Too Late

Friday, September 28th, 2007

Chelsea and Stephanie become pledge sisters, Steve vows revenge for Benjy, Shawn reveals what happened to his sister.

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Chelsea and Stephanie go down to the sorority house for the pledge meeting. Chelsea wants to run away, but their prospective sorority sister comes out and refuses to let them escape. Inside, they find the house buzzing with activity. Chelsea wants to run from these stuck up girls, but Stephanie stops her. The sisters surround them and start to tell them what they need to get in: A sorority is only as good as it's sisters, they explain. If you want in, you have to bring something to the table. Steph is ready to cut off her right arm to get in, but Chelsea just wants to be sick. She grabs a few other sisters and starts to question them. When they tell her that you need old money and an old family, Chelsea tells them that they are lame and they stink. One of the sisters come over to warn them but Steph is already sure that, considering her family history, she doesn't belong there. Chelsea doesn't want her friend to be discouraged though if she really wants this for herself. As the meeting is called to order, Chelsea asks them what they really do besides their makeup. One of the sisters explains that they help the homeless with tutoring and fashion advice. Chelsea suddenly changes her mind and decides to go for the pledge. A moment later she changes her mind again, telling her friend that she will ruin her chances of getting in. 'We're in this together or not at all,' Steph insists. Chelsea rolls her eyes and gives in as they take their pledge pins before walking off. The sisters start sorting through the applicants. When they come to Chelsea, they're sure that she'll be loyal and fun. They're a little less enthusiastic about Stephanie, but they say yes to her as well. Meanwhile, Steph tells Chelsea that she's just afraid of being rejected like usual. Chelsea insists that she has no fear of rejection from anyone...but she does. Stephanie is worried about being rejected too, just like Jeremy rejected her. Chelsea almost tells her that he came back for her, but she stops herself.


In the graveyard, Steve and Abe frantically pull Benjy from the coffin and lay him out on the grass. Although Abe tells him that it's too late, Steve still tries desperately to revive Benjy. He covers him with his coat and cradles his body in his arms. Abe tells him that they'll have to give him an autopsy. Maybe they'll be lucky and get some evidence against Andre this time. Steve doesn't know why they're bothering: They both know who is behind this. 'This is one murder that Stefano won't get away with!' he vows. Steve blames himself for this: This is the DiMeras paying him back for battling with them. Abe is not going to let him retaliate, however; that's not what Benjy would have wanted. Steve still wants to go vigilante over this; he knows that means abandoning his family again, but they spent years without him and they may be better off for it. Now, he has to avenge his friend. Abe takes out his gun and levels it at his friend, refusing to let him go. Steve walks away anyway.


At the Brady pub, Shawn tells the gathered group that Santo lied about his wife being dead, but what happened afterward was not all his fault. Flashing back, we see Santo and Colleen meet by the cliffs as Shawn watches from the trees. She looks down at the water, still unable to believe that she told the father that she gave up on becoming a nun. Santo tries to comfort her, but she feels so sad at losing her father's respect. He tells her that she needs to say goodbye to the old: He's all that she has now and he will never let her down. No matter what she leaves behind, she will always take her self with her. She tells him that he has a great gift for making things sound grand. He offers to bring Shawn with them and raise him alongside Stefano. Hearing this made Shawn sick but he thought that his father could fix everything. 'I was wrong,' he admits. Flashing back again, he recalls Pete confronting Santo and Colleen about Santo's wife. When Shawn tells his sister that Stefano's mother is still alive and well, Santo can't deny it, but he did it for 'a deeper truth': The love between them. 'If the lord meant us to be together, you wouldn't be married,' she cries. She continues to lash out at him for humiliating her and his wife, but Santo insists that they have a right to be together. Pete takes his daughter's hand and pulls her along as she shoots back a tearful glance at Santo. She goes back to the church to take her vows but, Shawn explains, Santo made sure that she never got a chance to keep them. Flashing back again, we see Colleen prepare to take the final vows but, just as she reaches the completion of the ceremony, Stefano and Santo enter the church for one final look at her. As they turn and leave, she tears off her habit and runs away. Pete and Shawn ran after Colleen, but only found her robes spread out on the cliff. As they look down over the cliffs to the raging sea below, they realize that they have come too late.

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