Some Salemites realize that Hattie Adams is impersonating Marlena Evans

Christine Fix

Friday, September 8th, 2017

Friday September 8, 2017: Hattie wants Andre institutionalized, Adrienne gets out of solitary confinement, and Maggie has questions that Bonnie just can't answer.

Some Salemites realize that Hattie Adams is impersonating Marlena Evans image

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From her room at Salem Inn, Chloe talks with Parker until Lucas drops by - sober to thank her for helping him with Anjelica. He swears that he went to bed with Adrienne. Chloe encourages him not to give up on her but Lucas says Adrienne's already living at "The House of Horrors." Chloe's shocked at how fast it happened. Lucas finds it unbelievable as well. Chloe gives him a pep talk and Lucas agrees to go to a meeting.

Adrienne's taken out of solitary from a guard at the prison. She has three weeks left before she gets phone privileges back and pleads and tries to bribe the guard to let her make a call. He threatens to throw her back in solitary. Later, there's a "crackers and toilet wine" inmate party for Sheila since she's being released. Adrienne tries to eat a cracker but Sheila slaps her hand away for being a friend to Hattie. Adrienne settles for signing the card and when Sheila sees it, she's upset until Adrienne offers her money if she helps her from the Kiriakis family. Sheila has heard of them. She agrees to get the card to Justin.

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In the Kiriakis mansion, "Adrienne" has breakfast with Justin, Maggie and Victor. Maggie asks if she has an idea of how Anjelica was found dead in her bed. Bonnie claims to have no idea. Maggie is glad she has an alibi considering there's a motive for her wanting Anjelica gone. This gets a rise from Bonnie. Later, Bonnie bitches to Justin about Maggie treating her like a criminal. Justin thinks she'll come around. She gets out of a kiss with him when a call comes in and grumbles about taking Maggie down once he's out of earshot. Later, she finds Victor alone and approaches, drumming up some crocodile tears. He ignores her so she asks for a tissue. He gives her one and ignores her some more. She sobs loudly and he finally bites. Looking bored, he asks what's wrong. She cries over being hurt by Maggie's mistreatment of her. Victor says Maggie's overprotective of Lucas. She moves in closer and butters him up, telling him she loves his sarcastic one-liners and his strength. She places her hand on his thigh and he looks startled. Meanwhile, Sheila knocks on the door and Justin answers.

Paul goes to Hope at SPD to explain that Marlena lied to him about John going back on assignment with the ISA and that Marlena isn't herself. Hope had no idea that she left John or kissed Roman. They run to find her.

InEpisode # 13168 Bayview, Marlena and John struggle with their binds. Marlena explains that shock therapy is safe these days though memory loss is a major side effect.

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At the square, when "Marlena" announces that Andre is mentally incompetent, Andre asks what she's doing. She knows it's a shock and embarrassing but calls him a sociopath. Everyone looks astounded. Andre yells that it's not what she told him earlier. Hattie says he's a danger to himself and others and recommends he be institutionalized immediately. "If not sooner!" She tells everyone about Andre terrorizing Salem in the past. Andre argues that he was pardoned. Two orderlies appear. "I've signed all the paperwork," Hattie yells, as they drag him off. Roman and Kate tell "Marlena" this could have been handled more discreetly. Hattie seems glad there's no "funny business" between them. Episode # 13168When Kate goes, Hattie starts to discuss rekindling their love but Roman stops her and once again reminds her it's not going to happen. Jenn asks "Marlena" for a quote and she says, "The son-of-a-bitch got what he deserved. You can put that in your stinky little paper." Jennifer's baffled. Paul and Hope appear and Jennifer and Roman explain what just went down. Everyone agrees something is not right about Marlena. In the park, Kate stops a board member, Gayle Karp, (played by Lisagaye Tomlinson) to apologize for the misunderstanding about her alleged infidelity. Gayle will be in touch. She goes and Jenn asks Kate for a quote. Kate says there'll be an investigation into this and abides by Marlena's diagnosis. Nearby, Hope tells Paul he's right. That is not Marlena! Hope goes and Roman and Paul realize Marlena is actually Hattie Adams.

John and Marlena are brought to a waiting room where Andre's brought to at Bayview. Andre gets a load of them and wonders "what the devil" is going on. He thinks this is a sick game and yells at Marlena for humiliating him. She explains that Hattie Adams is impersonating her and had them committed as well. marlena-john-worry-sanitarium-days-nbcAndre says, "The woman doesn't have the intellect to put a pair of socks together." He tells the staff to let them all go. The orderly thinks they're all crazy and they drag Andre to his own padded cell. Meanwhile, it's shock treatment time...

Back in her room at Salem Inn, Hattie flashes to kissing Roman and looks glum. She realizes she needs to leave town. On her way out, she bumps into Hope!

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John and Marlena are concerned about their fate.

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