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Thursday, February 14th, 2008

Abe finds out that the jet hasn't made radio contact, the passengers slowly lose oxygen and John saves Steve's life!

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Abe is at Salem PD and Lexi tells Abe about her call last night from Hope. She says Colleen passed on and she nervously wonders when the Bradys will return. She tried to call them but seems alarmed that nobody's picking up their cell phones. Abe shrugs that they probably can't get a signal but promises to check their flight plan and get an estimated arrival. He notes how concerned she is and he's glad they're on their way home. Lexi flashes back to the news regarding Bo's test results. Just before Chelsea and Stephanie walk in the door, Lexi says she hopes it's not too late. Chelsea asks, "Too late for what?" They too are there to find out when the family is getting in from Ireland, so Abe makes the call to find out. Chelsea notices Lexi's preoccupation and asks what's up but Lexi brushes her off with an uneasy smile. Abe has found out that the family will be there later this evening.


On the jet, the family shivers with cold as they try on their oxygen masks. Since most of them don't work, John dryly comments they're not all going to make it. They've less than two hours until they'll run out of oxygen. Shawn Sr. shares his mask with Hope and Bo and when Bo becomes dizzy, John tells them there is not enough oxygen to go around in the time they have left. Chloe asks how they're going to decide who gets the oxygen. Steve says the baby and women get masks but Marlena, Kayla and Hope refuse. They want to share the masks. Hope and Chloe become nauseated. John refuses to share his mask as he needs to fly the plane. Steve wonders if he can be some help since he used to be good at hotwiring cars, but he refuses help from Philip and Shawn. He tells them to take care of the ladies. Kayla flashes back to the day she and Steve may have conceived and the day she decided to wait to tell Steve she was pregnant. She says, "I should have told Steve." Marlena asks, "Told him what?" Kayla surprises Marlena by telling her she's pregnant. Marlena's advice is not to share her oxygen mask or she'll endanger the baby. Belle starts to worry that John doesn't know what he's doing but Marlena asks her to stay calm. John returns from his jaunt around the plane and calmly tells the family he has no idea what he's looking at! A clock on the lower right hand side of the screen shows 1:29:57 countdown!


Steve makes his way to the cockpit but soon finds out that the oxygen mask does not work. He tries to go to the passenger area of the plane but passes out before he can make it.

In the passenger area, Chloe wonders if planes have backup systems and Philip reassures her they do, but whoever sabotaged the plane knew what they were doing. Kayla becomes frustrated with John as he sits quietly, thinking of his next move. John tells her he needs for people to stop telling him what to do and how to do it but most of all; he's tired of hearing about the guy he used to be. With that, he goes to the cockpit to find a passed out Steve. He considers his options for long moments before he angrily fits his own mask on Steve's face and tells him, "Come on. Breathe or die." He shares the oxygen until he finds a toolbox and starts to fix the other mask.

Out in the passenger seating, Hope urges Shawn Sr. to take the oxygen mask but he refuses and tells her with one last person using it, there will be more oxygen to go around. "I'm the oldest person on this plane. I've lived a long life and made my peace with my sister Colleen. Maybe it's time for me to make peace with God," he tells her. Hope yells at him to take the mask and Bo again urges Pop to do so, so he agrees and takes a few breaths. Bo realizes now is the time to come clean and tells Shawn Sr. and Hope he's sick. Shawn Sr. and Hope are shocked and Bo tells them he may have cancer. He may be dying. Hope weeps and realizes this is the secret he had been keeping. Bo explains he wanted to tell her when he had a definite prognosis. He tells Shawn that he's the reason Kayla and Steve took him to Ireland. Hope sobs as Bo admits he should have told her. He wants them to use all the oxygen and let him go but Shawn refuses this and pushes the oxygen mask at Bo. He forces Hope to breathe as well and when she gives the mask to Shawn Sr., he doesn't take it. Chloe starts hyperventilating again and Philip comforts her. He wants to help Steve, but she doesn't want him to leave her. The passengers are down to 46 minutes of oxygen at this point (as seen in the lower right hand of the screen) when Kayla starts to worry about Steve and comments to Marlena, "What if John is programmed to kill himself?" Shawn D. knows they don't have much more oxygen left and wants to go to the cockpit, but Belle cries out for him not to leave her. Bo gets up to check on Steve and John and a sudden bout of turbulence causes the lights to go out and Bo to be thrown hard into a wall and knocked unconscious. After the turbulence stops, Shawn and Hope get Bo to a seat and Shawn Sr. gives up his oxygen for Bo. He refuses to take more. The passengers have 36 minutes left as the lights return.

In the cockpit, concerned that Steve is dead, John performs CPR him. They now 35 minutes left as John yells at Steve to wake up. Once he regains consciousness, Steve throws John off of him and struggles to breathe. John tells him he has good news and bad news. "Good news is you're breathing again. Bad news is, not for much longer."

In the cabin, Shawn tells Belle they've got to start preparing for the worst. Bo regains consciousness and tells Shawn Sr. to take the oxygen or he'll tie him down and force it on him! They argue and Bo forces the oxygen on him and gives it back to Hope. He says they'll make it through this. Belle starts flashing back to her and Shawn's discussion about starting their life anew. She professes her deep and abiding love for Shawn and says she's never loved anyone the way she loves him, with her heart and soul. Marlena urges Kayla to have faith and Kayla comments that her pregnancy proves that anything can happen. Marlena thinks someday she'll have an incredible story to tell her baby about this flight. Meanwhile, Shawn Sr., Hope and Bo continue to share their oxygen, but Bo asks Hope to let him go. Hope bawls and they've only 30 minutes to go when Hope hands the mask to Shawn Sr. who begs her to let him save his son.


Back at Salem PD, Chelsea says she has spoken with Billie, who says she's thrilled to be in London and has a nice little flat. Lexi is happy to hear and sends her best through Chelsea. Abe takes a call from Air Traffic Control and tells the ladies the jet hasn't made radio contact.


Next on Days of our Lives:

Hope asks Kayla to tell her what's wrong with Bo. "Is he going to die?"

Abe tells Caroline and Max, "The plane just went off radar." Caroline cries out, "Dear God!"

John yells, "This is it!" Steve cries out and we hear screams from all the passengers.

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