Action at The Brady Pub

Friday, September 14th, 2007

Stefano's 'funeral' begins, Andre creates havoc at the Brady Pub, and EJ and Sami read another letter.

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At the funeral home, Anna is frightened that Andre will try to kill Roman, after hearing the eerie note he sent to Roman. Bo tells her they've evidence of a prior threat if he tries anything. Tony reminds them all that when it comes to the DiMeras evidence has a way of getting itself lost. Roman paces and says he thinks something isn't right.

Bo explains that Stefano's hooked up to an IV in the bottom of the casket and will be transferred to a clinic outside of town. Benjy arrives at the funeral home in a wheelchair. He goes to pay his respects to Stefano. He signs "He's really dead?" Lexi nods and he starts to cry.

Lucas is confused by this display but Tony explains that Stefano's love is elusive and Benjy had hoped he would obtain Stefano's love, even though it was not possible. Tony kind of hints around thoughts that EJ is visiting Sami .


Benjy tells Lexi he came there for revenge, not to grieve! "I hate the old man," Benjy signs.

When Roman agrees to be bait for Andre, Anna is turned on his bravery. She tells Hope she'd like to do something nice for Roman, like make him dinner. Hope says, "So now you have standards?" She thinks dinner for Roman's a bad idea.


Marlena arrives and asks Lucas to sit with her at the funeral but he has to check on Sami, after hearing EJ may be with her. He dashes off.


Kate continues to yell for Shawn, and the door is bust down by Andre! He makes a beeline to her and tells her she's going to bring Roman to him. When she refuses, he grabs her neck and tells her that after a lifetime of mistakes, she has made her last one. Kate gasps and squirms and then Shawn comes out of nowhere and starts hitting Andre, but Andre knocks Shawn down. Kate takes this chance to call for help on her cell phone but the call is stopped short when Andre knocks out Shawn and snatches her phone. He pulls a knife on Kate and forces her to lock Shawn in the freezer.

Outside the pub, Belle arrives to see Shawn and is surprised to find the door locked. As she looks for a key, Andre forces Kate back to the bar, laughing that Shawn Sr. will find his namesake frozen solid.


Sami and EJ sit by the window in Santo's room and watch as Colleen tells Santo she needs both he and the church to live. Santo tells her that if she doesn't decide tonight, they're through. He says it's destroying him. Colleen tells him she won't allow him to rush her into a decision, and walks away. Santo warns that if she leaves, he will never see her again. Colleen says that's just like him to force her into a decision right now. Sami turns to EJ and says he's a lot like Santo. EJ asks where this leave them, considering she is a lot like Colleen! Sami asks him to stop drawing comparisons between them. Santo tells Colleen he's tired of waiting. He loves her and wants her, but Colleen asks for one more day. EJ and Sami stay riveted to their seats while Santo tells Colleen that many men would have grown tired of waiting by now. He tells her she confuses love with waiting and this upsets Colleen, who thinks he is here to rescue her. "I don't need a savior, Santo. I already have one." She yells. She says he'll have an answer tomorrow. Back at Sami's bedside, EJ yells, "She has to choose him! He'll go out of his mind,.." Sami asks if maybe Santo killed Colleen, but EJ says that Santo couldn't have killed her. "I know because he could not kill her more than I could ever kill you." Sami yells that she hates how he twists things and tells him she only wants Lucas. Annoyed, she says Santo infected Stefano, Andre and EJ, but EJ denies being infected any longer.


Just then, Lucas comes in the room, ranting that he has a message from Stefano. "He wants you at his funeral." EJ retorts, "I guess he could have said that, since he's alive!" He leaves and Lucas jumps at Sami for coming clean. Sami confesses that EJ guessed. Lucas asks why EJ is taking his place each time he turns around and accuses her of spending way too much time with the man who raped her. Sami is stunned that Lucas thinks Sami is keeping secrets, but Sami tells him she's not. She's trying to end the vendetta.


Belle ventures into the pub to find Andre with Kate. With Andre's back to her, Kate smashes him over the head with a vase. When he goes down, Belle calls Bo and starts to tell him what's going on, but Andre comes to. Knife to Kate's throat, he takes the phone from Belle. Bo is alarmed and when Andre takes the phone, he taunts Bo, saying he's got Shawn, Belle and Kate. Bo grits his teeth as Andre mocks him and after he tells him EJ's at the hospital, building an alibi, he hangs up. Bo rushes to the door and when Hope intercepts him, and he makes something up about checking on the guard. She doesn't believe him, so he tells her a partial truth - he's going to check on a lead about Andre.


The funeral director starts the prayers and once seated, Benjy slyly takes a gun from his pocket and looks at it. Abe and Lexi and Marlena and John take a seat and John says that he can't get a hold of Belle. Concerned, Marlena goes to ask Hope if she has heard anything. Hope gasps and says that this must be why Bo lied to her. She runs off.

Shawn Sr. enters the funeral and gazes down at Stefano while he flashes back to the past when he was left alone with Stefano, by Colleen and Santo, when they went off alone together. Roman gets Shawn to sit down.


At the pub, Belle is locked into the freezer with Shawn. She wakes him up and Shawn says both of his grandparents are out. He asks where Claire is and says that for once he's happy to hear she's with Philip! Belle reassures Shawn that Philip slept on the sofa and nothing untoward happened. She professes her love for him and apologizes. They embrace and consider how they'll get out.


Out in the pub, Andre kisses Kate hard. She pulls away and he tells him he's certifiable. They watch the funeral proceedings from a monitor and a smug Andre says he can't wait to go after Roman. He has something special planned. He threatens Kate's life if she doesn't help him.

Kate stalls when Andre orders her to call Roman and begs him not to make her do this. "Roman's been good to me," she pleads. Andre says she could be beneficiary to Roman's life insurance, because he never married after her. Kate snorts that she doesn't want Roman's money. Andre forces her to dial.

At the funeral home, Roman feels his phone vibrate and Kate comes on the phone, crying for him to come help her.


Bo arrives at the hospital, where he finds EJ. He demands that EJ tell him where Kate and Belle are. EJ has no idea, he says. Hearing Bo's voice, Sami and Lucas come out of her room and are shocked to hear Andre has Belle and Shawn.

Sami tells EJ to go." I can't think when you're around," she says while Lucas' eyes widen. EJ says maybe he'll go pray, "God hears the last words of a condemned man." He walks away and Hope runs into the hallway to ask Bo what's going on. Her face falls when she finds out her son is in danger.


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Roman removes a gag from Kate's mouth and Kate yells for him to watch out. Too late! Andre knocks out Roman.

Bo and Hope come into the trashed pub. They yell for Shawn and Belle and then send for back-up.

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