Brady's jealous when Nicole says she wants to return to work with Eric

Christine Fix

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

Tuesday September 12, 2017: Abigail tries to get the other DiMeras to listen to reason, Hope has cold feet about her wedding, and Nicole wants to go back to work at the Horton Center.

Brady's jealous when Nicole says she wants to return to work with Eric image

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abby-saves-the-day-days-nbcChad, Kate and Abigail are approached by Andre at the DiMera mansion. They argue about the rumor going around that the company is unstable. Andre blames Chad for bringing home the cursed amulet and Abigail intervenes. They've both made mistakes and need to fix them. Kate snipes that Andre stabbed her in the back and he swipes back, saying that she made him look crazy. Andre sniffs that at least the board recognized that he was a victim of the scam artist, Hattie Adams. Kate says the board is laughing at him. Abby asks if they can move forward. Chad apologizes for seeming as though he doesn't appreciate Andre. He does. Father would be proud of them helping each other. Andre grins. Abby coaches Kate and she finally decides to overlook Andre's "questionable acts." They start making calls about yesterday's events and Chad and Abby kiss.

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hope-cold-feet-days-nbcHope and Rafe wake up together in bed on their day off and examine their thoughts on Gabi's kidnapping and Hattie's machinations. They make love and Rafe asks when they'll set a date and start planning their wedding. Hope asks, "What's the rush?" Rafe says he's not rushing her. It's just the normal progression of an engagement. Hope wants a simple wedding. Rafe asks her to get their marriage license today but she thinks he's joking. She feels pressured again which makes Rafe wonder if she's avoiding becoming his wife. Hope professes her love for him and admits she is avoiding wedding talk. They kiss and he agrees to chill about wedding talk when she reminds him of how good they've got it.

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Brady pours a drink at the Kiriakis mansion but is stopped from taking a sip when Nicole appears with Holly. She praises Brady for what he did at her hearing. Later, she puts the kid to bed and Brady tells her he'll be working long hours what with Sonny taking time off for his wedding and honeymoon. Nicole will miss him. She says she wants to continue working at the hot-eli-with-Gabi-days-nbcHorton Center and give back. Brady goes on defense and makes a jab about her wanting to work with Eric. They argue.

Gabi drops by the Martin House to give Eli a gift as a thank-you for saving her life. Eli's clad in only a towel and Gabi tries not to let her eyes stray to his smokin' body. He goes to change. When he returns, he opens a Gameboy and laughingly recalls playing Tetris. eli-looks-sexy-tattoo-days-nbcHis boss texts and Gabi wonders if he's going to give him a transfer to a bigger city where there's more crime. Eli reveals that his boss has issues with his work and he wants to stay in Salem. Besides, "Salem does just fine in the crime department." They play his Gameboy and he offers to give her self-defense training since he used to train. He shows her a few moves.

Doug and Julie find Eric asleep at the Horton Center. He wakes up and they discuss having Nicole return for a few hours a week to help out. Julie knows she's great with grant writing but Eric thinks Nic is where she belongs. Julie goes while the men discuss how well Jenn's doing. Doug asks Eric not to close himself off to women.

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julie-butting-out-days-nbc Julie arrives at Eli's and sees Gabi in his arms. They quickly explain what's going on and Gabi blurts that they're not a couple. Julie says she's glad that Gabi wasn't harmed by Raines. Julie's there to apologize to Eli for her reaction to Abe's arrest. She's not taking back the house and plans on butting out. She says, "I tend to mount my high horse and ride very frequently." If Eli is happy, she's happy. She leaves and Eli talks about how comfortable they are together. gabi-hot-for-eli-days-nbcThey get back to training and then agree to do it again soon and have dinner after. Eli gets a call and asks, "Are you serious?" He listens some more and disconnects. He tells Gabi his friend called to give him a heads up that he's about to be fired from the FBI.

Julie turns up at the Kiriakis mansion to thank Nicole for being so helpful at the center. Julie had no idea what a kind and generous heart she had. She asks if Nic would return to volunteer. The women agree that the kids come first so her time is limited but they do need her. Brady says there are loads of other organizations Nicole could work for at Titan. Julie takes off and Brady leaves the decision up to Nicole, though it's clear he's not happy.

Brady arrives at the pub and gazes longingly at the bottles of booze all lined up in a row.

Nicole takes Holly for a walk to the square and second guesses getting a job. "I have waited for you my whole life," she says to her daughter. Eric approaches.

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