Pop's legacy: Honesty, hard work and love

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

Family gathers for Shawn Sr.'s funeral.

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At the church, Roman lights a candle. Marlena shows up and says she went by his place to see if he wanted a ride but he'd already left. He asks her to have a seat and says they try to prepare for the inevitable as their parents grow older but when it happens, it's still pretty hard. He goes to Shawn's casket and shakes his head. "Awe Pop… I’m going to miss you." Marlena joins him and comforts him with a hug. "I'm so sorry," she says, sadly. John arrives to the church and witnesses the scene. Marlena and John are surprised to see him and John says he figured he'd pay his respects. He tells Roman they're cousins and says dryly, "Didn't mean to interrupt. Continue your cuddle party." Marlena accuses him of sounding jealous but John admits his confusion at their closeness. They explain their friendly relationship and let John know he didn't mind in the past and in fact the three of them were very close. Roman calls John a good friend of his and this prompts John to say, "In that case, I owe you a hug!" He envelops Roman into a bear hug!


Belle, Chelsea and Shawn arrive at the hospital to collect Bo, who was given a temporary release from the hospital to attend the funeral. When Lexi arrives, Hope pulls her aside to ask if she's going to lose Bo. Lexi says they've run additional tests and a biopsy and they just need time. Hope cries that she feels helpless and Lexi reminds her that being at his side will help. Bo needs to be under constant supervision and today she'll be at the funeral, watching over him but Bo needs to return to the hospital as soon as possible.


Steve, Stephanie and Kayla arrive at the pub. Caroline and Max tell them that Frankie called and gives his respects as he can't be there. Caroline cries she's not sure she can make it through the day. Just then, Kimberly (Brady) arrives and smiling serenely, she tells her mother, "You have the love and support of your family and we're going to get through this together!" She has hugs for all and congratulations for Steve and Kayla on the pregnancy. She explains her kids are in England with their dad, but they couldn't get a flight out. Max bitterly tells Kimberly about the sabotage of the plane but Caroline and Steve urge him to focus on Pop's life today. Caroline thinks Pop would be thrilled everyone got together to celebrate his life.

Just as Kimberly asks to drive Caroline to the church, Victor enters the pub and interrupts. He wants to take Caroline to church but Kimberly refuses to allow it. After everyone leaves, Kimberly asks why Victor is there and says she finds it odd that he wants to be a source of comfort since he caused hurt to them in the past. Victor says it's all in the past and he wouldn't dream of taking advantage of Caroline. Tears in her eyes, Kimberly reluctantly leaves. Victor says she and Shawn raised some feisty children! He's happy they're there to protect her! Caroline tells Victor she doesn't think it's appropriate for him to arrive at the church with her, though they agree Shawn wouldn't mind at all. She knows family would talk, so she wants to walk. She says, "I won't be alone. Shawn will be at my side. He and I will share one last walk before I have to say goodbye."


Chloe and Philip arrive at the church and Chloe gives her condolences to Sami, who lashes out at Chloe regarding Brady's disappearance. EJ interrupts by introducing himself to Chloe. Sami makes more snide remarks about Chloe and Philip lashes out at EJ. Roman interrupts and Sami tells Roman that Lucas, Carrie and Austin were saddened that they couldn't be there today. Roman understands and says Cousin John is here. Sami comments how different he is.

Bo arrives at the church and reminisces with Roman about how he still went to Pop for advice. Roman comments that he was a wise man and offers Bo advice in the future but Bo jokes, "Yeah right!" They remember how funny Pop was and Roman says, "Again, you can come to me for that." Bo says, "You're not funny!" Roman disagrees and they start arguing about it until Hope arrives, hugs Roman and gives her condolences.

Stephanie, Kayla, Shawn, Belle and Steve arrive at the church. Chelsea goes off to find Nick while Steve waits outside. He sees Ava spying on him and races after her but she's long gone. He finds Lexi and Abe and asks to talk to Abe about a favor later. They head inside.

Inside the church, family greets one another with hugs. Maggie asks Marlena how things are going with John. Marlena says very strangely. John doesn't remember anything. Sami comments that he cares only for money but Marlena catches the odd glimpses of the real John once in a while. Kimberly asks Bo how he's doing and Bo asks who spilled the beans. He assumes Kayla did but she cries out that she's not a blabbermouth. Roman admits he told her. Kimberly goes to the casket and tears well up in her eyes. Roman goes to her and holds her hand, Kayla holds his and Bo holds Kayla's and they comfort each other.

Nick arrives at the church and hugs a crying Chelsea. EJ tells Sami that he can tell how much her family cares for each other. Sami says they may not always get along but they're still family. EJ thinks her grandfather did a good job raising the family and hopes he can be like Shawn Sr. someday. Sami doesn't say anything, instead she goes off to call Doug and Julie and check on the twins.

Victor arrives at the church and takes a seat behind Philip who asks where Caroline is. He says she walked - alone. Caroline arrives and sees EJ. She's glad he made it and he tells her a promise is a promise. "I wasn't about to let you down," he says. Caroline smiles in thanks and EJ offers his arm to take her to her seat. Sami watches the exchange.

Roman starts his eulogy. The family chuckles when Roman says Pop would have wanted them to raise a few pints to him! He says he's honored that Pop was his father. "He taught me a lot." He says Pop taught them about hard work, with his work at the junkyard and fish market. Roman was thrilled when Pop was able to realize his dream and open the Pub. He thanks John Black for putting up the money for that. He says Pop taught him honesty and about love. He says Pop may be gone physically but his spirit will live on with his children and his entire family. "Honesty, hard work and love. That will be his legacy!"

Kimberly says Pop was known for his temper and she says she wishes she was there recently to show him how much she appreciated and loved him. She breaks down and Kayla takes over.

"My Pop liked to fish," she starts. She remembers fishing with him and loved the undivided attention he'd give. She looked forward to the advice he gave. He had a lot to say about her relationship with Steve. Steve grins and she flashes back to a day Pop admitted to having misgivings about Steve but says he soon grew to love him. Kayla says her father gave her the strength to be the woman she is today and she is proud of him. Tears flow as she goes to the casket, kisses it and tells him she loves him.

Bo stands up and says that Pop wasn’t his biological father and he didn't make it easy on him. "Mostly because I was a big pain in the keester, as he'd say." Bo says he was always there for him, even after he found out Bo wasn't his blood. That is a sign of a great man, he says. He thinks his Pop had a big heart and flashes back to a toast Shawn gave to Bo. "He was a hero," says Bo. He feels pain and pauses and Roman and Hope stand up but he tells them he's fine. He goes to the casket and says he'll never forget what Pop gave him. "I love you, Pop," he says.

The family gets up to kiss the casket and say goodbye. Several of the family leaves personal items. Hope leaves a rose, Steve leaves his harmonica, and Chloe sings. Shawn leaves a flask, Maggie leaves a rosary, Lexi leaves another rose and Victor leaves a framed photo. Eventually, the family leaves the church, leaving only Pop's children and Caroline behind.


We see a flashback to Shawn proposing marriage to Caroline as Maggie and Alice watch! Caroline says an Irish Blessing, "May the earth rest easy over you when you are laid under it. May the earth rest easy over your spirit as it makes its way to God. Goodbye Shawn, she says hugging the casket, crying. "I will love you forever."


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Roman makes a toast at the pub with the family, "To Pop!"

Hope calls Steve to help Bo as he leans over in pain. They want to get him to the hospital right away.

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