Nicole reveals her true feelings for Eric to an unlikely person

Christine Fix

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

Wednesday September 20, 2017: Abe gives Nicole advice on her love life, Victor gives Brady advice, and Julie and Chloe bid on TBD.

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Episode # 13176Lucas wakes up in the hospital, tied to the bed and in a panic. He calls out for help. Kayla appears, Kate, Maggie and Jennifer rush in and he yells that this is an intervention. Maggie yells that they love him. Kayla tells Lucas he had severe alcohol poisoning. He almost died. Jenn claims they're not judging him and Kate grabs him, saying she loves him. He refuses rehab and struggles as they get in his face. He yells, asking why Maggie let Adrienne move in with Justin at her house. Maggie reminds him that Justin's Victor's nephew. Lucas cries about having nothing and nobody. Later, he's released from his binds and takes off.

Chad and Abigail arrive at St. Luke's. Chad's annoyed at theEpisode # 13176 amount of work they have to do in order to get married at the church. He slumps in the pew and Abigail kisses him to give him motivation. They write down names of family members who have married in the church but worry considering the weddings weren't all on the up and up. They worry about Lucas and then when writing their children's names down, Grace's name comes up. Abby notes Chad's still heartbroken over her.

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Julie and Chloe meet accidentally at TBD. Julie's surprised she's there. She didn't know the brunette had the money to buy the place. Chloe's tired of being at another's mercy. She wants to be in control of her own destiny. Julie plans on outbidding Chloe, causing the singer to huff about how patronizing Julie's being. Episode # 13176People start arriving and Chloe asks if owning a club would be a hassle at Julie's age. Julie insists her and Doug have boundless energy. Chloe grins. "If you say so." Julie mentions Doug's Place, the club she and her husband used to own. Chloe smiles while Julie regales her with old stories, but tries to talk the older woman out of buying TBD. Julie's sick of cruises. They need something to get their juices flowing. Julie plans on surprising Doug. Chloe calls it the sweetest thing she's ever heard but she's not bowing out. They take seats and Chloe tells Julie she has a good investor and she believes in herself. Julie's intrigued at Chloe's determination. Chloe sees Myron walk in and the auctioneer, (played by Jeff Witzke), gets started at $200 grand. Myron gets it up to $400 thousand. Neither Chloe nor Julie can afford it. They quickly decide to pool their resources and yell out $500 grand. They win the bid. TBD is theirs. They hug and laugh. Myron's bummed out and leaves. While Julie thinks Chloe will learn so much from her, Chloe thinks it's the other way around.

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Brady finds Victor in the parlour. Victor asks if he's been drinking. Brady says he's thought of it but isn't. Vic demands his grandson get his ass to an AA meeting. "What's Nicole done now?" Brady defends Nicole and admits Chloe let it slip that Eric still has feelings for Nicole. Victor thinks Brady had a right to know and gives 'that bitch' Chloe credit for doing something right. Victor can't believe he's defending Nicole but what makes Brady so sure she returns those feelings? Brady's unsure of her feelings but doesn't trust his brother. He asks Vic what he should do. Vic says find someone to do his dirty work and get Nic away from Eric.Episode # 13176

At the Horton Center, Eric and Nicole hold hands. Eric moves in for a kiss and Nicole looks as though she's about to return the kiss when she decides to get some lunch.

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Episode # 13176Nicole leaves a message for Brandon, looking for a friend to talk with. Abe strolls by. He heard her message and says Brandon's at a pediatrics conference. Nicole sighs. She could use advice. Abe offers himself. Nicole hems and haws but Abe considers her family. Nicole feels the same about him. She tears up and tells him she has feelings for Eric though she loves Brady. Abe says her feelings will intensify the more she works closely with him. She realizes she should stop working with him. Abe asks if Eric cares for her and she says no but then remembers the way he looked at her. She worries how Brady would react if he thought Eric had feelings for her.

Episode # 13176Brady goes to the Horton Center to confront Eric about his feelings for Nicole. Eric says it started when he returned to Salem but he'd never act on it. "I don't want Nicole," he spits. He wants Brady's happiness. Brady orders him to fire Nicole.

Chad and Abby arrive home. They find a gift from Laura who isn't attending the wedding. They banter and kiss passionately. Chad wants sex but though Abby wants to, she refuses.

Brady returns home and starts chugging the alcohol.

Nic returns to Horton Center and Eric has something to tell her...

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Chloe warns Eric that she made a mistake in judgement.

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