Days Recap: Eric dreams Nicole's in danger is more like a premonition

Christine Fix

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

Tuesday April 11, 2017: Marlena defends Eric, Jade manipulates Tripp, and Angelo returns to bash Steve.

Days Recap: Eric dreams Nicole's in danger is more like a premonition image

At the Brady's pub, Steve and Kayla agree that Tripp can never know that Joey killed Ava. Steve worries their son feels morally obligated to confess.

Episode # 13064At the loft, Joey is about to tell Tripp that he doesn't know the truth about Ava when Jade wanders in. She feigns feeling faint and asks Tripp to get her medication for her. While he's upstairs, Jade admonishes Joey for almost spilling the beans and reminds him why he should keep silent. She offers to talk to Tripp about how good his parents are. Once Joey's out of the way, Tripp returns with her medicine and she fills him in on how amazing Steve and Kayla really are. He scoffs, thinking she has bought them off and snaps that he doesn't need anything from anyone.

At the Horton Center, Eric takes a call and finds a professional letter from Jennifer, which makes him think.

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Episode # 13064In Canada, Nicole and Brady clean up after getting batter on them, trying to make cupcakes. Brady tries to kiss her and she flashes to Scooter coming on to her and shudders. She keeps flashing back while Brady apologizes. Nicole feels violated. Brady reminds her she was forced into porn and shouldn't feel shame. Again, Nicole flashes back to Scooter threatening to go to the police about her and agrees they need to move on. Brady goes to buy eggs to make cupcakes and Nicole tells herself not to let Scooter Nelson ruin everything. Just then, Scooter arrives and gets right to blackmailing. She calls him "a perverted little creep." He doesn't mind and sniffs her, calling her "Misty." Brady returns and she shoves him out the back door. Nicole lies that nothing happened while he was gone. He goes off to the kitchen and Hillary arrives, sobbing that she and Scooter had a fight. Nicole's sympathetic. Hillary worries he's going to leave her. Episode # 13064Nicole asks if that's such a bad thing. Hillary talks about his porn addiction and how now he's comparing her body to "those sluts" in the movies. Nicole gasps. Hillary wonders if he's cheating on her. Nic asks how she can help. "Kill him?" she asks, joking. She cries and asks Nic to accompany her to the shooting range. While she's in the bathroom drying her tears, Nicole takes Hill's gun from her purse, handles it then puts it away before Hillary returns and runs off. She then does an online search for nearby gun shops - in Canada no less, then flashes to Hillary's suggestion to kill Scooter.

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Marlena meets Eric at the pub. He's tired after spending the night at the hospital, helping a family. Marlena asks why. It helps him stay sober to assist others, he says. She asks about his social life but he says it's too soon. He cancelled on a date with Jennifer, realizing he could be making a mistake. Marlena tells him he's not a wounded bird and wonders if someone has said something to him, thinking it had to be Victor. Eric admits it but everything Victor said was true. Still, Marlena says it wasn't kind. She takes off and Eric mutters, "There she goes. Straight to Victor. Serves him right."

Angelo meets Steve at Mandalay. "You summoned me?" Steve isn't happy that he filled Tripp's head with lies and failed to mention that his mother was a psychopath. Angelo asks who is lying now. They both know that the ISA didn't put a hit out on Ava. Angelo blames Steve for her death. Steve tells Angelo to stay away from his son but Angelo says he has Vitali blood running through his veins.

Kayla arrives at the loft. Joey has returned and fills him in on what happened with Tripp and how Jade offered to talk to him, but Joey doesn't know where they are.

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Episode # 13064At TBD, Tripp has a beer and considers all the money Angelo says Ava set aside for him. Jade finds him and asks him to buy her a drink. He reminds her she just had a liver operation. She says it's already regenerated. He gets her a beer and she takes a sip, saying the doctor gave her the all clear, but as she sips, Kayla and Joe appear behind her and Kayla tells her to put the drink down. Tripp gets all up in Kayla's grill and then takes off.

Marlena drops by the Kiriakis mansion to reprove Victor for hurting Eric.

Eric returns to the Horton Center and looks for updates on Nicole. He finds nothing. He falls asleep and dreams Nicole is in trouble.

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