Andre's press conference backfires, causing Abigail concern

Christine Fix

Thursday, September 7th, 2017

Thursday September 7, 2017: Andre makes a huge announcement, Abigail is released from the hospital, and Hattie offers herself to Roman again.

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JJ and Jennifer meet Abigail and Chad in the hospital as she's released. They chat about Gabi's kidnapping and JJ assures that Raines will be behind bars for a long time. Abigail giggles and tells them that they picked a wedding date and that they'll be sharing it with Sonny and Paul. Jenn and JJ appear surprised and once JJ's gone, Jennifer asks if they really want to share their special day. Abby points out she's already been a bride. Chad defers to Abby. Abby asks about Anjelica being found dead in Adrienne's bed but Jenn has nothing to add. She gets paged and runs to work.

At the loft, Claire gets on social media to defend Abe, calling him a superhero. Theo wishes he would have believed his father. Claire makes light of it, saying that parents expect to be let down. Theo is bothered by his mistrust of his father and others. They discuss Tripp and Claire attempts to make Theo jealous.

Abe finds Raines cuffed in the interrogation room at SPD. Raines can't believe he let Abe play him that way. Abe scoffs that Raines will get 20 to life, then leaves the room as JJ appears. Abe gets a thunderous applause and hugs. JJ calls Abe a "rockstar," and makes him laugh. Abe's touched that Val stood by him. She's proud of him. He digs around in his pocket and comes out with her necklace and earrings. She can't accept them but he tells her the feeling behind his gifts were real. She accepts them. They go and Lani and JJ take Raines to the cells.

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During breakfast at the DiMera mansion, Andre reads the news about Raines aloud. Kate shuts him up by offering a scone. He runs off chuckling while he takes a call from "Marlena," who tells him he passed his psych evaluation. Andre's grateful he can now gain control of his family business and kick his "backstabbing wife to the curb." He asks for her participation in something and she agrees without knowing what it is. He returns to Kate and tells her he's been working on a deal. "Lemonade stand?" she asks, grinning. He tells her he's having a press conference in the square later. He can't wait to see her face when he makes his announcement. Kate looks worried. Later, once they're gone, Chad and Abigail arrive. paul-worries-about-john-days-nbcChad helps his intended sit on the sofa with care and goes to get their kid.

While in bed at the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny talks to Gabi on a call, glad she's fine. They disconnect and Paul says he sent an email to Shane to confirm his dad was on an ISA mission and hasn't heard back. Sonny tries to reassure his fiance but Paul muses that Marlena wasn't herself.

Roman bumps into "Marlena" in the square. He asks if she worked things out with John. She denies it. Roman's sorry. Hattie offers herself to him again and he shoots her down gently...again. Andre appears and thanks "Marlena" for coming early. hattie-and-roman-asks-second-chance-days-nbcHe asks Roman to stick around. Kate appears just as a reporter asks Andre what he's announcing. Kate takes him aside and says he's not authorized to make statements on DiMera's behalf. Andre chuckles and gathers the press around. He introduces them to "Marlena" and Kate's jaw drops, then he reports that his marriage is a fraud.

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At the pub, Sonny and Paul happily discuss their wedding. Paul gives Sonny his champion ring. In awe, Sonny remembers that game. They share a kiss. Paul gets a call and learns that his dad's not on an ISA mission. Marlena lied!

Back at the mansion, a sniffling Thomas appears with Chad. Chad finds the press conference on his cell phone. They start watching as Andre accuses Kate of committing fraud by marrying him without love and cheating on him with Roman Brady. Chad takes Thomas back upstairs and the adults continue to watch as Kate calls her husband mentally unstable and tells the press they don't have all the facts. Roman tells the crowd that he kissed Mrs. DiMera who didn't kiss him back and made it clear that she was married and didn't return his feelings. Jenn snipes that they were promised big news. "And this press conference is about a kiss?" Andre tells her he's stepping in as CEO, causing Abigail to wonder why he's humiliating Kate. Andre tells them Dr. Evans can testify to his competence. Hattie talks to reporters, telling them that she gave him a psych evaluation and has diagnosed him as being mentally incompetent. Kate grins while Andre looks stricken. Meanwhile, Abigail is concerned, knowing that Andre is touchy about being called mentally ill.

Abe and Val arrive at the loft. Theo apologizes for his mistrust. Abe forgives his kid. He's sorry he left everyone in the dark. He asks the kids to join him in a steak and bottle of vino but Claire urges them to have alone time. There are hugs all around and Val and Abe go.

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