Hattie and Marlena come face to face and Marlena demands answers

Christine Fix

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

Wednesday September 13, 2017: Hattie and Marlena have a talk at the police station, Bonnie berates Sheila for watching soaps and not dusting, and Theo overhears Claire's private conversation.

Hattie and Marlena come face to face and Marlena demands answers image

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Eric sees Holly and Nicole at the square. He calls Holly beautiful. "She looks like you." Nicole looks uncomfortable. She thinks Holly looks like her daddy and when Eric asks if it's hard for her, she says it's quite the opposite. She was tempted to continue her work at Horton Center. They agree they'll miss working together. Eric asks her to take good care of herself and she puzzles that it sounds like he's saying goodbye. Eric doesn't want to get between his brother and her again. He's glad to hear things are going well between them.

Episode # 13171At the pub, Brady struggles with his demons when John finds him. The men embrace and John shares what Hattie did to him and Marlena and that they don't think Hattie was working alone. Brady's sorry that he didn't even notice there was an issue, he was so self-centered. John admits it took him a while to figure things out himself. Brady recalls seeing Hattie once and reveals she called him on being jealous of Eric and Nicole. She was right. They share a lot of history. John asks his kid to trust in his love. Stopping Nic from working at the Horton Center isn't love.

Episode # 13171At the Kiriakis mansion, Bonnie finds Sheila eating a bag of chips. She's watching "her stories." She hasn't seen them in 10 years but muses that she hasn't missed anything. Bonnie tells her to get to work but Sheila wants her money. "Have you been sniffing the cleaning supplies?" Bonnie asks, when Sheila puts her feet up. Bonnie will soon get the cash. For now, what else can she do? Sheila asks Bonnie to clean. Bonnie dusts Maggie's figurines while they grouse about "that uppity bitch" Maggie. Maggie appears. Bonnie says she was teaching Sheila how to dust the figurines properly. Maggie takes "Adrienne" aside and lets her know she overstepped her bounds in hiring Sheila who seems rough. Bonnie says she does a great job. An old friend recommended her. Mags asks where she worked previously. "The big house. A big house," Bonnie clarifies, wincing. Maggie says they'll keep an eye on her and asks her not to make anymore household decisions without consulting her. Later, when Bonnie's cleaning, she puts on the news and learns of Hattie's arrest. She drops one of Maggie's cherished figurines.

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Hattie's brought to SPD and is shocked when she comes face to face with Marlena. Hattie wants to go back to her cell but Marlena tells her double not to be afraid. She's there to make her an offer. "What's up Doc?" she asks. Marlena asks why Hattie went through with this whole charade. Hattie says it wasn't about them and then admits she is sorry about the ECT business. "Sorry doesn't cut it," Marlena says. She wants to make a deal. First, she needs contrition. Hattie is genuine when she vows that she really is sorry. Marlena asks who she's working with. Hattie lies that she's a lone wolf but Marlena knows better. Marlena asks if it's Stefano and Hattie gasps that she'd never work with him again. She flashes to Anjelica's death and asks to go back to her cell. She wants Justin Kiriakis as her lawyer, too.

At the loft, after Claire leaves a message for her grandmother, thanking her for advice about Theo when he appears and questions her. She admits the truth, that she was being a brat when she asked for advice. She was hurt and her grandma convinced her to try to just be friends. They share a moment when Tripp walks in with a few boxes, wishing Joey was still there. Tripp hands over rent money. Theo's short with him and leaves the room. Claire explains that Theo's jealous of them. Tripp wonders if that's why she invited him to move in. She admits it. Tripp doesn't mind. Theo appears and Tripp says he visited Joe today. He lends Theo a game and asks if it's cool if he asks Claire out. Theo says yes. Tripp goes and Theo tells Claire that Tripp's interested in her. She acts surprised and admits Tripp is cute and now she's free to see him and keep Theo as a friend. Theo thinks that's a horrible idea. He wants her to be his girlfriend, not Tripp's. He kisses her passionately.

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Brady finds Eric and Nicole at the square. They discuss Hattie's skullduggery. Episode # 13171Eric goes and Brady tells Nicole he was wrong to stop her from working at Horton Center. He asks her to resume her work there. Nicole's elated.

Back at the Horton Center, Eric thinks about Nicole.

Marlena meets John at the pub and fills him in on her time with Hattie. John thinks the madness is gone. He plans on holding her in his arms and never letting her go. They smooch.

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Bonnie begs her pal Hattie not to tattle on her.

Adrienne's disappointed.

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