Good bad, right or wrong, they loved each other.

Friday, February 8th, 2008

Bradys hold a memorial service, EJ and Sami share a moment and a mysterious woman follows Steve.

Good bad, right or wrong, they loved each other. image

At the safe house, Sami awakes with bad news when she finds Lucas is on the front cover of the newspaper. The title reads, "Lucas Horton confesses to DiMera Shooting!" She throws it down and panics when she finds Ali's crib empty. "Allie? EJ, where's Allie," she cries as she runs into the bathroom to find Allie sitting in a sleeping EJ's lap! Sami notices Allie's feeling better. EJ wakes up and says the steam from the bath must have done her some good. Sami puts Allie down and urges EJ to get some rest so he can help her pack. EJ thinks they're still in danger and reminds her that just because Stefano's out of commission doesn't mean that he doesn't have operatives out there. Sami complains that they can't live there forever but agrees to wait it out. She's puzzled when EJ says he doesn't want to take any chances when it comes to "their" kids. Sami tells EJ she appreciates all he has done with Allie but she feels she needs to remind him he's not Allie's father. "Lucas is." EJ says he's well aware but Sami doesn't want him to cross any boundaries and asks that he respect that. "I know she's not mine," EJ tells her but can't push her out of his heart because they don't share the same DNA. He says being a father is about being there when your daughter's sick, about changing nappies and singing to her when she falls asleep. "That's a father and I'm sorry but that's what Lucas sacrificed. At least she has some kind of father figure in her life," he tells Sami, who starts to cry. EJ apologizes but she says it's not his fault. She's stressed out and EJ's right about Lucas. She's upset that Allie will suffer and that Lucas will be a stranger to her by the time Lucas is out. She remembers Roman being gone when she was a child and doesn't want this for her child. EJ understands but says Allie's special and thinks there will be plenty of love to go around. Sami smiles and jokes that he's pretty smart for a DiMera. EJ laughs and Sami continues to sob with concern about what they'll do without Lucas. EJ takes her into his arms to comfort her. He tells her she'll be just fine and that Allie's just like her. She'll take care of herself and get more love and happiness from Sami. He jokes that if the chips are down, he'll be there to help. Sami says she didn't think it possible but he has said the right thing. Lucas calls Sami to remind her that his hearing was today. She says she'll be right there and rushes to get ready.


Chelsea and Max bump into each other while jogging. Max comments that he has never seen her on the trail before but she says, "Are you kidding? I'm here every day." Max is surprised that they've never bumped into each other and when Chelsea asks him for coffee he accepts and follows her out of the park and right into a surprise winter wonderland birthday party! Stephanie and Nick yell, "Surprise!" Max is thrown off and a snowball fight ensues. Stephanie judges Max the winner, as his clothes are next to dry. Chelsea comments on how she is happy they're spending time together having fun for a change! Stephanie and Max horse around in the snow and each toast to the other before Max opens his presents. Stephanie gives him a stuffed horse and says it's silly. "I figured every knight in shining armor needs a horse!" Max loves it. Later, they clean up after the party and Steph says she has another present for him. She kisses him passionately!


From Aubin pub, Kayla calls Lexi and admits she was so thrilled when she gave her the good news about being pregnant. She plans on having a romantic dinner when they return to Salem so she can tell Steve the good news. Lexi is happy to hear this but can't help but worry about Bo.

Steve and Bo take a walk in the forest. Steve says he'll feel a lot better when they get Bo home and healthy. Bo says he's fine and with an Irish brogue and a grin he says, "No writing me eulogy yet!" Suddenly, Bo becomes dizzy and falls into Steve, who catches him and sits him down. Bo catches his breath and worries about what Hope will go through. Steve urges him to come clean but when Bo refuses, Steve has no choice but to keep it quiet for him.


In Colleen's room, Marlena shows John, Belle, Shawn and Shawn Sr. a letter she found from Colleen, with instructions as to what she wants done after her passing. A miserable John asks what the difference is. Marlena doesn't' t like how cold he's being but John says he wants to burn the letter and call it a day so they can go home. He hopes "Dear old Mom had the decency to keep it short and sweet." Marlena points out that this is not the John she knew. John agrees. He isn't that same man. Belle tells Marlena not to let this get to her. Maybe John will readjust once they're in Salem. Marlena agrees and says once Colleen's ashes arrive, they can move on. Shawn Sr. and Shawn go off to read the letter and John takes off alone.


Back downstairs at the pub, after Kayla and Lexi hang up, Hope comes to Kayla and asks if she's keeping something from her. Kayla beats around the bush until Steve and Bo arrive and interrupt them. Shawn D tells the family they've discussed the memorial arrangements and they comment on how John's new attitude is a pain in the butt! John interrupts everyone when he returns from his walk. "What the hell are you guys looking at," he barks! Nobody responds.


The family gathers in the forest to spread Colleen's ashes. Marlena pressures John to hold Colleen's remains and Shawn Sr. is choked up, so Bo says a few words. He remembers Colleen through the love letters she and Santo wrote and says Colleen was feisty and had a connection to Santo. "Good bad, right or wrong, they loved each other," he says and prays they find happiness in the afterlife. He says they should never take love for granted. Shawn and Belle get close and Philip rubs Chloe's arm as Bo speaks. John stands stoically while Marlena gazes lovingly at him. John opens the urn and gives it to Shawn to scatter some of Colleen's remains. As he does so we see flashbacks to when Santo first met Colleen all those years ago. Kayla scatters some as well as each member of the family until we have revisited Santo and Colleen's love. John is the last to scatter and after he has done so, the family walks back to the pub.

Back at the Aubin pub, Marlena tells everyone John's pilot is standing by. Shawn tells Belle he's glad his father is a Kiriakis - otherwise they'd be related! Belle laughs and realizes she's more of a Brady than he! They agree to figure out their situation once they return home. Marlena panics when John can't be found. She goes off to find him and Steve notices a mysterious woman in the window, watching him. When she sees him, she runs off with him in pursuit.


In the forest, John sees the ghosts of Colleen and Santo meet in the afterlife and take each other's hands.


Back at the safe house, at the same time that John sees Santo meet Colleen, EJ helps Sami into her coat. She turns to face him afterward and their eyes meet. They stare at each other for a time.


Colleen and Santo's ghost stare at each other and lean in for a kiss. John watches in wonderment.


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