Days Recap: Julie breaks down after hearing her son David is dead

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Friday, February 17th, 2017

Friday February 17, 2017: Chloe and Nicole's hearing starts, Julie learns David is dead, and Adrienne finds Paul bloodied in an alley.

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In the Horton square, Julie answers a call and learns that her son, David Banning, was in a motorcycle accident and is dead. She tells Hope, Doug, Rafe, Abe and Valerie that Scotty just relayed the news, before collapsing in Doug's arms, sobbing. Valerie goes into shock. Julie feels she failed as a mother. Everyone comforts her. When Val takes off, Hope tells Abe that David was Valerie's first love. He remembers and runs after her.

Episode # 13027In the judge's chambers, Belle tells Chloe that Mrs. Carter from protective services will take the baby until after the hearing. Chloe has a hard time parting with "her baby."

Brady arrives at the Kiriakis mansion. Deimos is confident the judge will reward Nicole custody. Brady assumes he knows something. In the foyer, Justin tells Nicole not to worry about her appearance, when she fusses her conservative attire. He takes a call and heads inside. The judge moved the hearing to his chambers and Deimos can't attend. Justin and Nic leave and Brady asks what happened between Sonny and him. Deimos doesn't know what he's talking about. They never met. Brady asks if Deimos bribed the judge. Deimos admits it and Brady yells that it was a bad idea.

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Adrienne finds Paul bloodied and unconscious in an alley. She goes to him and he comes to, telling her some thugs took Sonny somewhere. She tries to call Justin but he's indisposed. They agree to go see Deimos when Paul refuses to go to the hospital.

Nicole and Justin arrive at the judge's chambers. Nicole pleads one last time with Chloe to call this off. Judge Duncan appears instead of Judge Pearce. Belle explains that she has proof that Pearce was having private talks with Deimos Kiriakis. The judge was forced to recuse himself from the case. Chloe assumes Nicole was in on it. Nicole gasps and denies that. The judge tells them to shut it and accepts that neither Justin nor Nicole had knowledge of it. Belle starts proceedings, telling the judge everything that happened from the IVF to Chloe denying Nicole her baby when she became engaged to Deimos, a man who "could threaten her welfare, possibly her existence." Belle lists Nicole's past indiscretions such as shooting her father, an attempt to kill her ex-husband, faking a pregnancy and stealing Sami's baby, and giving Chloe the flesh eating bacteria. Justin says the only relevant fact is that Nicole is this child's biological mother. Justin speaks, telling the judge he could fill her chambers with precedences. He brings up the fact that Nic and Dan knew Chloe was once a prostitute but they put that aside. Nicole helped her give birth and saved Chloe's life when she had a stroke. He brings up Chloe's history with postpartum depression. Nicole requests to speak and is allowed. She tells the judge about all the times she tried to get pregnant and the pain she went through. Nic knows Chloe loves Holly and is grateful she was a surrogate. Holly's the only part of Daniel she has left. The judge goes off to consider both sides and make a decision. She returns later, ready to give a ruling...

Marlena comes upon Valerie crying at the park. Valerie explains that David's dead - the first man she loved. Abe appears and the ladies agree to meet for lunch later. Val tells Abe she wants to be alone. Once he's gone, Val laments why she didn't tell David. "Now it's too late," she cries.

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Paul and Adrienne rush into the Kiriakis mansion. They know Deimos kidnapped Gabi and Chad. Brady's baffled. Adrienne tells Deimos that one of Episode # 13027the other families have taken Sonny. He needs to release Chad and Gabi "Right now!" Deimos doesn't believe they're telling the truth. He thinks Adrienne's trying to manufacture an article for The Spectator. Brady tells Deimos to come clean. When he doesn't, Adrienne attacks him.

Rafe and Hope head back to TBD and dance and make out.

On the next Days of our Lives:

Nicole's furious and tells Deimos to take a hike.

Eddie and Andre set up an exchange.

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