Days Recap: Marlena's overcome with love when John returns to Salem

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Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

Wednesday April 19, 2017: John returns to spend time with Marlena, Paul may have found a way to get to Deimos, and Tripp gets his inheritance.

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Paul meets with Marlena at the park and hands her a letter, smiles, and takes off. Marlena opens it, surprised at the contents.

Episode # 13070Joey arrives at the loft and finds Jade who wants to atone for her mistake. Kayla interrupts with groceries and a prescription for Jade's new pain medication, reminding her to take just one per day. Kayla leaves and Joey has to study, so Jade shakes out a few pain pills into her hand. She's ready to take them when Kay returns and asks her to stop. Joey comes out of his room and Kayla lets him know what just went down. Kay says, "You thought that you were losing Joey and you were desperate to hold on to him." Jade denies it. Episode # 13070Kayla admits the pills are a placebo. She didn't want to risk Jade getting sick again. Jade feels betrayed. Kay leaves them to talk and Jade opens up about her loneliness. She professes she loves him but Joey doesn't love her back. He asks her to move out.

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At the Brady's pub, Tripp gets details from a lawyer about receiving his inheritance. Steve arrives and overhears the discussion. Once the lawyer leaves, Steve asks him to refuse the money. It comes with strings - it's blood money from Ava's father. All the more reason to accept it, Tripp insists. His grandfather owes him. Steve regrets leaving some things out of their discussion about Tripp's mama and fills him in about what a free spirit Ava was, a good person. He says they fell in love but when he was abducted before they were to marry, and Tripp was born, Ava spiralled out of control in her grief. Her obsession with him didn't end, and Steve talks about how she returned to him, faked cancer and abducted Kayla. Steve calls Ava a threat. Tripp wants proof. Steve's hesitant but shows Tripp Ava's secret room, filled with photos of him and Kayla. Tripp's confused. Why didn't Steve try to help his mother if she was sick? Instead, he smothered her. Steve wishes it didn't turn out that way. He knows it must be hard to hear. They talk about their fathers knocking them around and how it messed with their heads. Steve knows it makes you think everyone's out to get you.Episode # 13070 Tripp trusts himself and thinks that's enough. Steve hears him. He used to think that until he met Kayla, who taught him there are good people in the world. Steve worries he'll be beholden to that family if he takes the money. He doesn't want that to happen to his son. He asks Tripp to come over for pizza but Tripp needs time to think. Steve leaves and Tripp gets drunk. Roman won't serve him anymore, which pisses Tripp off. He takes a swing at Roman, and Roman takes him down, forcing an arm behind his back on the table.

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Sonny and Paul meet at Mandalay and discuss Sonny's challenges at Basic Black. Paul convinces him to take a break from working on his cell. He may have a way to take down Deimos which has to do with him having an artifact sent to his home. They wonder if it'll be sent to Greece. They share a moment and Sonny thinks as long as Paul's by his side, Deimos doesn't stand a chance.

Episode # 13070Marlena arrives at Salem Inn and wonders what's taking so long. John walks in the door and she's overcome. "You're here!" John takes her in his arms. "Long time no see, Doc." She cries. He's sorry for all the "cloak and dagger stuff." They agree to make the most of every second, and start kissing. Later, they're in bed in robes, smooching, and Marlena asks if he's safe. He tells her he's never safer than when he's holding her in his arms. Marlena says that's not what she means. John can't answer her question. Anything he tells her could put her in danger. They kiss some more. He wants to get the job done and get home to his wife. Later they dress and John has to leave again. He promises he'll be back soon.

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Sonny and Paul walk to the park, talking about how life doesn't turn out as expected. Paul says he found life after sports, and Sonny realized how much he wants to turn things around for his family by running Titan. Even falling in love was unexpected. They grin wildly at each other and hold hands.

Steve meets Kayla at the square and fills her in on how overwhelmed Tripp is. Kayla is sure he'll get to his son soon.

At SPD, Tripp's cuffed to a chair and Roman tells him a night in jail will do him some good.

On the next Days of our Lives:

Tripp offers Jade to stay with him.

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