It's not over yet! The phoenix rises again!

Friday, August 24th, 2007

Chelsea breaks it off with Nick and EJ agrees to be tested as a donor.

It's not over yet! The phoenix rises again! image

At the Brady home, Hope feeds little Dee and Artemis, and tells Nick that since China Lee tricked him into marriage, he doesn't have to take responsibility of the kids. Nick feels obligated to them and he is all they have, he says. "You're one in a million," Hope tells him. Nick complains that Chelsea thinks he's choosing the kids over her. Suddenly, Jett arrives at the door to take Chelsea out. Nick asks Chelsea what's going on and she nonchalantly mentions she's off to the beach. "Do you have a problem with this?" she asks, smile frozen on her face. He says he came to see her, but she interjects, saying that's sweet but knows he's also there to see Hope for parenting advice. Nick tries to remind her he only has the kids for 29 days. Hope, the kids and Jett give the couple some alone time and once they're gone, Chelsea tells Nick that China Lee took advantage of him because he was an easy target! She calls him nothing but a babysitter to the kids. Nick is hurt and retorts that they need him and she appears to need him when she needs someone to lie for her or to keep her out of jail. Chelsea thinks this is unfair and reminds him he has no job or money. "I still have you… don't I?" he asks. Chelsea talks about the things she fell in love with him for and says a part of her wishes he'd have stuck to his guns. She confesses to using him, and is turned off by the changes in him. She admits she doesn't know how she feels about him. "Our relationship changes day to day!" she says, and tells him he deserves much better than her. Through tears, she reminds him he was all about honor and truth until she convinced him to lie for her. She blames herself for Kate's blackmail and Willow's death. "You are a different person because of me and that's why I have to let you go…" she says. Nick has no regrets; he says and tells her he wants to be with her. Chelsea tells him she took advantage of him, and heads to the kitchen with Nick calling after, "No one will love you like I do." Jett comes into the house and offers to leave but Chelsea wants to leave, and goes to get her bag. Jett asks Nick what's going on and Nick angrily warns, "If I had a gun, I would kill you right now." He accuses Jett of trying to move in on Chelsea, but Jett refutes these claims. Chelsea and Jett leave.


Outside the house, Jett comforts Chelsea as she admits she broke up with Nick for good. They walk to the car.


Hope finds Nick standing alone in her living room and finds out that Nick lost Chelsea for good. They go to the door and watch Chelsea and Jett leave. Hope tells him to go after her and fight for her. "And don't let her go."


In Lucas' room, Kate is still on the phone with Stefano. She tells him she is afraid of Andre, who is psychotic and has done things Stefano has not approved of. Stefano says Andre won't hurt her, he knows what she means to him. Stefano pleads with her and says he needs the portfolio in order to destroy it. Kate mutes her phone and Sami and Lucas convince Kate to say yes. Kate doesn't want them to be in danger but finally agrees to meet Andre at the health club. Stefano asks her to destroy the folio if there is a chance it could fall into the wrong hands. When he starts to feel pain, he turns off the phone. Kate isn't happy to know that Sami and Lucas want to meet Andre, in her place. She asks them to reconsider but Lucas refuses. Kate runs off to get him released.

Once Kate's gone, Sami leaves to find EJ to fill him in on the news. She leaves and Kate returns with news that the release papers are on the way. She argues that she should be the one to meet with Andre, not Sami or him. Lucas doesn't want her to get involved. "I don't trust you," he says. Kate laughs and asks if she has to open up a vein to prove herself to him. Lucas asks why Stefano gave her money and she claims it was a business transaction. Lucas thinks she slept with Stefano… Kate rolls her eyes but doesn't dispute this. She instead praises Stefano for giving her a future, and asks Lucas to stay out of her private business.


At the hospital, Lexi, and Benjy hear out EJ, when he tells them that Stefano could live if someone gave him a section of their healthy liver. Tony laughs that he can't do it since he's not blood, and Lexi seethes. She refuses to even consider this and tells him to go to hell. EJ tries harder to convince her, but she calls Stefano a beast, "That man is pure evil." Benjy signs that he wants to leave, but EJ stops him. Benjy says he has a wife and baby to consider and since he hates Stefano, he won't do it! Benjy leaves and Lexi says it's up to EJ to save him.


Stefano is visited by Lexi, Tony and EJ. Lexi tells her father that she refuses to be tested and Stefano asks if she wants him to die. Lexi says, "I wish I didn't, but yes… I do. When you die there will be one less piece of evil in this world." Lexi leaves the room and EJ apologizes because he needs a moment to think about becoming a donor. Tony closes the door behind him. "And then there were none," he says. "Would you care to be buried here or in the family crypt in Tuscany?" Tony asks, lightly!


Sami meets EJ outside Stefano's room and tells him the news about Kate. When she notices he looks morose, she assumes Stefano is dead. He quietly says that his father is still alive and tells her about the procedure that can save his life. He isn't sure he can do it and tells her that Benjy and Lexi opted out. "I love my father, Samantha. He's hurt a lot of people. Maybe the world would be a better place without him." He says sadly. Sami jumps up and tells him he can't let his father die! She says she hopes he rots in hell, but not yet because he's the only one who can control Andre. EJ disagrees, and Sami says they need Stefano to finally declare the vendetta over once she gets the folio. EJ realizes he has to agree to the surgery for a father who was good to him all these years.


Inside Stefano's room, Rolf says there will be no more talk of funerals. In walks EJ and says if he is a match, he'll do the surgery. Tony wishes them luck and leaves. After EJ and Rolf leave, Stefano starts to laugh maniacally and says, "It's not over yet! The phoenix rises again!"


Sami gets back to Lucas' room and finds Kate gone. Lucas tells her Kate slept with Stefano, and she says she knew. She says all that matters is that Kate set up the meeting with Andre. They agree to cut and run if things turn bad.


Next on Days of our Lives:

Stephanie says to Max that whatever happened in the past can't happen again. "Never," Max says. "Never,.. ever." says Steph.

Bo tells Roman, "As long as I've wanted that guy wiped off the face of this earth, him dying right now would be the worst thing that could happen to this family."

Andre tells Sami that he wouldn't hesitate to sap the life out of her. She promptly passes out.

A disguised Andre points a gun at Lucas and threatens, "You'll make one ugly stain on that wall."

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