Hattie orders electroshock therapy when John & Marlena almost escape

Christine Fix

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

Wednesday September 6, 2017: John gets into Marlena's room at Bayview, Holly is returned to her mother, and Raines is caught.

Hattie orders electroshock therapy when John & Marlena almost escape image

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Episode # 13166At Bayview Sanitarium, John and Marlena continue to hold hands through the vent. Marlena giggles when John mentions how soft her hands are. He plans on holding her soon, "And that's a fact." Marlena has concerns that Hattie's wreaking havoc in Salem but she has faith John can get her out of this. The orderly arrives at John's room and John pretends he's still in his straightjacket but jumps the guy and chokes him out. John goes to Marlena's room but before they can escape, another orderly stops them. John tries to explain that Hattie Adams has taken over Doc's life to no avail. John slams the orderly into the wall and is tasered for his efforts. Marlena screams and the orderly locks them in. Later, they're strapped to their beds and try to figure out a new way out.

Back in Salem, Hattie talks with Bonnie on a call from Marlena's office. She explains putting Anjelica in bed with Lucas was the easiest thing to do. She disconnects and tries to read 'big' words in a text book.

Eric jogs through the square and flashes to taking photos of Nicole.

Episode # 13166Nicole and Brady wait to be reunited with Holly at the hospital. Nicole whines about "what if" while Brady tries to get her to relax. They reminisce about the day Holly was born and Nic's thankful to Eric for getting her kid back. Brady says he has something to tell her but then sees "Marlena" and runs over to her. He asks for her time and she reluctantly takes him to Marlena's office. She asks if this is because she kissed Roman. Brady's shocked. Why would she do that? Hattie argues, "Why wouldn't I? Roman was my first great love." Brady wanted to discuss John but now demands to know what's going on. She claims to love Roman now. Not John. She turns the tables on him and says it's worse to cling to a relationship when it's over, talking about him and Nicole. Brady's speechless and runs out on her. Meanwhile, Eric comes across Nicole who tells him that Holly's getting her final exam before they go home together. Eric calls her deserving. Holly is brought in and Nicole's all smiles. She snuggles her girl and Eric says he'll miss her at the Horton Center. They hold hands as Brady appears. Eric goes and Brady says he knows this is petty but he was the one who got Holly back - not his brother. Back in Marlena's office, Eric goes to "Marlena" who is in a bad mood after dealing withEpisode # 13166 Brady. She shoos him away when she gets a call. Brady and Nicole cuddle with their baby. Back in Marlena's office, Hattie takes a call from the sanitarium and learns John and Marlena almost escaped. She tells them to follow 'the next phase of treatment' which is electroshock therapy. She gets the orderly to tell them.

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At SPD, Rafe, Hope and Eli find an address that Raines could have taken Gabi to. They race to find her.

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Raines holds a gun to Gabi at some cabin. She jumps in his face and grabs the gun. There's a struggle and Raines bitch slaps Gabi to the sofa. Suddenly, Rafe kicks in the door, yelling, "Don't move!" Raines snags Gabi and holds the gun to her head, telling the cops he's in charge. Raines yells that the "Keystone Cops" finally figured it out. He orders them to drop their guns and instead, Eli shoots Raines in the shoulder! Rafe takes Gabi as Eli cuffs Raines. Hope reads him his rights, smiling. She asks why Raines got involved in the counterfeiting scheme and Raines rolls his eyes, reminding her she murdered someone and hid her crime. She glosses over that and Rafe bitches to Eli that the shot he took could have killed his sister while Gabi thanks Eli for saving her life.

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