Days Recap: Eli calls 911, thinking Julie has had a heart attack

Christine Fix

Thursday, April 20th, 2017

Thursday April 20, 2017: Eli takes Gabi's mind off her troubles, Hope calls Kayla to deal with Tripp's arrest, and Steve tells Adrienne that his son is alive.

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Episode # 13071Eli finds Gabi brooding at Mandalay and gets her ice cream to cheer her. They hold hands as they go for a walk.

At the loft, Joey kicks Jade out. He's clear that they're over. He'll give her time to find a place. She furrows her brow and calls him mean, just like her father.

Steve visits Adrienne at her hotel room. Adrienne says she's been feeling fine. The boys are taking her "Glamping" in Scottsdale, at Pinnacle Peak - in a hotel. Steve tells her the story of how his son with Ava is alive, and in Salem. AJ urges him to fight for him. Once he's gone, Lucas arrives. He packs for her though he's concerned that it's too soon for her to travel and glum he can't make it. Adrienne kisses him, assuring him she'll be fine with her boys.

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Kayla arrives at SPD after she's called by Hope, about Tripp's arrest. Kayla goes into interrogation and asks Tripp what happened. He admits he was drunk and tried to punch "the guy who runs The Brady Pub." She asks why. As they talk, Julie arrives and approaches Hope to voice her concerns that if Gabi and Eli get romantic and things go wrong, Gabi will shoot him. Hope sighs and asks her sister-step-mother to butt out. Julie's hurt and takes off. Back in interrogation, Tripp tells Kay, "The grumpy dude at the pub wouldn't serve me. The guy's a total tool." Kayla tells him Roman's her brother. Kayla says if he needs to talk, she'll be there to listen. In the next room, Rafe appears behind Hope and nuzzles her neck. She doesn't look up from her work and quietly whispers, "Raines, if you try that again, I'll file a sexual harassment report." Rafe jumps and they chuckle.

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Gabi and Eli stroll to the park and when Eli goes to take a call, Julie pops up wanting to have "a little chat" with Gabs. Julie brings up Gabi murdering Nick and calls her names. Gabi doesn't like being treated this way and says, "You're talking out of your head." She doesn't care if Julie likes it or not. Julie looks at someone over Gabi's shoulder and starts clutching at her heart as if this is 'the big one' as Gabi finishes: "If I want to date Eli, I will." Eli appears and rushes to his grandmother's side. He calls 911, thinking she has had a heart attack, as Gabi gasps, astonished.

Tripp returns to the loft and talks about his arrest. Joey finds it incredulous yet humorous. They plan to get to know each other. Joe knows the loft next door is for rent but laughs that he could live anywhere with all his money. As they talk, Jade eavesdrops and when Joe goes to bed, she heads into the living room and commiserates with Tripp over having a terrible day. She is honest about what happened with her and Joey and that he gave her the boot. Tripp asks her to room with him.

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Steve and Kayla meet Rafe and Hope at the Brady's pub. They recap everything that went down with Tripp so far, bummed they can't make him see that Ava was a nutbar.

At the hospital, Gabi paces in the waiting room as Valerie finds Eli with Julie in her room and Julie gripes about Val being her doctor. Eli leaves them alone and goes to Gabi for answers. Gabi gives him the low down and Eli is disgusted. Valerie interrupts and updates that Julie seems fine. She'll be back with the blood-work results. Eli's thankful to his mother but is cool with her. Later, Val gives Julie her test results. It wasn't a heart attack. In the waiting room, Gabi tells Hope and Rafe about Julie's episode. Hope goes to Julie and Val tells her that Julie forgot to take her blood pressure medicine today which could have caused the issue. Eli and Val leave Hope with Julie and Val explains to Rafe and Gabi that Julie never had a heart attack. She doesn't know what happened but says she'll get to the bottom of it. Gabi flashes to earlier and tells Rafe she thinks Julie faked it.

At the park, Kayla lets Steve know her plan to give Jade the placebos worked but she's worried that Jade will retaliate against Joey and reveal the truth, that he's the one who murdered Ava.

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