Evidence is lodged in EJ's spine.

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

EJ is told that the bullet is still in his spine, Kate tells Philip she was there when EJ was shot and Bo and Hope discuss the list of suspects.

Evidence is lodged in EJ's spine. image

Bo is met by Hope at St. Luke's crime scene, where they discuss how Bo barely has any leads but a list of suspects a mile long! He admits it's tempting to turn this into a cold case but Hope disapproves and knows he's one to bend the rules but never break them. Bo wonders if the shooters were Bradys or if they worked together. Hope doesn't think the Bradys could commit murder and when Roman's name comes up in conversation, Bo confesses he's not sure his brother is entirely innocent. They go on to discuss how nervous Lucas acted when questioned and how Kate refused to get into the reason why she threatened Stefano and EJ with a gun. Bo mentions how Kate gave him some story about how she forgets what dumpster she threw her gun into. Neither believe Kate's being honest but they think Stefano may know the type of gun Kate used. Bo wonders if they can get that slug out of EJ, they may have a match!


EJ is wheeled into his hospital room with Stefano at his side, and when they walk by Roman, Stefano asks him to leave them in peace. Roman says he's there to get the bullet from the doctor. Stefano accuses the Bradys of attempted murder and threatens to make their lives hell if he finds out a Brady shot EJ. Stefano goes into EJ's room while Dr Berman arrives and tells Roman that EJ's still critical and after a long surgery, he's afraid he made things worse. He was unable to retract the bullet.

Later, Stefano talks with Dr. Berman about the surgery and is saddened to be told that EJ is paralyzed from the waist down. Stefano asks for a second opinion and Dr. Berman agrees but suggests EJ see someone to help him through this.


In his room, EJ wakes up confused and asks for Samantha. Stefano tells EJ he was shot and doesn't yet know who did it. He promises they'll get whoever did it. EJ holds on to the knowledge that he and Samantha were married before the shooting and asks where Samantha is.


At Lucas's place, Lucas apologizes to Sami for all she's going through right now. Sami says it was awful and tells him if EJ dies, Stefano will come after them all. Lucas hugs Sami and tells her they can deal with it. He'll never let anyone take her away again, he promises. Sami cries that she couldn't stand being without Lucas and says Stefano wants her to go back to the hospital to be with EJ. If he dies, she knows Stefano will make sure they all die! Lucas doesn't think the Bradys are victims anymore and if Stefano comes at them, this time they'll fight back. Sami feels for EJ and says he was only trying to help her end the vendetta. Lucas is incredulous and asks her not to turn EJ into a hero. He says he hopes Stefano dies next to EJ. Sami asks Lucas to stop talking like that and Lucas notices that she beats around the bush a little as if she wants to ask Lucas if he shot EJ. He tells her to come out with it but she doesn't and instead busies herself with a call to the hospital. When Lucas notices she's wearing EJ's ring, he asks her to remove it but she needs to wear it when she shows up without it at the hospital. Lucas is upset and brings up how he wants her to get an annulment but Sami says not until the violence is over. She lets him know EJ wasn't the only target. One of the bullets was meant for her! Stefano interrupts the two with a phone call to let her know EJ is awake. He asks her to do the right thing [show up] and when she tells Lucas this, it angers him. He thinks Stefano will always threaten her unless she puts her foot down. They kiss passionately and Lucas gives her his wedding rings and asks her to keep them with her.


Kate arrives at the Brady pub, where Philip hands Kate her gun, covered in a napkin. He wants to discuss her reasons for getting rid of it but Kate gasps and says she thought it was gone. Philip asks point blank if it'll match up to the slug in EJ's back and Kate ignores the question. She freely admits she formed an alliance with Stefano when Mythic was going under. She feels caught between two armed camps and says she bought the gun for protection. Philip lets her know he found powder residue on the handle and asks again if she shot EJ. Kate denies this and says she practiced in the woods somewhere. She confesses she was at the church and did have her gun with her. She reminisces that she didn't know who she hated more - Sami or EJ! She says she closed her eyes to think and the gun went off accidentally as she was aiming for Sami! After, she heard two more shots and ran off. Philip grabs the gun and tells Kate he'll take care of it.


Back at St. Luke's, Bo tells Hope he's happy that they can talk shop and they start kissing as he tells her they make such a good pairing in and out of the bed! Hope suggests he bring Shawn in on the case but Bo says he did but after Shawn wrote the report up, he disappeared without telling anyone. Roman arrives at the church and interrupts them to explain that Dr. Berman can't access the bullet in EJ so that's where its' going to stay! Bo tells Roman his theory on Kate being the shooter but Roman's not convinced and refuses to help Bo by snooping around at Kate's place. He asks if he too is still a suspect, and Bo tells him Abe has given him a long rope. Roman smirks and mumbles that he didn't ask about Abe!


At the hospital, Stefano tells EJ Samantha was there with him the entire time and is on her way. EJ says he can't feel his legs and Stefano is forced to admit that the bullet is lodged in his spine and that it hit his spinal cord. EJ asks if he'll be able to walk again and Stefano answers that the doctors aren't gods. "Does Samantha know?" EJ asks. Stefano replies in the negative and EJ asks to be alone. Stefano sadly kisses his son on the head and leaves.

Sami shows up at the hospital where Stefano reminds her EJ needs her by his side for the rest of his life. Sami 's face falls and she flashes back to Lucas's vows to her at their wedding. When Stefano tells her EJ's paralyzed, she is visibly shocked and concerned.

Sami goes into EJ's room where she finds EJ staring off.


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