As Roman and Paul save John and Marlena, Hope makes an arrest

Christine Fix

Monday, September 11th, 2017

Monday September 11, 2017: Sheila delivers Adrienne's message to Justin, Roman and Paul make a rescue, and Hattie breaks down and tells Hope everything.

As Roman and Paul save John and Marlena, Hope makes an arrest image

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Justin opens the door to Sheila, who flashes to Adrienne giving her a message for Justin, while in the parlor, Bonnie gets flirty with Victor. He tells her he doesn't like her anymore. She tries to explain that she feels bad about hurting Lucas and doesn't want to hurt Justin, either. She's no "double dipping hussy." Victor yells for Justin to get in there and he appears with Sheila following. Bonnie and Sheila simultaneously say, "What in the hell are you doing here?" Bonnie thinks quickly and tells them that Sheila's there for an interview. She takes her into the foyer where Sheila realizes that she's Bonnie, and that Adrienne's in Statesville. Back in the parlor, Victor whines to Justin about Adrienne wanting to confide about her personal feelings. "I'm barely interested in my own feelings!" he says, so Justin offers to move. Victor goes on and on until Justin says with love that his uncle has to "can it!" Victor agrees to shut it as long as Justin doesn't move. In the foyer, Sheila agrees to become the new maid but wants money now. Bonnie needs a few days. Sheila needs an apartment with a balcony so she can "grill outside." They go tell the men that "Adrienne" hired Sheila.

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Episode # 13169At the DiMera mansion, Chad wonders why Marlena would have Andre committed. Kate thinks it's pretty logical. The man is insane. Abby asks if Kate put Marlena up to this. Kate doesn't say no but doesn't think Marlena would do something like that. Chad has to go get Andre out of there but Kate orders him not to, knowing Andre wouldn't have let him take over the CEO position. Abigail says Kate's not exactly partial. Kate knows but it doesn't mean she's wrong. Abigail reminds them of the good he has done for her and the family. Chad and Kate agree, but now, Kate thinks it's all an act. Abigail's more compassionate. They agree to get him the help he needs and do damage control. She calls Mr. Chin to leave a message and Abby rushes off to Bayview. Kate admits she hates the idea of Andre in there.

Episode # 13169From his padded room at Bayview, Andre yells at the orderlies to get him out of there. In another room, a nurse prepares John and Marlena for electroconvulsive shock therapy, ignoring their pleas. John knows their memories will be gone but they'll find their way back to each other. Marlena prays he's right. The nurse starts the procedure.jarlena-almost-get-ect-days-nbc

At the square, Roman tells Paul he hasn't heard from Hope. Roman fills Paul in on Hattie's background. Knowing Hattie isn't a murderer, Roman gets an idea to visit Bayview to find John and Marlena.

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Hope arrives at Salem Inn. Hattie opens the door, ready to leave with her suitcase. She's shocked when Hope addresses her as Hattie. Hattie insists she's Marlena but Hope knows better. Hattie claims to have a medical conference but Hope knows she's lying and says she's going nowhere. She needs to undo whatever it is she has done before it's too late. Hope knows if she opened that suitcase she'd find Hattie's preferred fashions - not Marlena's. When the case just happens to fall open, Hope grins, knowingly. Hattie starts to cry. "Don't touch my stuff," she says, when Hope helps put things back.

jarlena-rescued-by-paul-roman-days-nbcPaul and Roman burst into  Bayview Sanitarium and rescue John and Marlena. They learn the couple has only been given a sedative. Roman and Paul take them out of their binds and Marlena tells them that Andre's been committed as well. They know. They tell her not to worry - Hattie won't get away with any of this.

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Back at Salem Inn, Hattie asks if Hope hates her now. Hope says no, she saved her life. Hattie finally reveals to her that she had John and Marlena scheduled for an ECT at Bayview. Hope goes off the rails and quickly calls someone. She learns Roman and Paul saved them. She and Hattie are relieved. Hattie worries Roman hates her and realizes she's obsessive. She cries. Hope says she should have just returned as Hattie. Hattie thinks she could have had a chance with her Prince Charming. Hope reads her Miranda rights and Hattie joins in, sobbing the whole time, wishing Hope could let her go.

Roman calls Kate to tell her about what just went down, then goes to get Andre released. He asks Andre to leave Hattie alone, since he really deserved her wrath after what he did to her. Later, a nurse goes to a patient and tells him that the drama of today has died down. When he leaves the room, the patient steals some keys.

Abigail reappears at the DiMera mansion and Kate lets them know about Roman's call. They're shocked at the whole story. Chad's unsure if he can trust his brother again. Andre appears.

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