Bon Voyage, I'll Miss You.

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

Family is relieved when Bo wakes up, Stephanie finds Dr. Jonas attractive and Anna and Tony fight!

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Ethan and Morgan enter Tony's office with papers and proposals, ready to take a meeting until Anna shows. Tony asks Anna what he can do for her and she points at Ethan and says she wants him! Ethan is flustered and thinks she wants him for something other than work but Anna explains she only wants him for work. Tony offers to pay him more if he stays but Anna says money's no issue, until Ethan shows her his check for the week. Her eyes widen and she looks to Morgan to see if she can take her, instead. Tony yells that Morgan is his intern. Anna's intern, Stephanie is at the hospital, she explains because Bo Brady is sick. She explains Bo's having a partial pancreas surgery but tells him it's risky. She says she has never met her boss and has a lot of work to be done but can't very well ask Stephanie to leave the hospital during this time. She needs to get an account. She shows Tony her portfolio - some ideas for Kate Roberts that she drew on an art board. Tony's working on something as well for Kate and calls Anna's ideas nostalgic. Anna hopes he won't use her ideas. When she asks to see their rough concepts, Tony shows her an incredible mock up on his computer, done by the art department. She's clearly impressed and refuses to show him the rest of her sketches and thinks there is something said for sophistication and simplicity. She admits she could use help but Tony yells that she wanted to be on her own - didn't want his help! Anna argues that he shouldn't be throwing that in her face and the two call each other hard headed. She grabs a painting off his wall and smashes it over his head! Tony lets Ethan and Morgan leave and moves in on Anna. She becomes nervous and backs up. He says she's spoiled and he likes to spank spoiled little brats. Anna calls him callous and he retorts that she's childish. He moves in for a kiss and says he knows she wants him. Anna admits it! "I want you," she says with a giggle as he throws her to the sofa and unbuttons his jacket. The two make love until Ethan arrives, with a knock on the door. Anna and Tony scramble to put their clothes on and they feign an argument. Tony yells, "And let that be a message to you!"


Chelsea wakes up from surgery, groggy. The doctor tells her she'll have a day or two to wait until her throat stops hurting from intubation. He explains that Bo is resting in his own room. Kate goes to rest while Dr. Jonas helps Chelsea adjust her pillow. He says she did surprisingly well but she brushes it off. He calls her a special young lady and thinks she did a brave thing. "It took some guts," he wise cracks and Chelsea laughs. They just have to wait to see if Bo's body accepts the transplant.


Hope and Caroline sit with an unconscious Bo until Lexi arrives. Lexi and Caroline want Kayla to rest but she's not ready to. Outside the door, Steve makes origami and makes a tense Roman laugh. They look at a women's magazine together and poke fun of the articles within. Roman remembers when Kate used to read this. Stephanie goes to check on Chelsea while Steve goes to check on Kayla.


In Chelsea's room, Dr. Jonas asks Chelsea to rest. He tells her the words 'Drink Responsibly' should now be a part of her lexicon. Stephanie arrives and thanks Dr. Jonas for the operation being such a success. Dr. Jonas asks if she can make sure Chelsea rests and then he leaves. Stephanie finds him really sexy and says no wonder Chelsea donated to the surgery. Steph doesn't want to donate but she asks if he'll agree to take a look at her pancreas! "You are such a nerd," says Chelsea with a grin. She says the surgery went well and now they just have to wait to see if Bo's body accepts the pancreas. Stephanie asks if Dr. Jonas is single and Chelsea rolls her eyes as Stephanie laughs. She shows her the origami that Steve made and tries to pass it off as her own. They laugh as Steph admits Steve made it. Stephanie admits how proud she is of her friend and comments that she and Dr. Jonas hit it off. Chelsea laughs. She tells her about how she and Dr. Jonas were arguing last night when she was drunk. "Sounds pretty hot," Steph comments. Chelsea wants to go see her dad but Stephanie refuses. She will check up on him for her and bring her back the scoop. Chelsea thinks it's amazing that there is a part of her inside her dad that may help him live. She grins and says it was a miracle.


Steve goes into Bo's room to pressure Kayla to go home and rest but she refuses. Caroline wants to stay as well. Bo wakes up and with a smile he asks how he can get any sleep without all this arguing going on! The family laughs and Hope says she knew he'd make it back to her. Bo is confused. "Without the surgery?"

Lexi steps outside Bo's room and tells the family Bo has woken up and as far as they can tell, the surgery went well. She allows them to go in to see him for just a few moments. Inside his room, Hope explains that she signed the consent forms for Chelsea and him to have the surgery. She tells him Chelsea's fine and begs him not to be mad. Caroline says none of them could bear to lose him. She says Victor can't always express his love for Bo but his actions spoke louder than words as he waited for Bo to come out of surgery. She calls Lexi relentless and says she'd like Lexi on her side in a bar fight! She says the family was all there for him, pulling for him. Tears stream down Caroline's face as she says Hope couldn't have had a better name. What hope they didn't have, Hope gave to them. She thinks Pop is looking down on him and thanks God for saving him.

Philip keeps Belle behind and asks her what's going on. Belle confesses she, Shawn and Claire are going to sail around the world. Philip is upset that he won't see Claire but Belle says he'll see her again. Just not for awhile. Philip tells Belle "Bon Voyage, I'll miss you," and they hug as Belle cries.


At home, Kayla and Steve arrive. Steve throws yellow flower petals over the floor and sofa as Kayla walks in and he has cider for them to toast to her for saving Bo. He toasts. "To Kayla Johnson and all those other doctors," and kisses her. He gives her the remote control for the television and says the only thing she is to do is relax while he gets them food. He listens to Kayla's abdomen and asks the baby what he or she wants to eat. "What's that, a turkey sandwich, Russian dressing and a piece of pie!?" They giggle and he goes off to get the food. After Steve returns, Kayla starts having some abdominal cramping.


Kate goes to Dr. Jonas to apologize for her previous behavior and ask after Chelsea. Dr. Jonas tells Kate he's looking after both Bo and Chelsea and Chelsea should be fine and sent home soon. "Good. Make sure if it," Kate demands as she stalks off.


Dr. Jonas visits Bo and Hope in Bo's room. Hope complains Bo is so pale. He asks Hope to leave while he examines Bo and tells her Chelsea's doing just fine. Hope goes to see the family and tells them that Bo's being examined now. Eventually, Dr. Jonas comes out of Bo's room and he tells the family that there is no reason why Bo can't make a full recovery. Chelsea's doing great, he admits and the family cheers. Meanwhile, inside Bo's room, Bo panics and appears in pain.


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John asks Belle what he can do for her and Belle says she's there to say goodbye. She, Shawn and Claire are leaving Salem.

Steve tells Kayla that there is something he needs to tell her. It's serious!

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