Days Recap: Chad tells Kate Gabi was never a threat to his marriage

Christine Fix

Friday, April 21st, 2017

Friday April 21, 2017: Dario supports Abigail, Sonny has advice for Chad, and Julie relays her anger about Gabi to Doug.

Days Recap: Chad tells Kate Gabi was never a threat to his marriage image

From the pub, Abigail calls someone about a job and gives Deveraux as her surname. Dario appears, thinking she could use a friend. Abigail thanks him for helping her. He makes her feel safe but she wants to stand on her own now. She holds his hand and Kate walks in. She gets an eyeful and backs out. After Dario goes, Jenn arrives and they discuss Abby's reasons for leaving Chad. Abby says she's been looking for a new job and an apartment but when Jenn asks her to work for the Spectator, Abigail rejects the offer.

At home, a saddened Chad flashes to Abigail leaving him. Sonny arrives, sorry about the news. He suggests his friend give his wife space and focus on Thomas. If he and Abby are meant to be together, they will be.

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Gabi arrives at the hospital and asks a nurse for word on Julie's health. Eli interrupts, snapping at Gabi. Meanwhile, Doug brings Julie snacks from home. He asks about the argument and she rants about Gabi, the 'maneater' and says, "Gabi started it. It's all her fault. I warned her to stay away from Eli." Doug thinks it's up to Eli to decide who he wants. In the waiting room, Gabi warns Eli that Julie can be a bully and she was defending herself. She goes to Julie to apologize. Once in her room, Julie's on edge. Doug leaves them to clear the air and asks his wife to behave herself. "I know what you did and why you did it," Gabi reveals. They argue and Julie promises that Gabs will answer to her if she hurts Eli. Sonny arrives, finding Eli in the waiting room. Sonny heard about Julie and wanted to see how she was. Eli fills Sonny in on Gabi and Julie's argument and Julie's collapse. Sonny lets Eli know about the events that led up to Gabi killing Nick, including the abuse and rape. Eli had no idea. When Gabi reappears, Eli says he owes her an apology. She grins. She owes him one as well.

Kate turns up at the mansion and tells Chad that she thinks Abigail did the right thing. Chad caustically says, "Of course you do," knowing she wanted him with Gabi. Chad says Kate's like a mother to him but says he and Gabi aren't going to happen. His feelings for her weren't a threat to his marriage. Kate tells him about seeing Abigail with Dario at the pub. She's moving on.

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Eric finds Abigail at the park. She fills him in on her marital woes and he dispenses some advice. He thinks she's brave and offers to be there if she needs him. She appears lighter as she goes.

Abigail goes to Chad at the mansion. He asks to take her somewhere.

Kate goes to Dario at TBD. She saw him with Abigail at the pub and noticed their discussion was intense. She assumes their relationship is more than friendship but Dario says though he cares for Abby, she's married. Kate thinks Abigail's into him. Dario's firm that she's wrong. He lets her know that he spoke with his father. Eduardo asked him to keep an eye on her. They're both sorry things didn't work out and Kate plans on looking out for him, too.

At the Horton Center, Jennifer's angry when she tells Eric that Abigail wants her to back off. He knows. She told him. Eric thinks Abigail will be fine. She needs space. They hug.

Chad takes Abigail to the square. He had it cleared and asks her to let him prove his love. He shows her that he has written down his vows. He wants her to have those so she can know that he means them each day. He kisses her.

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