Days Recap: Jade suggests Claire do a sex tape

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Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

Tuesday April 18, 2017:  Abigail goes to Dario for support, Chad tries to make sense of Abigail dumping him, and Scooter does a 180.

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Dario finds Abigail at the parkette, crying. She apologizes for getting makeup on his shirt. He shrugs. That's what friends are for. She rants that if she renewed her vows, it'd be a lie. She wants his undivided attention and since it wasn't happening, she couldn't call her marriage a marriage. Episode # 13069Dario wonders if she gave Chad enough time to get over Gabi and asks if he agrees with her version of reality. Abigail gets her back up and says that for the first time, she's seeing things clearly. Dario asks if she's sure it can't work. Abigail says this breaks her heart but she can't do this to her child. She heads home to pack.

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Gabi passes Chad at the park and he tries to fill her in on what happened at the vow renewal but she already knows. Kate told her. Chad tells her that Abigail doesn't think he loves her enough because he's still in love with Gabi. Gabi's confused. He explains everything that Abby accused him of and Gabi stops him. She's not the person he should be discussing this with. She urges him to do all he can to get Abigail back.

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Brady lets himself into the Maple Leaf Hotel in Canada and upon seeing who he thinks is Nicole and Scooter going at it, yells, "What do you think you're doing?" Hillary shows her face and stunned, Brady apologizes and lets himself out. Nicole finds him in the hall and they head home where Brady explains why he thought he was going to find her in bed with Scooter. Nicole fills him in on how Scooter learned she's Misty Circle and Nicole Walker and that Freddy's really Brady Black. When Scoots blackmailed her, she got him together with his wifey for a little roleplaying. Brady's shocked to hear that when Nicole explained to Scooter that porn is fantasy and Hillary is reality, he accepted it. Brady's proud of her for being so caring. They hug. Scooter shows up and thanks Nicole for all she did for him. He thinks he and his wife are now back on track. They're going to couples therapy. When they ask, he agrees to keep quiet about who they are.

Episode # 13069Claire lets Wyatt into the loft and introduces him to her roommates. Theo refuses to shake hands and Claire whispers, "He's hot!" She learns he lives in the dorms currently and says if he plays his cards right, he and Ciara could be roommates next year. Ciara gasps, embarrassed. Claire keeps talking and regaling Wyatt about how amazing her BFF is. Once he's gone, Ciara asks Theo his opinion on the guy. Theo is distant and calls the guy "okay." He takes off to study and Jade comes down. "If you ask me, he's jealous," she says. Claire scoffs, saying Theo's really into her, not Ciara. Jade smirks. "Why, because you're having sex?" Claire looks at her video impressions and realizes her YouTube channel is failing. Jade suggests she do a sex tape to drum up interest. Claire calls that desperate.

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JJ stops Gabi in the square and tells her about Abigail bailing on the vow renewal. Gabi knows. She talked to Chad. "Yeah?" He asks. "Of course you did," he says. Gabi loves Chad but she refuses to get between him and Abigail. JJ offers to hear her out if she needs to talk. Gabi is tired of talking about it but thanks him.

At the pub, when Wyatt can't think of something to do with Ciara, he turns to his cheatsheet "his boss" created for him. He brings up skating and Ciara's in. She can't believe how much they've in common...

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Abigail runs into Chad on her way out of the DiMera mansion. She tells him she's staying with her mom. He tears up and begs her to stay.

Dario runs into Gabi at the park. He tries to talk about Chad and Abigail but Gabi can't handle it. She runs off.

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