Days Recap: Abby's decision leaves Chad in tears

Matt Purvis

Monday, April 17th, 2017

Monday April 17, 2017: Kate gives Andre a slap and Gabi some encouragement, while Brady stumbles on a clue, and Eric tries to atone.

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At the cabin in Canada, Brady is having fun surfing the internet for a place to live. Nicole’s not interested. He tries suggesting an alias for her and assures her he won’t let Scooter hit on her. Hillary arrives with muffins. When Brady leaves them alone, Hilary tells Nicole that Scooter has started working out again since he met her. Hillary thinks her marriage is over. Nicole encourages her to try going to the salon to impress her husband. Hillary takes off as Brady returns with a package. She pretends it’s for the kids and he heads off to work on their IDs. When she opens the package, she finds her old Locker-room Lolita outfit and a note from Scooter inside. She packs it all away in her bag, dropping some on the floor, as Brady comes back out. Giving him a hug, she thanks him for being so good to her and then leaves with her gym bag. Later, Hillary shows up, looking for jumper cables. He gets a text from Nicole saying she’s waiting for a tow truck. After her phone beeps, she runs off. When he looks at the floor, he spots the lingerie Nicole left behind and flashes back to what Nicole told him about Scooter. He checks her tablet and sees she made a reservation at the Maple Leaf Motel.

Andre kisses Kate-JJKate, Andre and Jenn are in the square. She worries about her daughter. Kate’s not optimistic and thinks Abby just woke up to the truth. That infuriates Jenn, who stomps off. Andre admires Kate’s restraint. Kate thinks Abby is tedious. The DiMera lists Gabi’s many flaws but Kate just thinks she’s strong. “She’s a complete narcissist, like you,” he says. When she throws a drink in his face after he calls her a prostitute, he pulls her into a kiss. She slaps him. He smirks. They sit back down. He finds her charming. No one likes them so they might as well be friends.

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Brady gets to the Maple Leaf Motel and finds Nicole making out in bed with Scooter.

Gabi and Dario discuss their problems-JJGabi pays Dario a visit at the club. She wants them to stop fighting. They discuss their romantic problems and how hard it is to move on. When she goes off to text Eli, Chloe pops up to ask Dario if he can put her in touch with Nicole. He can’t help. Eric calls her. She doesn’t want to talk but he has something to say about Holly. Meanwhile, Kate joins Gabi at the table with gossip from the aborted ceremony. Kate thinks it’s a golden opportunity for Gabi to make Chad happy.

Abby kisses Chad goodbye-JJAt Casa DiMera, Chad is furious that Abby thinks he should be with Gabi. She says his vows were touching and she’s sure he wants to mean them, but the most loving thing she can do is let him be with Gabi. She thinks he has an unbreakable bond with the other woman. Abby wonders if he would have saved Gabi before her. He wonders if Abby’s going to abandon him again. He’s tired of her acting like a martyr and using him as an excuse to run away. In tears, she insists that she will never love anyone like she loves him, but she won’t settle for less than all of him. She places her ring on the desk and kisses him goodbye. Chad cries. Andre strolls in and Chad tells him what happened. “You’re a DiMera. We don’t give up!” Andre encourages. Chad gives him a hug and mopes away.

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Eric asks Chloe for a chance to atone-JJChloe visits Eric in his office. She’s not in a chatty mood. He’s apologetic and asks for a chance to atone. He urges her to compromise with Nicole. Jenn arrives in the hall with the baby while they argue. Upset, Chloe walks out. Jenn thinks he just gave Chloe a dose of reality but the diva doesn’t get along with reality very well. The blonde tells him about the botched ceremony. He’s sure her daughter will call if she needs her and gives her a hug.

Abby wanders the streets and sits on a bench to cry. Dario spots her and she sobs into his chest about what happened. Meanwhile, Chad and Gabi cross paths.

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