Raines prepares to take Gabi's life while SPD scrambles to find clues

Christine Fix

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

Monday September 5, 2017: Raines calls Gabi a liability, Tripp gets two new roommates, and Hope questions what "Adrienne" knows about Anjelica's death.

Raines prepares to take Gabi's life while SPD scrambles to find clues image

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Claire licks her lips when a towel clad Theo steps into the living room from the shower to tell her Val was paged and left. He returns, clothed, and Claire again asks him to agree to let Tripp move in.

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Episode # 13165At the hospital, Tripp tells Kayla he'd like to donate all of Ava's money to the hospital. Kay refuses to accept. Steve asks Tripp to leave and calls Tripp's donation generous. Kayla accuses Tripp of costing her her son. Steve defends Tripp, though Kayla calls it 'making excuses'. She throws his being an absent father in his face. He reminds her he had to leave in order to keep them safe. He still regrets not being there for his kids. Kayla says it hurts her to see him being a father to Tripp while she can't be a mother to Joe. Steve asks her not to let the ghost of Ava come between them anymore. She decides to accept the donation.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Hope lets "Adrienne" know that Anjelica Deveraux died in her bed at Salem Inn. Episode # 13165Does she know how that happened? Bonnie looks green and babbles and Hope worries about her own health. Justin walks in and Bonnie muses about needing a nap. Hope says they're waiting on the cause of death. Justin demands answers from "Adrienne" and when she stammers, he stops her from responding. He tells Hope that he was with Adrienne all night. Hope is clear that she's not accusing Adrienne of anything. She goes and Justin flashes to "Adrienne's" earlier refusal to let him into her suite at Salem Inn. He reminds her of this and assumes she knows something. She swears on their children she saw nothing. She was uncomfortable with him seeing her body. He understands and apologizes, then goes off to call Alexander while Bonnie calls Hattie with questions.

From SPD, Rafe calls Eli to tell him Dario sent proof that Raines was his silent partner to TBD. Eli's excited and they race over to take a look.

At TBD, Gabi listens to Raines' recorded admission that he was the silent partner in the counterfeiting scheme. Raines overhears and pulls a gun. It's a shame she had to hear that. Gabi gasps and shakes. Eli and Rafe show up. "Oh," gasps Eli. Rafe says, "What?" Eli says the crime scene tape has been cut. They head in and find Dario's package - empty, and Gabi's purse. Eli says he saw her there an hour ago and he sent her away. They assume Raines intercepted the package on his way to see Myron and has her. Rafe will kill him if the commish harms his sister.

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Episode # 13165Raines takes Gabi to a cabin, smashes her phone and wonders what to do with her. He blames her brothers for meddling, and points his gun at her. She tries to talk her way out of it and he babbles about taking only a fraction of the profits. He says he's the one who convinced Dario to marry Abigail then Dario threw righteous Abe Carver under a bus! Gabi doesn't defend her brother for what he has done but understands why he protected himself by running. She starts yelling at him and calls him a bully, then rides his butt about running over Abby. Raines calls that a shame but shrugs it off. He cocks his gun as Gabi sobs.

Episode # 13165Tripp arrives at the loft and Claire pounces, asking if he can cook. He can. He tells them he's moving. Since he decided to donate Ava's money to charity, he has to cut expenses. Claire invites him to move in there, as Theo glares. Claire explains they don't want help from Joey's parents. She'll even help him get a job at Mandalay. Theo pooh poohs the whole thing. Tripp assumes he's being loyal to Joey and is cool with that but Claire pulls Theo aside, telling him to get off of his high horse about this. Theo caves and Tripp goes to get his things. Claire's happy Mr. Brinkley will be off their back about their rent.

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Eli and Rafe return to SPD and fill JJ and Lani in. They put out an APB on Gabi. Hope rushes in having heard the news and Rafe finds a clue - an address.

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