Why in the name of God are you doing this?

Monday, February 4th, 2008

Lexi tells EJ Allie's ill and Kayla's pregnant, Shawn Sr. meets his sister, whose life is threatened and Kayla sits Bo down with some bad news.

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EJ soothes a feverish and crying Allie until Lexi arrives at the safe house with her doctor's bag. She diagnoses Allie as having a fever and says any fever in a baby at this age is serious. She says Allie has the croup and needs to get moisture into her lungs. This worries EJ, who isn't sure what to do. Lexi gives him a few directions to follow and says Allie will be fine. He admits the more time he spends with Allie; the more he falls in love with her! Lexi warns him against this as she knows what it's like to love a child who isn't hers. EJ understands but points out that Lucas is going to jail, so he doesn't foresee any issues. Lexi tells him that Sami and Lucas are in love. EJ knows but refuses to walk away and thinks it's something that Sami trusted him to leave him alone with the babies. Lexi doesn't want him to get his hopes up and reminds him of he and Sami's history, but this doesn't deter EJ's hopes for a future with her. At the end of the day, he'll be the one there for Sami - and Lucas will be in jail. Lexi points out he has no idea what's going on with Sami and Lucas so he should focus on the kids. She takes a call about a patient and says she can't get another blood sample as the patient is outside of the country. Worried, she hangs up. She gets good news as well and is smiling broadly when EJ returns. EJ wants to know what's up and Lexi admits she probably shouldn't tell him but she can't contain herself! "Kayla Johnson is pregnant!" she exclaims.


Sami visits Lucas in jail. He scolds her for not bringing Allie, but she explains Allie's ill. Lucas doesn't like EJ taking care of his daughter but Sami points out that Lexi will be there as well. Lucas asks if she'll bring Allie to visit him in prison but Sami says he won't go to prison. His lawyers will get him off. Lucas admits to a shocked Sami that he confessed to shooting EJ. He says he feels bad for what he did to her but not for shooting EJ. Sami urges him to change his plea but he refuses. EJ deserved it; he says and knows he has no right to ask her to wait for him, so tells her not to. He could get 10-20 years. Sami starts to cry and pounds the desk in anger. She knows that Allie won't even know him by then. Lucas asks her not to cry. He just wanted to tell her he loved her and to hold her one last time. Sami sobs and tells him he was her one and only love and she'll never love anyone the way she loves him. They kiss and he asks her to tell Allie how much he loves her. Sami leaves, bawling.


Chloe and Philip take a walk outside of the Aubin pub in New Ross, Ireland, where Philip asks if Chloe's worried about Brady or worried she'll be found to be involved. Chloe is upset about this and turns the tables on him. She wants to know if he is pretending to let go of Belle and Claire or if he was serious about this. Phil doesn't feel the need to prove anything to her but knows she's the one who will have to continue to prove her innocence.


Shawn and Belle sit at the Aubin pub with Claire and fawn over how happy they are to see her. Belle wants to discuss the future but agrees now may not be the time. Kayla and Steve arrive with Shawn Sr., who is using a cane to get around. He's thrilled to see Claire and gives her a big kiss. Steve tells him they've a big surprise for him but he has to rest first. Shawn goes up to a room while Steve tells Kayla that Shawn is looking frail. He's worried about his reaction to seeing his sister. They blame Stefano.

Shawn, Belle and Claire leave the Aubin pub and bump into Philip and Chloe. Philip asks after Claire and Belle admits that Crystal surprisingly took good care of Claire. Chloe and Philip are relieved. Belle wonders if Colleen knows anything about Brady but Chloe doubts it. Chloe and Philip don't want to get in the way when Shawn Sr. sees Colleen, so they let Shawn and Belle know they won't be around but would like to have a late dinner with them. Shawn and Belle don't commit themselves to it and appear disinterested. They head out for a walk with Claire, and when they're gone, Chloe comments, "That didn't go well!"


Bo and Hope awake. Bo complains that he didn't sleep well last night and his back's killing him. They're happy that Shawn Sr. arrived and wonder how he'll react to seeing Colleen. Bo still harbors anger toward Colleen for allowing Shawn to suffer all these years and plans on confronting her. He complains more about the pain and Hope offers to massage it later. She comments that Colleen did what she thought was best back then.


As Marlena sleeps in her room, John hides a knife in his boot and heads to the door where he's stopped. "Where do you think you're going," Marlena asks. John lies that he's headed downstairs for breakfast. A woman arrives with breakfast and after she drops it off, Marlena says she doesn't trust John and tells him to eat and they'll get the rest of the story and go home. She wanders into the bathroom and John mumbles, "Do whatever you have to do, Blondie. I have to complete my mission!" Later, the two have breakfast and when John gazes at a spoon, Marlena becomes uncomfortable and tells him to put it down. He does so and promises he won't hurt anyone, especially a helpless woman. He just wants to get this over with. The woman who brought them breakfast lets them know Colleen requests their presence.


Kayla, Steve, Bo and Hope take a seat at the Aubin pub and Steve gives them the news about Stefano's catatonia. They're surprised and Kayla says things point to a massive stroke but test results don't confirm. They don't know what is going on but say that EJ, Lexi and Tony put him in longer care. "So he's out of the picture, for now," she says.


Everyone gathers outside Colleen's door and Shawn Sr. is confused as to why he's there. They take him in to see Colleen and one look at his sister and a shocked Shawn's jaw drops! He cries out, "Leenie? Leenie!" Colleen starts to weep and goes to her brother for a hug. Shawn holds her close as he struggles to believe she's alive. Colleen starts explaining how she wanted everyone to think she was dead and after she left her habit on the cliffs, she ran from the guilt and shame. She knows he always felt responsible and will never be able to forgive herself for that. She says there wasn't a day she didn't think of him. Shawn weeps as he says this is overwhelming. She asks for forgiveness and Shawn already has forgiven her! He just thanks God that she was brought back to him! Kayla stops the conversation and tells Shawn he can visit with Colleen later. He has a hard time tearing himself away from Colleen but agrees to go rest. Bo introduces Steve and Kayla to Colleen and says they've another brother and sister at home. "I know, Roman and Kimberly," she says and thanks them for bringing Shawn. Bo berates her for allowing Shawn to suffer all these years but Colleen says she suffered too but she had to protect him. Kayla tells Colleen about Stefano's catatonia and this relieves Colleen, who tried to keep the Brady's safe. Marlena points out that not all of them are Bradys and Colleen says she tried to keep them all safe. She says she paid for everything by being away from family and John thinks it's her fault. She tells him she senses a lot of pain in him and hopes he finds his son. She asks to rest and asks Kayla to promise to bring Shawn back later. Everyone but John and Marlena leave the room. John asks to speak to Colleen alone but Marlena refuses him. John asks if he can have a word with her a moment and as she turns to the door, John makes his move and smashes her head into the door! Marlena crumbles to the floor, out cold and Colleen gasps in shock. John takes out a knife from his boot and tells Colleen if she makes one sound, he'll kill whoever steps through the door. Colleen gasps, "Why in the name of God are you doing this?"

Kayla talks to Bo and Hope downstairs at the pub in Aubin and asks Hope to go check on Shawn. "Trying to get rid of me?" Hope asks with a grin. She leaves and Steve and Kayla sit with Bo and Kayla says there's something she needs to tell him. Bo worries as Steve says it's not good.


Next on Days of our Lives:

Chelsea says, "There is no way I could have killed Ford, right?" Roman thinks Decker's looking for somebody to blame.

Belle asks, "Is something bothering you?" Shawn tells him he thinks it's strange that Steve and Kayla just showed up in Ireland. "Something's off," He says.

John is ready to kill Colleen until she tells him, "One last word before I die... I'm quite prepared to do that."

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