High bilirubin and low alkaline phosphatase?

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

Bo is told he's quite ill and needs more tests, Victor saves Chelsea and Billie's butts and Colleen tells John she's his mother!

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In Colleen's room, Marlena lies on the floor, passed out while John tells Colleen his mission is to kill her. Colleen says he'll be condemned to a fate worse than hell if he does it. Marlena starts to come around and Colleen tells him this is Stefano's doing. He tells her he's designed to do this but Colleen tells him he'll never find peace. John notices Marlena come to and tells her to stay put but she sees the knife in his hand and grabs his leg and yells, "No!" John pushes her away hard, knocking her against the door and Colleen says she has one last thing to say. "You'd be killing your own mother!" John is poised to strike but shakes his head and pauses in disbelief. She has proof and shows him her necklace with the medallion and Marlena gasps. She takes out the photo of John and his mother and Colleen verifies that's her, with John! She's wearing the same medallion in the photo as she wears now. She says she recognizes his eyes but they're now cold hard eyes like Stefano's. Marlena promises John that Stefano can't hurt them anymore and asks Colleen how she happens to be John's mother. Colleen says she found out she was with child, after she ran. Not wanting Santo to know, she had the child away from her hometown and named him Ryan. She escaped to Argentina. John wants to know more and Colleen says she couldn't come between a husband and wife and elected to stay hidden. She says an Irish sister gave her a letter of introduction at a parish and she stayed there, gave birth to John, in the peace and calm in the convent and they lived there for a time. When they had to leave, she took John to an orphanage and mended clothing for them. In return, she was able to see John Sundays. She says she lived for those days. John asks her to go on. She says unfortunately, she had a sewing machine accident and hurt her hand. She went into the hospital, delirious. When she finally got her strength back, she went to the orphanage but John was gone, the head master had been dismissed and nobody could tell her where he was! She was thrown in the streets and looked for him ever since. "Only recently I found he was adopted by the Alamains," she says and was worried that there was no telling what they'd done if they'd known he was half-brother to Stefano! "So Santo DiMera is my father," John states. Colleen says she has only been with one man. Stefano found out she was alive a little over a year ago. Colleen couldn't risk contacting her own brother because of Stefano's obsession. She tells John that it was God who brought them together and John thrusts his knife at Colleen. "You kill me, you'll destroy what's left of yourself," she says. John makes a dash for the door and Marlena runs after him.


Shawn puts Claire to bed and thanks God for her return. He flashes back to her abduction and to visiting Belle in the hospital. Belle arrives and Shawn flashes back to sitting downstairs at the pub with her and telling her he wants to focus on family and Colleen for now and not get into their issues. Shawn admits to Belle that he thinks something's off about Steve and Kayla's visit. Belle thinks he needs to take a breather from his concern for Claire and thinks Kayla and Steve showed up to bring grandpa Shawn.


Downstairs at the Aubin pub, Bo is confused until Kayla tells him they got the test results back from his blood testing. They need to do more testing and Steve says they need to get him back to the states immediately. Hope comes back from seeing Shawn and asks what's going on. Bo lies and says they're discussing Colleen. Hope thinks all in all, this was a pretty good day. Steve asks everyone to go for a walk but Kay refuses, so Steve and Hope go together. After they leave, Bo is told that he has high bilirubin and low alkaline phosphatase. Bo says he has had no symptoms and Kayla says that's normal. He agrees he needs to get back to the states as soon as he can.

Outside, Hope and Steve take a walk. Steve asks Hope jokingly if there are leprechauns in Ireland and Hope ignores him and asks him what's really going on with Bo. Steve beats around the bush and says Bo's probably going through a lot with this news about Colleen. Hope doesn't bite and Steve says they've been friends a long time and he has always been honest with her. Hope remembers she went to him in the past for advice and Steve tells her that as a friend, she needs to give Bo a little space.

Later, outside the Aubin pub, Bo and Hope agree to book a flight while Kay and Steve will stay behind. They're interrupted by Marlena, who yells to them that John has run off!


Billie, Chelsea and Kate visit Victor, to discuss Crawford Decker. Victor says it's all over and done with. He made a proposition and Mr. Decker accepted it. Billie asks that he keep the proposition to himself. Roman arrives and tells everyone the coroner's results state that Ford Decker died from falling down the stairs. Victor tells Roman Decker has been taken care of and Roman smirks. He doesn't think he ought to know what happened but Victor says Crawford simply had a change of heart.

Victor goes off to call Philip and asks if he has any news about Brady. He is told about how they met Shawn's sister Colleen Brady, but she says she has nothing to do with Brady's disappearance. Victor says he'll send someone there to get as much information as possible from Colleen. Philip explains Colleen kidnapped Claire to protect her and thinks it has something to do with Stefano. Victor says he still feels guilty introducing John as the pawn all those years ago. Phil says Colleen is old and frail and doesn't think she leads to Brady. Victor says he needs the plane back so Philip agrees to send it back without him and get a lift back from John, in his plane.

Victor goes to the door when Crawford arrives. Victor has Roman show the coroner's report to the man and tells him there is no evidence to suggest it wasn't an accident. Crawford looks to Victor and says he'll accept that. The ladies are stunned and Billie wonders why he has a change of heart. Kate comments that she may understand how he feels as she thought she lost two of her kids once. Crawford growls that she has no idea how he feels, since she got her kids back. Victor is unimpressed with Crawford's tone and takes him outside the door and blasts him. He tells him he lost a daughter - Isabella - and he does understand what it feels like for Crawford. He puts Crawford in his place and tells him he thinks Crawford acted inappropriately to Kate and Chelsea and demands an apology. Crawford agrees to apologize and waits for Victor in his study while he makes a call.

Victor calls Bo and tells him he heard the great news about Claire being found. Bo asks if anything is wrong and Victor says Crawford is no longer an issue. After some thought, he decided not to pursue the charges. Bo is amazed that Crawford changed his mind and Victor tells him about the coroner's report. Bo grins uneasily and says it's amazing how these things work out, especially when Victor's involved! When Victor asks if he'd like to know how he's involved, Bo laughs but would rather not! Victor mentions how Crawford will be using the company jet so Philip's sending it back. Once he hangs up, he tells a thrilled Kayla that charges against Stephanie and Chelsea were dropped.


Victor and Crawford arrive back in the drawing room as Kate kisses Roman's cheek in thanks. Billie says she understands what he's going through is difficult but it doesn't give him the right to drag Chelsea into it. Crawford says, "You're right." He apologizes and leaves. Victor tells Billie that she did a great job in raising Chelsea and she laughs and says she'll put that on her resume. She was fired from Salem U, she admits, so Victor offers Billie a job in Titan's London office as head of security! Billie is shocked and happy. She accepts but when she comes down to earth and looks at Chelsea, she asks, "Unless you don't want me to go?" Chelsea thinks this is a great opportunity that she can't turn down. They hug and Chelsea tells Victor that as far as Grandfather's go, he's okay!


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Morgan tells Chelsea, "We need to deal with the betrayal of our trust."

Marlena says, "This mission was what he lived for. It was his whole existence. I'm afraid he might just be a walking time bomb."

John holds his knife over his neck as if he's going to take his own life.

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