. He recites 'She sell sea shells by the sea shore' with difficulty. He says to John that this is impossible but John points out if he can bring people back from the dead, he should be able to change his accent! John makes a call to Paul Hollingsworth and says he hopes his charitable donation worked for him. Paul has found John very generous. John comments that there may be some weight and manifest discrepancies in the Kiriakis shipment so Paul agrees to check on this.


Max loads boxes for the Save the Children Charity for his community service when Paul asks if he can load boxes back on the Kiriakis ship. He'll talk to his probation officer and get his community service cut in half if he agrees. When he's gone, Max calls Philip and gives him a tip about what's going on. Later, Philip arrives and says he heard something was wrong with shipping. Paul tells him Philip's manifest doesn't match the ones in his office and everything needs to be quarantined until further notice. Philip tries to bribe Paul, but it doesn't work. When Morgan arrives with a sandwich for Paul, this confuses Max until she explains Paul is her father! Philip threatens to tell Morgan what's going on but Paul stops him and tells him to walk away or he will investigate him. Paul looks to Max and asks how Philip found out about the quarantine.


Victor arrives at Marlena's office uncomfortable and second guessing himself for coming to therapy with her. Marlena tries to set him at ease and she tells him she knows he has never had closure over Isabella's death. Victor admits he can't talk to Philip as a father and shouldn't show his weakness to his children and that Caroline has her own issues. He was afraid he'd lose Bo and regrets not being there when he lost Isabella. Marlena knows Isabella knew he loved her. Victor feels he's letting his family down. He knows he has done things to let people down, including Marlena but he always loved his children. Marlena comments he must be proud of Philip but Victor has always wanted something more for him. Victor's phone rings and he apologizes for not turning it off. He takes the call and Philip relays what happened at the docks. Victor says he knows Paul. He has fallen on hard times. He'll deal with him. He hangs up and tells Marlena he has to go. She assumes John is a part of this.


Steve arrives at the hospital and catches Kayla working. He chastises her for not being home and resting. She wanted to check on Bo and says she'll go straight home after. She goes into Bo's room and Steve meets with a private detective who is watching Kayla. The man says things are quiet. When Kayla returns, she says Bo's fine and mentions she has seen this man around quite a bit. Steve lies, he is probably visiting a relative. Steve is about to tell her something important but changes his mind and tells her she's endangering the baby. They agree to go home and rest.


Belle, Shawn and Claire arrive at the mansion. Rolf lets them in and Belle tells John they're leaving town. John coldly says they didn't have to come all the way down here. They could have called! Belle rolls her eyes and says they're leaving for good. John offers to buy them a boat and when he goes off for juice and champagne with Claire, Belle talks Shawn into allowing John to buy the boat. She thinks he's doing it out of love. Shawn agrees, maybe she is right. Belle wants to get out of there. John returns and Belle is surprised to see Claire with a juice box. John says he knew how much she liked juice so he had the cook buy some. They refuse the champagne and say they'll accept the boat and name it Fancy Face 4! "Glad to do it, dink…" he says. "It's Tink," she corrects and he asks them to treat him like family and use him for as much as they like. Belle starts to cry and hugs John goodbye. "Have fun," he says, uncomfortably. John says goodbye to Claire and tells her he'll miss her. She's the only one in the whole town who really got him. He starts to cry and whispers, "I think there's something in my eye." He tells them not to forget to send a postcard and they leave.


Shawn, Belle and Claire arrive at the hospital to say goodbye to Bo and Hope. Hope has a hard time with it but Bo encourages them to go. They explain about the boat and how they've called the marina and the boat will be ready to leave in the morning! They say goodbye and Hope has a hard time with it. They promise they'll be back and Bo is sure they'll email, use satellite phones and keep in touch. Hugs ensue and Belle thanks Hope for her patience and understanding. Bo tells Shawn to go through the garage and take any equipment they need before they leave. "Sailor man, smooth sailing," Bo says and they salute each other.


Back at John's mansion, Rolf opens the door to an angry Philip who storms inside and yells at John. "I know what you're up to at the docks." John feigns innocence and Philip knows he spoke with Hollingsworth and wanted to break up the shipping department in their company. John admits he is and asks how he's doing so far. Philip says John's playing dirty and they had a deal with Stefano. John thinks Stefano will honor it when he returns but until then, he'll deal with him! The doorbell rings and John says, "Did you call the feds?" He sees Marlena. "Worse. My conscience!" Marlena can't believe that John's resorted to bribery but John denies this. Marlena finds him a disappointment and stalks off with Philip in pursuit. John notices Marlena has left gloves behind. He asks Rolf if he thinks he was rough on 'Blondie'. Rolf knows Marlena could tell he was lying. John asks him to send the gloves back to 'Blondie' with a dozen roses and asks that Rolf make sure Paul isn't using he and Victor against each other.


Morgan and Paul sit and chat about the issues surrounding her parents and their divorce. She's not sure how to handle this.

Nearby, Max meets Victor and explains why he's there. Victor asks him to spy for him. He asks if Max has seen John Black around but Max hasn't. Victor explains that he's simply wondering if John has had the same shipping issues as he.

Victor goes to Paul and tells him he'd like his cooperation with his shipping. Paul agrees to it but since there are serious discrepancies with the manifest, he has to investigate. Victor apologizes for his divorce and says he doesn’t want him to become a target for John Black. Victor says whatever John's paying him, he'll double it. Paul isn't for sale and says he'll have him arrested if he tries to bribe him again. Later, Victor rethinks his idea of Max spying on him.


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Belle says to Marlena, "Well, my father wanted to give me a gift and I wanted to take it." Marlena yells, "This is not your father!"

A doctor asks Kayla, "What the hell are you doing?" Kayla says, "I'm trying to save this patient's life."

Steve goes to hug Hope and Ava watches, unnoticed!

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