I'm dying...

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

Colleen shares her future with the Bradys, Belle is given something precious, John fights Bo and Hope's symptoms mirror Bo's.

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At Cheatin' Heart, Stephanie and Max are told by Chelsea and Nick that Crawford Decker refused to press charges against the sorority girls and how Victor had something to do with it. Max worries that he'll still be in for it but Nick thinks that Victor took care of Crawford and that they'll all be ready to move on from this. Morgan arrives just as Nick says Chelsea's problems are over. She begs to differ. Chelsea broke Theta house rules and though she appreciates all Chelsea did and is happy that Chelsea isn't being charged, Chelsea broke the sacred vow of sisterhood and they need to take a vote on whether or not to keep Chelsea in the sorority. Nobody's happy to hear this but Morgan says it's not up to her.

Max leads Morgan aside to talk privately while Stephanie asks Chelsea why she thinks Morgan is doing this. They think it will be easier for the girls to move on if Chelsea is not there as a reminder. Max asks Morgan why she's so hard on Chelsea. She tells him she's merely following sorority rules. Max wonders which way she'll vote. She says she's sure he already knows and wouldn't want to do anything to make him disappoint her. Stephanie watches them and Chelsea notices. "It bothers you, doesn't it?" Chelsea asks. Steph doesn't like how much influence he has over Morgan. Max and Morgan return to talk to the others and Morgan relays she's not voting against Chelsea. Chelsea tells them all to have the little meeting and vote away. She doesn't care. She stomps off. Morgan tells Stephanie that majority rules. This isn't personal. Stephanie asks Max if she's trying to cause trouble but Max thinks Morgan's trying to do what is right. Stephanie doesn't want to be Morgan's friend anymore, she says and Max grins and finds her jealousy appealing! Morgan leaves the pub.

Nick follows Chelsea outside the Cheatin' Heart and tells her if they don't want her, she doesn't need them. Chelsea is hurt. She cares for the girls and the sorority means a lot. She cries out that she felt as though she belonged and accepted. Nick tells her it's not the end of the world if she's kicked out. "I love you and I'm not going anywhere," Nick tells her, which makes Chelsea feel good.


Upstairs at the Aubin pub, Chloe gets off a call after turning down a small Opera company who offered her a job as an understudy. Philip assumes she turned them down because the Austrian authorities think she's got something to do with Brady's disappearance. Chloe says she doesn't want to take an understudy job but she did have a good career going for her in Austria. When Phil asks if she'll return to Brady she says she loves him but sometimes love isn't enough. Philip agrees. She comments it's not easy on him either and he agrees. It'll be hard to put the pieces back together without Claire and Belle, but he'll do it.


Belle, Claire, Shawn, Bo, Hope and Marlena return to the Aubin pub and Marlena tells the family that John almost killed Colleen. She tells them the story Colleen told them and Belle is shocked that Colleen is John's mother and her grandmother. Marlena's afraid that John's a walking time bomb. Bo grabs Steve and Philip and the men go out to find John while Hope stays behind to help protect the family. Marlena says that they can do a blood test to confirm Colleen's words and Belle is incredulous. She goes upstairs to be with her grandma. Marlena worries that once the men find John, he'll resist with everything he's got. The ladies wonder how Brady fits into this. Chloe goes off to make tea for all and Hope jumps up to go see Shawn but finds herself dizzy. She passes it off as lack of food and goes to see Shawn to tell him the news. Kayla watches her walk away, with interest.


Outside in a wooded area, John holds his knife and reminisces about hearing from Colleen that she's his mother. "Stop it!" John yells after hearing her voice ring out in his head. He holds the knife over his throat with the thoughts of ending his life. Bo comes upon him in the wooded area and yells at John to stop. "It's not okay," John says and knows what he has to do. Bo promises it'll be okay and asks for the knife. "I failed," he says but Bo smiles. That proves he's human, not a mindless pawn of Stefano's. Bo pounces on John, grabs the knife and in the struggle, John takes it and tries to stab him, but he can't hurt Bo! John says he just wants peace. He doesn't remember anyone or anything and when he realized the target was his mother, he chose not to kill her. Bo thinks that's important and tells him they're good friends -like brothers! He says there was a time they thought they were brothers. Unfortunately, John doesn't remember any of this and feels nothing for anyone. Bo suggests being with them is a better alternative than life on the road where nobody will care for him. He's free to go- choice is his. They return to the pub.


Belle visits Colleen and tells her she just got word that they're related. Colleen is in good spirits. Belle is emotional as she tells her she can't believe she's her grandmother. Colleen tells her it means a lot to be with her, since she's been watching over her for so long. Belle asks if she's coming home with them but her home is in Ireland. Belle says she barely knows her but she'll miss her. Colleen has a present for her. She gives her the symbol of the Celtic Woman Warrior which she calls a symbol for never giving up. She wants her to pass it on to her child someday. Belle gives her a hug and the tears flow freely.


A knock on the door brings Shawn and Hope and Belle leave with Claire. Shawn is sorry for all the time they lost but says he could never hate her. Belle wants her to return to Salem with them but Colleen isn't going anywhere. She says she's glad he's with her for the end. "I'm dying," she tells her brother. Shawn is upset and wonders how they can help but Colleen just wants her family one last time.


John arrives at the Aubin pub with Bo. Kayla calls the guys to tell them they're back and Bo shows Marlena the knife that John was going to use on himself. John strikes up a match and smokes a cigar while he listens. Kayla calls to Steve to tell him what's up and pressures her to call for flights for Bo and Hope. She worries about telling Hope the truth, as it was so hard to tell Bo. "How do you tell someone they're dying?" Steve asks, and when Shawn and Philip arrive and ask Steve who he is talking about, Steve claims he was talking about one of Kayla's patients. The men go back to the Aubin pub.

John asks for a drink and thinks it's good to hear he's filthy rich. Hope runs to Bo and he tells her John's pretty messed up. Bo kisses Hope passionately and tells her he needed her to know how much he loves her. He's about to tell her something when she goes to Shawn to hug him. Steve asks Kayla if she spoke to Hope yet but she hasn't and they realize they have to do it now. Hope comments to Shawn that her back has been hurting and asks if he and Belle will get back together. Shawn doesn't know what he feels or wants but after listening to Aunt Colleen's stories, he knows you have to work at love.

At another table, Marlena offers John a deal. She hypnotizes him and he'll come back to Salem with them or she'll have him put in jail for hurting her and Bo! Quietly, Steve asks Kay to talk to Bo and Hope. Hope wonders what's going on but they're interrupted by Shawn Sr. who comes downstairs and tells them they need to come upstairs to see Colleen, now.


Next on Days of our Lives:

John says to Colleen, "You're pretty much damned for being a liar and betraying your sacred vows to God, aren't you?" Shawn Sr. steps in and yells at John for being cruel.

Chloe says to Phillip, "This new John is scary!"

Colleen tells John, "Who you are now is what you're going to be forever. That would scare the living hell out of me." John's smile fades.

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