Days Recap: Steve and Kayla are married surrounded by friends and family

Dustin Cushman

Thursday, February 16th, 2017

Thursday February 16, 2017: Sonny plans to go after Deimos, Steve and Kayla are married, Valerie makes plans to leave Salem, and Drew works on the virus.

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Sonny storms into the Kiriakis mansion looking for Deimos, who isn’t home. Justin is there and wonders what is up with his son. Sonny-Justin-argue-Days-XJJSonny informs him that Deimos has put out hits on Dario and Andre, and kidnapped Gabi and Chad. He vows to stop Deimos one way or another. Justin refuses to let his son go head to head with Deimos, but Sonny says he is not a kid and knows what he’s doing. Sonny convinces his dad to let him deal with this, and if he fails then Justin can step in.

At the Salem Inn, Jenn and Adrienne wait and watch as Drew works on the virus. Adrienne has to leave for the wedding, so Jenn agrees to stay with Drew.

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Anna confronts Andre at Horton Square over the fact that both he and Stefano are alive while her Tony is dead. Andre assures Anna that he always keeps Tony in his heart, and he hopes he’s inherited his father’s ability to survive. Anna storms off clutching Tony’s urn. Later, Andre gets a call about Sonny being home.

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At TBD, Hope surprises Steve and Kayla by arriving for the wedding. Everyone is thrilled to see her, including Doug and Julie. Shane, Carrie and Austin also make appearances.

Stephanie talks with Joey in the park and tells him that she’s sorry about the baby. Jade interrupts them and tells Joey they need to be getting to the club. Jade walks off. Stephanie is shocked that Joey is still with Jade, and to learn that she is living with him and the others. Joey refuses to turn his back on her just because she lost the baby. Stephanie tells him that’s very mature. They head to the club.

Steve-Kayla-Wedding-Days-XJJ Everyone gathers at TBD for the ceremony. Steve and Kayla wrote their own vows, and Kayla speaks first. She knows life is unpredictable, so she chooses to focuses on her love for Steve, which has been constant. She thanks him for never giving up on them, and vows to love him for all the days of her life. Steve jokes that she is a hard act to follow. He recounts falling hard for Kayla from the moment he saw her, and that she was all sweetness and light. He says she saw him for who he was, under the armor he had up for protection, and showed him the best parts of himself. Steve vows to love her for all the days of his life. The couple exchange rings, and Abe pronounces them man and wife. Everyone celebrates, and Roman welcomes Steve back to the clan. Meanwhile, Julie talks with Doug about how she can’t help but thinking about those who aren’t here with them. Julie thinks about David and how it’s been so long since they saw one another, not that her son makes it easy. She decides to call him when they get home. Elsewhere, Theo surprises Claire with a gold bracelet, and their kissing churns Ciara’s stomach. Shane gathers everyone to toast to Steve and Kayla, and everyone joins the couple on the dance floor.

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Jennifer-Drew-virus-Days-HW Back at the Salem Inn, Jenn keeps Drew company and tries to keep him focused on his work. She gets a text from Anne, who is going to be stopping by, so she wants to run to the club to congratulate Steve and Kayla. She learns Shane is in town and thinks he may be able to help them, but Drew wants to fix this on his own.

Jennifer joins the celebration at TBD. Adrienne asks her if they should tell Shane about his brother, but Jenn says Drew doesn’t want him to know. Outside the club, Hope speaks with Roman and lets him know that Eric is the one who helped take care of her. Valerie-says-bye-Abe-Theo-Days-HWShe tells Roman that Eric is sober and fine. However, he’s afraid to come home because of the memories. Back in the club, Valerie tells Abe that she has to go back to DC and she’s going to miss him. Theo overhears her goodbye and hopes she’s not leaving because of him. She tells him she’s not. She wants them to all stay in touch. Later, Kayla gathers everyone to throw the bouquet, which Claire catches. Hope pushes her to give it to Doug and Julie, which she does. Everyone applauds them for being the longest married couple there. Theo finds Abe sitting alone outside and checks in on him.

Anna finds Drew laden with snacks outside his room at Salem Inn and calls "Shane." Drew runs inside before she can realize he's not Shane.

Sonny walks through an alley and is beaten by two thugs. Paul interrupts and is beaten and left there while the thugs drag Sonny off.

Steve and Kayla wind up at Salem Inn and begin their wedding night by making love.

In the square, Scotty calls and gives Julie some terrible news. She shouts, "Oh my God!"

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